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  1. Looking ahead to next season (2020). Thinking about applying for a Utah muzzleloader tag. I've never hunted mule deer, and just started to do a little digging on this. I'd like to start working my way through the deer slam. This time frame would fit well in my schedule. I'm thinking either..
  2. Presented By Mule Deer Foundation Date- Sept 29-Oct 7, 2021 Area - San Juan Elk Ridge Weapon - Muzzleloader Exclusions - Utah Hunting License Auction Rules - - All bids are binding - Any bids submitted after the auctioneer says sold will be under review and can be rejected. - When a proxy bid and normal bid arrive at
  3. Utah. Utah offers muzzleloading seasons for mule deer, elk, and antelope. Because Utah is a choose-your-weapon state, many hunters will opt into an archery tag for the longer seasons dates or the rifle tag for the obvious range advantages
  4. (b) Importation of harvested elk, moose, mule deer, or white-tailed deer or its parts from the affected areas are hereby restricted pursuant to Subsection (1). (3) Nonresidents of Utah transporting harvested elk, moose, mule deer, or white-tailed deer from the affected areas are exempt if they
  5. We guide mule deer hunts on the best limited entry draw units in Utah including the Henry Mountains, Paunsaugunt, San Juan Elk Ridge, and Fillmore Oak Creek. Tags in these units are tough to draw but they offer great opportunities at trophy bucks. There are some dramatic differences in these units during the different seasons

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An impressive muley comes at the end of a muzzleloader hunt in Utah with Zac Griffith. From Griffith: This is the best typical mule deer I've ever taken. I've never worked harder for a deer. To check out more from Zac Griffith, click here Utah's mule deer have really made a comeback. With better management, range improvement and predator control, 200 inch deer are being harvested every year. With public land mule deer units like the Famous Henry Mountains and Paunsaugunt it is easy to understand why Utah fascinates trophy mule deer hunters across the globe Utah's Biggest Bucks. This book is a comprehensive look at the largest mule deer ever harvested in the Beehive State. It also covers current management policies in Utah and displays the top counties where the biggest deer have been historically harvested. Included are the rankings for all of the weapon categories of hunting and over 1,000. The DWR typically revises the mule deer unit-management plans from Utah's five regions on a rotating schedule. For 2021, the deer unit plans for the southern region and southeastern region have undergone full revisions based on results from the Utah Range Trend Monitoring Project

Subscribe for new videos every Monday and Thursday: http://goo.gl/K1e8QKatie Lemon takes a huge buck with a muzzleloader in central Utah. http://www.mossbac.. Utah also has a total of five mule deer management hunts on the Henry Mountains, the Paunsaugunt, and the Alton CWMU. A new archery and muzzleloader hunt were added on the Henry Mountains this year and both should be excellent hunts The muzzleloader season runs Sept. 27 through Oct. 5 and the extended archery season runs Sept. 16 through Nov. 30, allowing bow hunters to hunt mule deer in the rut. About the uni

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Muzzleloader season for mule deer hunting in Nevada and Utah begins in mid September and runs through early October. Rifle season for mule deer hunting begins in early October and runs through early November. Pick any season and you will have an excellent chance of harvesting a mature trophy quality mule deer. All of our mule deer hunting. Mule Deer Foundation 2016 Utah Conservation Permits Box Elder Co. (Tremonton, UT) Friday, May 6, 2016 Species Unit Condition Banquet Antlerless Elk Cache Tremonton Deer South Slope, Diamond Mountain Muzzleloader Tremonton Elk Cache, South Any Weapon Tremonton Pronghorn Cache/Morgan-South Rich/Ogden Any Weapon Tremonto Utah has some of the best mule deer hunting available. We offer archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts in most of the limited entry units across the state. . Archery hunts begin the middle of August thru mid-September. General muzzleloader season runs from late September thru early October. Rifle hunts begin in late October In 2017 we again harvested the largest scoring Mule Deer in Utah, a 255 inch giant, as well as, 31 Mule Deer breaking the 200 inch mark. 2017 we also took a 215 framed 230 Sonoran giant. 75 bucks in 2 years that broke 200 inches!! 2 consecutive years producing the largest scoring bucks taken in Utah as well as Sonora, Mexico! Mule Deer - Landowner Tag. Each year the state of Utah issues us only so many landowner tags per given amount of acres that landowners own. These landowner tags are issued for deer and elk only. We require a 50% minimum deposit up front, then the rest of the amount due by June 1 prior to your actual hunt

