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A happy ball python is a healthy ball python. If your ball python is eating, pooping, hiding a lot, and sometimes roaming (too much roaming can indicate stress) would mean it is the happiest it can be. Ball python stress behavior It can be hard to read your ball python's behavior Many ball pythons tend to poop right after shedding (once in 1-3 months or similar). Ball pythons have a strong digestive system, and only a small percentage is excreted as feces. Often, few feedings (1-5 on average) are required for your ball python to poop, but it can be more ball taking poop. lol just thought it was funny and people would get a few jokes from it

I have a juvenile ball, 376 grams and about 18 inches. He hasn't eaten for a month and has recurring swelling near his tail but I can't feel any hard lumps. he switched to adult mice 7/22 and had bowel movements for two months afterwards. Last bowel was 9/18 and last meal was 10/4 and has refused every week since. My adult ball will go up to six weeks without pooping so I wasn't too worried. If your ball python isn't spending most of the day in its hide, then it's obviously unhappy. You need to trouble-shoot immediately, because a ball python roaming in the open all the time is very stressed. Check temperatures — the basking area (from an under cage heat mat or cord) should be 90F, no hotter, no colder 2. Not using a thermostat. This is a common, serious mistake which can lead to serious burns. Ball Pythons require warm-side temps (warm end of habitat) of 90-92 deg F. 3. Using a Screen Lid or Screen Cage. While BP's do need ventilation, a screen cage or screen aquarium top can cause too much humidity to escape Respiratory infections. Thermal Burns. Shedding problems. Prey Bites. Conclusion. Ball Pythons are very common snakes kept by many reptile owners. These are very docile animals and very hearty animals. This makes them a great first snake for many people. While they are usually a very healthy animal, they can have some health problems

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  1. Usually a ball python yawns just like we do, ball pythons are known for yawning often. Though in other cases, it could be because it is too hot or has any signs of a RI which will give your python a difficulty breathing and will yawn to breathe. H..
  2. Pooping Question My ball python has been fed twice and tomorrow will be his third meal, and he has yet to poop, I know this is normal but today he had a full shed, all in one piece, and I only saw solid pee, no poop
  3. A lot of new owners worry that their new ball python has an eye infection, but eye infections aren't terribly common in snakes. I can only remember caring for one snake out of thousands that had a legitimate eye infection - and that was a water snake, not a ball python
  4. Hey there =] I am brand-new to this site and was a little confused as to where to post this thread (I hope this is the right section!), so hopefully someone out here can help me out! I adopted a baby female Ball Python from work around the end of October of this year. She's never had any problems with shedding, eating, peeing or pooping.
  5. Ball pythons have a lot of qualities that make them a better first-time pet than other species of snake. The ball python is a good size for a beginner snake. Other constricting snakes that are usually kept as pets tend to be longer. However, you will not find a ball python growing longer than 5 feet
  6. When a Ball Python poops in a burrow, its really compromises its ambush position. A shed skin does the same thing. They are an advertisement to rodents that this burrow is occupied by a predator. I believe this is why BPs will often hold their bowel movements for long periods and also will almost always combine shedding with pooping
  7. Baby ball python not pooping. So about a month ago, my boyfriend and I adopted our first snake, a young ball python. Although neither of us had ever had a snake before, my boyfriend raised other reptiles when he was younger and I used to work with reptiles, including snakes, at a zoo. Even so, we made sure to do be responsible and do.

My ball python has not pooped in 2 months and has eaten a small rat three times in that time. Would not eat yesterday. - Answered by a verified Reptile Expert. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website Ball pythons like it between 45 and 55%, whereas corn snakes like a humidity level between 40 and 50%. Check what humidity your snake species prefers and adjust accordingly. #2 Increase time spent handling your snake. Snakes are more likely to poop after, or during, handling Now, if your Ball Python spends a lot of time in it's dish and does not shed, it could be due to one of the two reasons below. Your Ball Python Could be Dry or Overheating. If your Ball Python continues to bask in it's water dish without shedding, it's likely too hot or too dry in the terrarium

Arachnopeon. Joined. Feb 7, 2006. Messages. 26. My baby ball python died the other night of an internal parasitic infestation. I had not managed to get her to feed since i acquired her around April/May of this year. She never ate before i bought her to my knowledge and never shed while i had her Good Morning, Reptilians! This video is sort of a beginner's guide to ball python body language. I tried to cover a lot in this, so if you're looking for som..

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Hello, My ball python (3-4 months old) is having trouble pooping. I fed him on Sunday, and by today (Thursday) he still hadn't pooped. So I ran him a warm bath and helped him work it all out. This is not the first time this has happened. It looked like there was some blood in there too, but not a lot. Please help, I'm really worried about him it all depends on the name of the snake. like, a snake named dexter would poop 3 times a week. fifi wuld go twice. but if the name starts with a vowel, it only goes half a week. It can be several weeks btwn poops if you are feeding smaller-than-appropriate meals. A year old ball pythons should be on small to medium RATS and left mice behind.

