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The NCSY Kollel Legacy Society is a dedicated group of past Kollel participants, madrichim, and staff members - and their parents and families - who are committed to supporting the education, programming and growth of NCSY Kollel. Through their annual support, this dedicated group of people will ensure this life-changing experience is available. Spend an unforgettable summer in Israel with intense learning, world class sports, and a full schedule of great trips. The Kollel features an unbeatable combination of outstanding Torah leaders, fantastic Rabbeim, and talented madrichim. The relationships that you will build on the Kollel will last long after the summer has ended. On the NCSY Kollel you will have the opportunity to understand. Teens from all different backgrounds choose to spend their summer on NCSY Kollel. They share a commitment to learn, to love, and to grow in Judaism. the quality of teachers and madrichim make the learning sweet and palatable to all. By the end of the summer, you'll view learning in a whole new way. Q: I heard that there are Roshei Yeshiva. Sruli Prero is joining the NCSY Kollel staff for the first time. After attending Skokie Yeshiva, Sruli spent 3 years learning in Shaalvim. Sruli has a fun-loving attitude and always enjoys a good chill. Sruli's Chabura is an awesome crew that stretches across the globe

Chabura Spotlight: Gilad Vann. NCSY Kollel July 15, 2018. Gilad Vann is a 3-year Kollel veteran who is joining the Madrich Staff for the first time. Gilad learnt for 2 years in Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim and now learns in Shor Yashuv in Far Rockaway. Gilad's calm demeanor and professional attitude make him a natural fit amongst the madrichim The madrichim don't get paid, and everyone is there because they want to be - and you feel it. Now that the summer is over, Avery says he's noticed he's grown in more than just his learning. He describes Kollel as having a very accepting environment, and this acceptance made an impact on him Sunday: August 9, 2009. Daily Update. One of the most beautiful aspects of NCSY Kollel is the interplay between the learning and non-learning activities. While we spend many hours outside of the Beit Medrash, much of that time channels energy and excitement right back into the learning O n Wednesday, so many aspects of the NCSY Kollel experience came together to form one of the most exciting, productive, and memorable days of the summer. A fter an hour of Chaburas in the morning, we set out on our annual Yom Chessed. The goal of these Chessed trips is, of course, primarily to give and to help a few special organizations in.

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From Sunday, January 22-Sunday, January 29, NCSY will present Winter Kollel, to take place in South Florida, centered around Boca Raton and the Boca Raton Synagogue, a member shul of the Orthodox Union. The idea is to turn vacation time into something more productive — but this time, in the winter (Left to Right:) Adir Pinchot and Zev Miller, Summer Kollel madrichim. Probably the most important thing we missed was the access to Jerusalem, says Adir Pinchot, a madrich on the NCSY Summer Kollel program that combines intense learning, world class sports, and a full schedule of trips.Pinchot, who is 21, learned in Yeshivat HaKotel for two years and then went to Yeshiva University for.

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There's so much to say about NCSY that I don't know where to begin. My name is Asher Becker and I joined the NCSY family 7 years ago when I attended NCSY Kollel. Since then, I've been hooked as I will G-d willing be going back for my 8th consecutive summer — 4th as a madrich and 6th as staff member Gabriel Barishansky: NCSY Kollel always hires the best madrichim (advisors). They're older guys. They're cool. They're great at basketball. And they love learning. This program helped me a lot religiously. You can be frum and you can be cool. Even basketball is different here, he says. You learn to be good without being. Monday: July 12. O ver the summer months in Israel, thousands of teens find their way to Israel on one program or another. These programs span the entire range of the Jewish community, from the most committed religiously to the completely unaffiliated. These different programs rarely interact, and tend to operate in completely different orbits. Past summers have consistently demonstrated how NCSY Kollel is more a process than an event. Of course, this is a major component of our in-summer successes. More than a single emotionally charged Shabbaton, exhilarating weekend trip, or uplifting shiur or kumsitz, the 6 weeks we spend together allows for messages and ideas to be internalized.

NCSY Staff August 6, 2019 Yaakov Fuchs is no stranger to NCSY Summer, having spent the past two summers on the NCSY Summer Kollel before joining the all-star lineup of RTC madrichim. Most recently, Yaakov was part of the Camp Kaylie Masmidim program, learning under Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz for the first half of the summer RTC is an all-boys, three-week, non-stop adventure that travels to the exciting locations on the East Coast of the United States. Competitive sports leagues combined with amazing trips and adventures makes RTC the place to be for high school boys during the second half of the summer

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Gabriel and Ezra were both on the Kollel program. The learning here is very different from school, Gabriel says. We're learning for the sake of learning — not for tests. That makes it a lot more enjoyable. It's really pressure free. NCSY Kollel always hires the best madrichim (advisors). They're older guys. They're cool trips. Kollel features an unbeatable combi-nation of outstanding Torah leaders, fan - tastic Rabbeim, and talented madrichim. The relationships that you will build on Kollel will last long after the sum - mer has ended. On NCSY Kollel you will have the opportunity to under-stand, appreciate , strengthen and inten - sify your commitment to both. Top of the line Madrichim have served as Rebbeim, role models and friends to the many campers over the years. With 'real learning' at its core we have provided an exciting, thrilling and unequalled action packed summer. Sports including intercamp games vs NCSY Kollel and Camp Landau counselors High level activities which in previous years. - NCSY madrichim in love with the new Shwekey Vi'hi She'amda that he plays with the Israeli guy. The Mashgiach visited the Kollel on erev Tisha B'Av to deliver a moving address. It's always good to see the Mashgiach NCSY offers many different opportunities for summer and year round Jewish youth experiences. To learn more about various summer programs at home and abroad, please visit: NCSY Summer 2012 - Jewish Teen Programs The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union

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NCSY Staff August 7, 2019 . Elli Spinowitz came on this amazing program, psyched to be a part of RTC's all-star lineup of madrichim. The kids in this chaburah are one of a kind. With Gavriel from Riverdale, (MTA), Shmuel from Woodmere, (YKLI), and Noam (MTA), Shua (TABC), and Sariel (TABC) from Teaneck, this chaburah is truly one of a kind. NCSY Staff August 13, 2019 . Rafi Kreitman is enjoying being part of the inaugural summer of RTC! Rafi just finished his first year learning at Sha'alvim after spending his high school years in TABC. Madrichim, and staff members. Kollel Kollel Mechina RTC Girls Trips. Camp Maor EURO GO GIVE GIVE West Michlelet.

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