Red Desert Mule Deer Migration. April 22, 2014. [featured-video-plus] One thing is certain, mule deer are some of the most amazing animals in the world! Thanks to GPS technologies, a recent study has found that the Red Desert Mule deer of Wyoming migrate 150 miles north into the Monster Muleys Community. Mule Deer, Elk, More Hunt Talk. Hunting Forums at Monster Muleys. Connect with other sportsmen who share your passion. Gather and share information, meet new hunting friends and share your opinions

Bearpaw Outfitters-- We invite you to come experience world class hunting for Mule Deer, Elk, Cougar, Bear, Turkey, Moose, Sheep, Grouse, Waterfowl, Bobcat, Coyote, and Fishing in Utah.Utah continually produces trophy mule deer, elk, cougar, and moose. Our private ranch leases boast high deer populations with excellent hunting, and our public land hunt areas also offer a number of great. Utah Mule Deer Hunts. You have an excellent chance to harvest a buck in the 140 to 160 class range, with 180 and larger bucks being a real possibility. Utah has always been known as a state that produces world-class Mule Deer bucks. Literally every area of the state has the potential to produce record-class bucks The most beautiful landscapes of the United States are found in Utah's portion of the Rocky Mountains, allowing you to explore beautiful nature and achieve a bountiful hunt. On top of the scenery, the state offers premier hunting of big game, including deer, elk, moose and bighorn sheep. Utah Deer Season Muzzleloader- Sept/Oct. Rifle- Oct. Draw Required. Learn how our TAGS Service can help. Request Info. or. Call 1-800-755-8247. Looking for a great affordable Mule Deer hunt in Utah, while still building points for limited entry deer? This Utah outfitter has been taking some great bucks on Utah's general season units. These tags can be drawn.

2020 UTAH CONSERVATION PERMITS *Please Note: All auction items are not final and are subject to changes. MDF UTAH Schedule & Tags 2020 WHCE 02/13 - 02/16/20 Species Unit Condition Banquet Buck Deer Henry Mountains. HUNTERS CHOICE Salt lake City Buck Deer Henry Mountains. MUZZLELOADER Salt lake City Buck Deer. STATEWIDE Salt lake Cit SCI. The Desert Mule Deer is very similar to the Rocky Mountain Mule Deer, but is slightly smaller in the body.Desert Mule Deer usually weigh 150-200 pounds, though they are sometimes heavier. Desert Mule Deer are found in southern California, southern Arizona, southern New Mexico, southwestern Texas, northern Sonora, northern Chihuahua, and northwestern Coahuila UTAH MUZZLELOADER MULE DEER. September 30, 2017 Posted by zac_griffith #SUMMITSTRONG, 2017 FILMS, ARTICLES, BLOG, BUZZ, FIRST LITE, GEAR, KETO, LEUPOLD, MTN OPS, MULE DEER, SUMMIT, SWAG, TRAIN, Videos No Comments. UTAH MUZZLELOADER MULE DEER. This is the best typical mule deer I've ever taken.. Patience, teamwork and a giant muzzleloader mule deer. Share this article It was early August when I first spotted my target buck. I was glassing with my hunting partner, Chet, when we came across a buck at over 1,600 yards. Utah, mule deer, muzzleloader.

As Luck Would Have it...Utah Mule Deer He wanted to return with me and try to find the big boy on the opener of the muzzleloader season. Like many season opener eves, I had a difficult time sleeping. So I rolled out of the tent at around 4 am and we decided to make our way up the mountain, to beat the crowds and try to be first in line to. Brady Miller's 2018 Utah muzzleloader mule deer gear list. Share this article Check out the video above for an item-by-item gear explanation for this muzzleloader hunt. Gear list breakdown. What follows is the exact gear list I ran during my recent 2018 Utah muzzleloader mule deer hunt. This hunt was a little different than my norm.. Utah Mule Deer Hunting. Utah is well known for trophy class mule deer, these hunts are some of our best mule deer hunts. Muzzleloader is in early Nov. Best Time. This depends on the area, rifle mule deer hunting is usually best on the CWMU ranch the first week in Oct, the last 5 days of Oct, or the first 10 days of Nov.. 2012 Utah General Muzzleloader Deer. Posted October 17, 2012 by derekp1999. I'll begin by saying that I love the hunt diary style stories so here is my experience from the 2012 Utah general muzzleloader deer hunt: I knew my summer would be busy and I could see the writing on the wall early in May/June