Ball python pooping liquid has many reasons. One reason is you may feeding too much for it. Adult python need less food than it was in younger.so you should reduce the food that you are feeding. Or the reason may be some infections or something. Better you call vetinary doctor If your ball python isn't spending most of the day in its hide, then it's obviously unhappy. You need to trouble-shoot immediately, because a ball python roaming in the open all the time is very stressed. Check temperatures — the basking area (fro.. Ball pythons have dual rows of sharp, needle-like teeth. These teeth point slightly inward toward the snake's throat. This design helps them keep prey trapped after biting them, because anything they bite will impale itself further when trying to escape. Being bitten by a ball python is quite rare, but that doesn't mean it never happens

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However, your ball python may also be moving around a lot or trying to escape if their habitat seems out of balance or insufficient, such as if the temperature or humidity is wildly off, or if they are hungry and searching for prey. To avoid this, always make sure that your snake is properly fed and that you are keeping their habitat in the. Poop. About three days after they eat, they poop. You will want to clean out the poop immediately, in order to avoid any smell from their enclosure. Breeding Season. During their breeding season, they will not want to eat. All Ball Pythons eat less, or not at all, during this time. Humidit My response would be, they are only going to remain in captivity and they eat, poop, breed, live healthy lives just like any other ball python in captivity. The Spider morph has been doing great in the ball python world since 1999 and is considered a staple morph by most hobbyists for any collection

Ball pythons are nocturnal, and because Blue-eyed Leucistic s are a type of ball python, they are as well. You can care for your Blue-eyed Leucistic in the same way that you would a regular Ball python. (Only the Blue-eyed Leucistic is colder!) Ball pythons, like the Blue-eyed Leucistic python, prefer small, dark, and cool environments Not once. I always feed them in their enclosures. I always use tongs when offering food. I never have any problems. Other people might do it differently. There are a lot of ball python rules posted online that are really just personal preferences. There are many ways to offer food to a pet snake. You just gotta find a method that works. Hi, I'm taking care of my daughters ball python, female. ( I have a male ball) She got her in August of 2020 and was assured that she was eating regularly FT med rat. She offered rat after rat but the snake would not eat. I took her in November and have offered once a week rats of varying sizes, I've tried warming them to different temps as.

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You need to make sure a Ball Python is a pet you're ready to commit to for the long run. The reason for this is because Ball Python's have an average lifespan of about 25-30 years, and some specimens can live up to ~35 years.That's a long time to care for a snake, so make sure you have a long term Ball Python care plan in place before getting one Ball Pythons in the Wild . As recently as the early 1990's, the now popular ball python was considered a troublesome captive, due largely to the prevalence of wild caught adults in the trade. Today it is widely bred in captivity, but certain of its natural traits continue to affect how we go about keeping it as a pet Hi Folks, i own an albino Burmese python. she is about 4ft long at 7months old (not sure of the age tho). Anyway, she urinates a lot!!! she urinated last friday, then on sunday and just tonight? not sure if this is healthy or not... 3 times in 7 days... :crazy 2: i live in the Philippines where the Temps are are 28 to 32 Celsius

Too much food: Are you overfeeding your ball python? Ball pythons that are excessively fed are more likely to go into a fast. This coincides with the plentiful season where a ball python will pack on weight in anticipation of the winter scarcity. The terrible 800 grams! It is not uncommon for hatchlings in their first year to go off food around. Details I am spiteful and will hiss and struggle and maybe even poop on you if you are lucky. Zuko 2-7-20 - C200209014 Ball Python Python regius Reported Sex: Unknown Age: estimate 2 years 5 months Size: Ball pythons are quite notorious for refusing to eat. In fact, feeding problems are by far the most common amongst ball python owners. More often than not, there is absolutely no problem with the care a ball python owner is giving to their pet. Rather, the ball python simply doesn't feel like eating at the moment Sometimes the pythons fight back in a very messy way, peeing and pooping on her. We call that the sweet smell of success, she says, because you smell that way because you got one Fresh, clean, chlorine-free water should be available at all times in a large enough bowl for your ball python to soak in. Housing. Size - Appropriately sized and shaped habitat for a baby ball python to accommodate normal behavior and exercise, at least a 20L. A 40B tank is recommended for an adult ball python