Building an Extended Range Muzzleloader for Hunting Big Mule Deer. I've been a fan of the smokin' single shot since my daddy left me in a tree over a bear bait as a young teenager. He wasn't gone twenty minutes when a small bear (looked huge to me) poked his front end out from behind a Lodgepole Pine 80 yards up the hill Wasatch Mountains West Mule Deer. Well I applied for this unit in anticipation of being up at college in Provo, and I got it! I'm stoked. However I'm not very familiar with the area. I have spent some time in southern utah hunting mule deer. Luckily since I'll be up there prior to the hunt I'll be able to spend some time scouting An Idaho record mule deer Boone & Crockett Club. Score: 215 5/8. Date: 1961. Location: Idaho. Ray Talbot was the sheriff of Franklin County, Idaho when he took this magnificent mule deer in 1961. The buck, which was killed near Worm Creek, has certainly been enjoyed by many

If you're a mule deer hunter, you probably know that the Henry Mountains hunt is rated in the top two or three mule deer areas in the world. Utah began managing the unit in the early 1990's for big bucks. By the mid-2000's, it was producing world class deer and still is. Simply put, the Henry Mountains hunt is a wildlife management. 35. Location. Texas. I got drawn for an archery deer tag in the Thousand lakes unit in Utah. A large portion of the unit is Capitol Reef national park but the area to the west looks promising. I will not have time to make a scouting trip this year but I have been relentlessly going over google earth/maps and using the OnX hunt maps as well Unit 30 Pine Valley Mule deer. I have two points in Utah for mule deer and I'm pretty sure I'll draw this tag next year if I apply. I have heard from a guy who hunts the area in muzzle loader season that it is a waste of time to hunt the rifle season in this unit because there is so many people. I'm just curious if this is actually true or if. The only hunts that I know of that split the road less area off into it's own hunt are for the elk hunts. This is actually inaccurate. There is a 10A/10C and 10/B. 10/B is the Book Cliffs South. You can only hunt A B & C for Deer if you hunt Archery or Muzzleloader. The Any Weapon hunts are split up Archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunting opportunity. We also offer management buck hunts. Hunts run from late August through early November rut hunting. Prices vary depending upon the hunt, ranch, and weapon choice. Deer hunting in Utah and Wyoming, public and private land. Please call or email us for more details

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  1. Shannon expects a good hunt, but not as good as a year ago. In 2016, 87,000 hunters took a total of 32,000 bucks during the general archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunt, the most deer killed since.
  2. We specialize in Guided Elk and Mule Deer Hunts on some of the best private ranch land in Utah. Past Deer Hunts On Our Utah Hunting Ranch. Our Family Hunting Cabin & Other Hunt Photos. Book Your Next Hunt! Our goal is to provide the best fair chase Utah Elk Hunting and Trophy Mule Deer Hunting Available. We offer Fully Guided hunts on prime.
  3. Mule Deer. Guided $ 1400 cow elk hunts reduced down to only $895 when booked in groups of two, Five day Guided on private land rifle bull elk hunt $3200 reduced down to only $ 2495. If you fancy muzzleloader hunting this outfitter will extend this offer to you also, $3200 guided muzzleloader elk hunt on private land reduced down to only $ 2495.

Trophy Mule Deer and Elk in Nevada Nevada Outfitters & Guide Association Choose from the TOP guides and outfitters. Bearpaw Outfitters Trophy Deer & Elk Hunt Bear-Lion-Moose-Buffalo Guided or Unguided Nevada Hunting! Western Wildlife Adv. Antelope, Deer & Elk Hunts! Call Us! L/O Vouchers Avail. Hunt Colorado! Rocky Mountain Ranches Private land. Video: Muzzleloader Mule Deer Hunt in Utah. A big day in Utah in a video from Hushin! From Hushin: Day 3 of the Utah muzzleloader deer hunt! This is a 4 video series so even though there's meat in the freezer make sure to watch for the next days video!.