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I am a beginner with python and I wrote this code to make bouncing ball with python turtle it works but have some errors like the ball disappearing. import turtle turtle.shape (circle) xdir = 1 x = 1 y = 1 ydir = 1 while True: x = x + 3 * xdir y = y + 3 * ydir turtle.goto (x , y) if x >= turtle.window_width (): xdir = -1 if x <= -turtle. If a ball python won't eat (and hasn't eaten for months), there are several possible causes: The snake is going into a shed cycle, or it's already in shed. The snake is suffering from some kind of illness. The cage conditions are wrong (too cold, too hot, too small, etc.) The snake is going though a regular seasonal fasting period Baby ball pythons are approximately 10 inches in length. Adult females average 3 to 5 feet long, and adult male ball pythons average 2 to 3 feet in size. This size difference is known as sexual dimorphism. If you want small snake, it is best to choose a male for although rare, 5-6 foot females have been reported Ball pythons are notoriously picky eaters, and many ball python owners pass it off as a normal behavior and that they will eat when they get hungry. Ball pythons get hungry just like humans and every other animal. If your pet isn't eating, that means something is wrong. Symptoms. ball python refuses 2 or more meals; Cause. Ball pythons are found in a few relatively arid regions, but in such locations, they spend a lot of time underground, in vegetation, and inside termite mounds. This helps surround them with wetter air and therefore prevents many of the shedding problems captive ball pythons experience

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The good news is that Ball Python bites are generally harmless and otherwise painless. It's more panic-inducing than anything else. If the proper steps are taken, the worst that will happen is a few drops of blood and a band-aid. With that in mind, snake bites are typically a big fear to a lot of people An adult ball python, however, will probably require something bulkier than even the largest mouse; feeding rats of varying sizes therefore makes sense (and can be cheaper than feeding multiple mice). The problem is that some ball pythons can become fixated on mice if fed them for long periods of time, and seem to find rats far less appealing Pythons are invading Florida. Meet the scientists fighting back. Betrayal, sex pheromones, and a lot of snake wrestling. By Kate Baggaley | Published Oct 13, 2017 9:15 PM.

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Ball Pythons, Python regius (also know as Royal Python) are a relatively small and docile specie of snake, which are native to Western and West-Central Africa. If you have purchased a Ball Python from a pet store, chances are it was born in either Togo, Benin, or Ghana. They are called 'Ball Pythons' because, when frightened, they coil around their head and into a ball.. Suitable Humidity for a Ball Python Habitat. Snakes need suitable humidity levels to remain healthy.If kept too dry, they'll have difficulty shedding properly and they may become dehydrated. On the other hand, snakes kept in excessively humid environments may develop potentially fatal skin diseases.Improper humidity in either direction may also cause the development of respiratory infections

Ball pythons come in a variety of patterns and colors and can reach up to 5 feet in length. - Ball Pythons are typically very docile and are normally very friendly and comfortable with proper handling. - Ball Pythons can be housed together (although this may increase their stress level), but do not house different snake species in the same habitat Buy a ball python from us. The hottest thing in the reptile world right now are Ball Python morphs.We breed many of the ball pythons for sale here.Snakes at Sunset is at the leading edge of new and exciting ball python morphs.The ball pythons for sale are guaranteed eating , and sexed correctly. There are thousands of combinations of ball python morphs for sale Premium Coconut Substrate for Reptiles & Amphibians. ReptiChip sets new standards for reptile substrates. Made from the highest quality coconut available anywhere in the world, our products allow enthusiasts to provide their reptiles with the necessary humidity and thermoregulation required to allow their animals to thrive

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The fire ball python is a lot lighter in color, compared to a normal ball python. They also have different markings. Price: $400: Ghost Ball Python, photo by Wikimedia Ghost Ball Python. The ghost ball python is a recessive mutation that reduces the black pigmentation. A ghost ball python's colors will always appear to be hazy Ball pythons generally have a docile temperament, exotic look, and are relatively small. As a result, ball python morphs currently discovered have made this snake species one of the most popular snakes in the world. All of the ball pythons for sale here are captive bred, however, in rare cases where one is not, it will be noted Ball python teeth average to about 25-35 teeth closely aligned in the roof and the bottom jaw. The number of teeth depends on the age and size of the ball python. By now I am sure you must be wondering if they have fangs. I did some research and found out that pythons are non-venomous and only venomous snakes have fangs Ball pythons are ambush predators, which means that they don't go hunting for their prey — they wait for it to come to them. Removing a ball python from its enclosure for feedings only stresses the snake out and often results in refusing to eat even when they're hungry Juvenile ball python and set up - $70. QR Code Link to This Post. Hello, I'm looking to rehome my ball python. I'm working a lot and can't give him the time he deserves. Please have experience with reptiles before contacting. Email for pictures. He comes with his tank , heat pad, branch, hut, and water bowl..