The world famous Paunsaugunt Mule Deer Herd is the best mule deer hunt unit in the State of Utah. Consistently produces some of the largest deer in the west. Don't miss out! Hunter is responsible for any additional costs of the appropriate resident or non-resident license fees. Season Dates: Sept 29 - Oct 7, 2021: Muzzleloader Rifle Mule Deer Drop Camp/ Guided Hunts. All prices are per person. October 10th - 31st. 8 day hunts. Dates available through out the season. 2 to 4 hunters per camp. Arrangements can be made for larger groups. Mule Deer. $3,000.00. Guided Mule Deer. $5,000.0

Package price. $ 4,000. for 9 days, 1 hunter. (9.6) 5 reviews. Hunting season: 19 Aug 2021 9 Nov 2021. 9 days. Mule Deer Limited Entry Archery 2021 Utah, United States. Southern Utah offers several excellent limited entry deer units which produce world class deer each year General Season Mule Deer Hunts. Aug 18 - Sept 24 Archery Deer. Sept 26 - Oct 4 Muzzleloader Deer. Oct 10 - Oct 14 Early Any Legal Weapon (rifle) Deer. Oct 20 - Oct 28 Any Legal Weapon (rifle) Deer An undated photo of a mule deer buck in Utah. (Photo: Jim Shuler, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, File) The presented plan was devised by DWR officials, as well as other officials from. 2018 Colorado Trespass DIY Self Guided Rifle/Muzzleloader/Archery Elk Hunts & Mule Deer Hunts on 5,500 Private Acre Ranch with Food/Lodging. Outfitters Utah Nevada New Mexico Montana Mexico Colorado Canada Arizona Alaska Idaho Kansas New Species Antelope Bear Bull Elk Deer Elk Goat Hyena Javelina Moose Mule Deer Predator Sheep Turkey Wolf

Call 1-800-346-8747. This trophy mule deer hunt takes place on 65,000 private acres in northeast Utah that is limited to just ten hunters a year. The area borders a national monument that is closed to hunting. Hunt this outfitters family ranch that was homesteaded in the 1800's along with surrounding private properties that are home to an. Trophy Hunt - 9 days. Rate: $7500. 1 guide per hunter. Mule Deer Hunts. Any aditional information will go right here. Notes. Extra Spotters/Guides $1500 per hunt. Landowner and Conservation Permits available to purchase (Contact us for Prices) Utah State Draw Permits Available (Contact us for unit and hunt information The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources' Utah Hunt Planner is an interactive map designed to help hunters research hunting units. The Utah Hunt Planner also provides the legal hunting boundaries approved by the Utah Wildlife Board. Research hunts and units before you apply in the big game drawing, and any of Utah's other hunt drawings. Search for a hunt by wildlife species -- including buck.

Spring Turkey Hunts. Mule-Deer Hunts. Fall Turkey Hunts. Pricing. What to Bring. General Archery: August 18 - September 14. General Muzzleloader: September 26- October 4. General Early Rifle: October 10-14. General Late Rifle: October 20-28 Five Day Archery Mule Deer Hunt - $6,500 2x1/$7,750 1:1 Five Day Muzzleloader Hunt - $7,500 2x1/$8,500 1x1 Packages Include Home Cooked Meals & Lodgin • 2018 Archery & Rifle Hunts still available. • Archery Deer Season Dates: August 18-Sept 16. • 2018 Rifle Deer Season Dates: October 20-28 • Muzzleloader Deer Season Dates; Sept 26- October 4 • 5 day fully guide mule deer hunts • Food: Included • Lodging: Included Hunt details: These are fully guided trophy mule deer hunts conducted on private property UTAH MULE DEER HUNTS YOU HAVE AN EXCELLENT CHANCE TO HARVEST A BUCK IN THE 140 TO 160 CLASS RANGE, WITH 180 AND LARGER BUCKS BEING A REAL POSSIBILITY Utah has always been known as a state that produces world-class Mule Deer bucks. Literally every area of the state has the potential to produce record-class bucks

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Utah Mule Deer Hunting. Clear Creek Hunting LLC offers exceptional Mule Deer hunts on some of the best private lands that the west has to offer. We have CWMU's as well as private ranches on Limited Entry Units. We offer Archery, Muzzlerloader and Rifle hunts. They all include an experienced guide, food, lodging, transportation while hunting. According to Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources, mule deer numbers in the state are more than 370,000 . That is an increase of 100,000 deer since 2011. This increase in mule deer provides more encounters for those lucky enough to get a deer tag in Utah. UPDATE: This podcast is part 2 of our conversation with Covy Jones and Mike Wardle of. Deer Hunt Unit Central Mtns, Manti/San Rafael regulates hunting opportunities in Utah and covers 4,899,167 acres We specialize in trophy mule deer & whitetail deer hunts on more than 60,000 acres of managed private land in Nebraska's Sandhills

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Clear Creek Hunting has been offering fully guided 100% fair chase hunting for nearly 20 years in Utah on CWMU and private land. Utah Hunts for Mule Deer, Elk and Pronghorn Antelope are available now. Contact Mike Bybee 801-540-4152 on Utah mule deer,you will have many years of applying before you pull a good limited tag unless your lucky.but I would recommend the utah general deer hunts.there are several you can get fairly easily,and even more easily if you go muzzleloader.ive done well in the Utah muzz deer general tag,even in poor units.you might want to check out hunters trailheada good set up for multi state draw. 1,232. Location. Northern Utah. Oct 7, 2020. #1. This year I built a semi-custom Arrowhead Muzzleloader and was able to put it to good use this fall when I killed my best buck to date. Pack in. Josh, Mikk and I all gave our backpacks a final adjustment and waved the truck goodbye as the sun began to creep behind the mountains

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Utah's Paunsaugunt Plateau, which is in the southwest corner of the state, has attributes that will make any serious deer hunter salivate, not the least of which is that a lucky hunter who draws a permit to hunt there is virtually guaranteed a shot at a mule deer buck whose rack sports a 24-inch spread Nonresidents can only draw muzzleloader or archery permits for mule deer, and there's a major catch: You must apply for a whitetail permit in order to apply for a muley permit (aka the $100 mule deer stamp), and your chance of drawing a whitetail permit in those five units is typically 70 percent or greater 2017 Muzzleloader Deer Hunt What an interesting year leading up to the deer hunt this year. For those that recall last year I ended the deer hunt pleased with shooting the nicest buck I've taken to date, but also frustrated at the new boundaries that I had to negotiate due to a portion of the landowner association that my family is part of.

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2021 Colorado PRIVATE LAND ONLY Unit 10 3rd Rifle Season Landowner Deer Vouchers. Price $5,000 each, 2 Available. Contact Landowner: George Skiff Cell # 970-210-6512. 12. 2021 Colorado Unit Wide Unit 12/13/23/24 3rd Rifle Season Landowner Deer Vouchers. Price $2,500 each, 3 available utah_non_res_draw_odds_id Unit unicomp code season Unit status weapon species Year Tags B. Tags Value of a Point 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 2 As mentioned before, all of Nevada's mule deer hunting units have been compared to each other using the formula explained earlier, and the top five units with the best combination of draw odds, hunter success, and trophyclass bucks from 2013 are listed below: RIFLE Hunt Unit. Dream Hunt Score. 251 - 253 Mule Deer In many of Idaho's game management units, archery and rifle hunters can chase muleys on over-the-counter tags. In fact, Idaho is one of very few states in the country where rifle hunters can buy a mule deer tag over-the-counter. In some cases, you buy two buck tags

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  1. Hunters fly into SLC international airport and can arrange a pick-up or rent a car and make a 2 hour drive east on Utah I-80 to our ranch near the town of Evanston. Similar to Utah mule deer hunts , our private ranches span a variety of terrain which serves as perfect mule deer habitat
  2. Nevada Muzzleloader Mule Deer. Travis Gates with his big 2017 early season Nevada muzzleloader mule deer. Travis made a perfect shot on this big buck at 165 yards with open sights. It has heavy antlers with a spread of just over 29 inches. This buck has a lot of cool features including a hanging main beam on one side and a split main beam on.
  3. Mule Deer Hunting information for Southern Utah - Beaver area. You must apply for Hunt's in Beaver through the annual Lottery draw. You Must apply in February for these hunts. This information is for ease of use and can be found in detail in the Utah Hunting Proclamation or the Division of Wildlife Resources website. Continue reading Utah Mule Deer Informatio
  4. Photo of a mule deer in Utah. DWR biologists are recommending a slight increase in the number of general season buck deer permits available for hunts in Utah in the fall of 2019. | Photo courtesy.
  5. World class trophy elk and wall-hanger mule deer guided hunts, archery, muzzleloader, rifle; over 180,000 public and private acres near Utah/Colorado state line
  6. Hunters can purchase a landowner muzzleloader deer voucher if they do not draw a deer tag in the draw. • 1st Rifle Elk Season: October 13-17, hunters must draw this elk tag through the draw. Sold FOR 2018 • 2nd Rifle Season Deer & Elk Hunt Dates: October 20-28, hunters can purchase elk tags over the counter for this season
  7. 2015 Utah Rifle Buck Deer Hunt Preview: Find Water, Find Deer Ammoland Inc. Posted on October 7, 2015 October 7, 2015 by Vanessa Torres Utah's most popular hunt starts Oct. 1

Utah Mule Deer Hunt Hunt: Guide Fee for a 9 Day deer hunt for one hunter Donor: Lonetree Outfitters Brady Loveless (801) 319-3226 www.lonetreeoutfitter.com Value: $10,000.00 Dates: See Outfitter Accomm: Staying in wall tents All meals are included. Method of Harvest: Archery, Muzzleloader or Rifle Addl' Hunter: $10,000.0 The Ultimate Muley Hunt. The Holy Grail for many Western hunters is a mule deer that breaks the 200-inch (500-cm) mark. This is a remarkable trophy indeed, combining antler spread that nears or exceeds 30 inches (76 cm), main beams that stretch over 24 inches (60 cm), and cumulative mass measurements of more than 16 inches (41 cm) Colorado unit 11, Colorado unit 22. Be the first to review! Price Range. $1,150 - best reasonable offer. call. 936-635-0929. Colorado Mule Deer Hunting Open Now~. Colorado Unit 50, 500, 50... Be the first to review

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Utah Self Guided Private Land Mule Deer Tags. HuntersTrailhead Featured Deer Hunt. UT130D. * This is a self guided - on your own hunt. The ranch consists of more than 22000 acres of prime deer hunting habitat. A fully guided hunt is also available for hunters wanting that service. * The trophy potential is good on this ranch SAVE 10% when you book now only for the 2021 season

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Steve grew up chasing the giant whitetails of Kansas and Missouri. After countless hours watching the hunt unfold from a treestand, he discovered a passion for calling elk and all other pursuits of the mountain west. A software engineer by trade, Steve is responsible for the long term product development and day-to-day operations of Toprut.com The Best Mule Deer Hunts. Amazing Utah Elk Hunts. Guided Utah Bear Hunts. Utah Antelope Hunts. Bighorn Sheep Hunts. Amazing Bison Hunts. Utah Mountain Goat Hunting. Giant Shiras Moose Hunts. Thanks to SFW, RMMDF and Utah's Conservation programs, the trophy quality and hunting opportunities are better now than they have ever been

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  1. These include landowner elk vouchers, landowner mule deer vouchers and landowner antelope vouchers for some of Utah's best limited entry big game units, these Landowner vouchers/tags are good unit wide for all public land in that specific unit and the specific private property that is attached to the landowner voucher/tag
  2. Deer Muzzleloader or Archery 4 Days/Nights with Lodging $2195/person. Deer Rifle always booked. Turkey 3 Days/Nights with Lodging $895/person, Second bird add $195. Prices for non-hunting spouses and children: $50/night for one person, $70/night for two people, and a $10/night for every additional person (three people would be $75, four people.
  3. 936-635-0929. Price Range $1,100 - Ask for Availability to buy this tag. Landowner Tags for Sale Elk Deer Antelope. 2021 Colorado Unit 4 14 R... Be the first to review! Colorado. call 936-635-0929. Show Map. Landowner Tags for Sale Elk Deer Antelope
  4. New Mexico consistently produces monster mule deer, as evidenced by over 150 Boone & Crockett mule deer entries from the state. We hunt mule deer throughout the entire state, but we specialize in hunting units 2B, 2C, 17, 30, 31, 32, and 33. Muzzleloader and rifle hunts usually take place in late October through the middle of November
  5. The Gunnison basin deer herd is managed to produce older age class, mature bucks. You have a legitimate chance at finding deer in the 180+ inch Boone and Crockett range. All guided Colorado mule deer hunts are 1x1 guided and 5-days. Our early season mule deer hunting package (archery and muzzleloader) includes 6-day food and lodging accommodations
  6. DEER MEADOWS LODGING. We are a family run business where hospitality and friendship are what drives our business. We feel our family atmosphere and accommodations will exceed your expectations. While we don't have a big fancy lodge, we do have a very clean smoke free comfortable home for you to relax in and enjoy your hunt

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  1. g and the other who lives and hunts western SD. Figuring they would know for sure. They both confirmed my thoughts, it's a mule deer
  2. Resident Junior Mule Deer Hunts Antlered or Antlerless. Junior youth tag holders can harvest an antlered or antlerless deer. This tag allows the junior hunter to hunt during the archery season when the unit is open for archery only; to hunt with a muzzleloader when the unit is open for muzzleloader only; and to hunt with any legal weapon when the unit is open for any legal weapon
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