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This video starring Penny the ball python at Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve's Plum Creek Nature Center may not be for everyone, but it offers an interesting look at how a snake's mouth and head allows them to take down prey bigger than their own head. Nature isn't always pretty You should call a local vet that specializes in ball python and possibly have it looked at. They may tell you that its food has too much fiber in it and to change the food. If you can not find a local vet there are chat rooms on the web that can put you touch with people

My ball python seems upset. it goes into strike position and seems to be looking for food but i just fed him two mice yesterday. he has never been like this a ball python and it has not eatin in about a month and the last time it did i had to force feed it. now it has lost a lot of weight and is all scally what do i do i need to feed. The poop left behind by a snake can be just as round and patty-like as any other animal. The most you can hope to discern from snake poop is the general size of the animal based on the undigested contents of the droppings

As mentioned earlier, your ball pythons might not shed after exactly 45-60 days, many reasons make your ball python won't shed their skin. But if you notice that your ball python has not been shed for too long(6 months) then there is something wrong with them. You need to meet a VET to have the proper check for your pets Just because you have no desire to squeeze out of a comfy enclosure, crawl around the perimeter of the room, up into a bookcase and stash yourself into a box of disposable gloves doesn't mean that your ball python or corn snake doesn't want to do it Runny brown poop can be a sign of infectious bronchitis or E.coli. However, it's more likely that the chickens ate foods that had a lot of water, like cucumbers or zucchini. It's important not to confuse runny poop with cecal poop, too. Cecal poop looks more like pudding and usually comes out of a chicken once every eight or so times a hen. Healthy Poop #1. Frequency. It's best to have at least one complete bowel movement a day. You should feel like your bowels have emptied, rather than just partially eliminated. Some people have bowel movements 2-3 times a day, because they have faster metabolisms, more robust good bacteria, or eat more food. If you are eliminating more than 3. Ball pythons are fairly lazy creatures, which makes sense since they only really eat about once a week. They conserve their energy most of the time by resting and sleeping, hence why they are normally only up for a couple of hours a day. Digesting their food takes a lot of energy, and so while they will sleep a lot when they are gearing up for.

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Or baby ball python not eating, and ball python not eating for months, etc. Truth is, adult ball pythons, that is one year old plus, can usually go for a while (10-14 days) till their next meal. However, it's not uncommon to hear that a healthy ball python has gone for months without eating 4:19. BABY ATE MY HOMEWORK Funny Back To School Prank Parody Pooping Dog by DisneyCarToys. Likahun2014. 1:43. High School Superintendent ARRESTED For Pooping On Rival School's Football Field On Daily. The Fumble. 4:19. BABY ATE MY HOMEWORK Funny Back To School Prank Parody + Pooping Dog by DisneyCarToys. Giceluzivu Having yellow poop may simply mean that you've been eating foods high in sweet potatoes, carrots, turmeric, or yellow food coloring. In addition, people with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and those taking medication for GERD sometimes have yellow poop. If the onset is recent, yellow stool can also be a sign of an intestinal infection. Dreams About Poop, Feces - Meaning and Interpretation. Dreaming of human feces. You will earn a lot of money in the upcoming period, especially if you have started some kind of a family business. A dream about seeing a cow's poop will have the same meaning

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Your poop should be that color — brown. Sometimes, the color of your poop can reflect what you eat. For example, eating a lot of green, leafy vegetables can turn your poop green. Also, food coloring can change the color of your poop. In these cases, it's OK if your poop isn't quite so brown, explained Nitin Ahuja, MD, MS, physician. baona/Getty Images. Generally, normal poop should be brown. When you eat food, it eventually turns that color by the time it exits the body in the form of stool, according to Baltimore colon and rectal surgeon Jeffery Nelson, MD, the surgical director at The Center for Inflammatory Bowel and Colorectal Diseases at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore A Ball Python!! A Ball Pythons adult size is reasonable, and they rarely bite and also LOVE TO CUDDLE!! They are not hard to care for but there poop can smell bad at times... A Tegu!! A Tegu!! A Tegu is not a pet for beginners, the can bite a lot at times and eats lot. They also need a HUGE terrarium to live in, require often bathing times. If you're looking for ways to add white to your patio area, here are some ideas: Paint your fence, patio furniture, and/or shed white. Add a white flag or spinning reflective objects like pinwheels. Add a white wind chime. With enough white or reflective objects, you're sure to be able to keep birds from pooping on your patio

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Doctors think of this kind of poop as normal, because it's soft and easy to pass. If things are going as they should, it shouldn't take longer than a minute on the toilet to push out a poop. 5. Not quite! Ball pythons need to reach maturity before breeding. This snake is too young and small to breed successfully. Choose another answer! A male than is 2 years old and weight 750 grams. Nice! To breed successfully, male ball pythons should be at least 1 year old and weigh more than 700 grams

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Common conditions of pet snakes include infectious stomatitis, parasites, skin infections, inclusion body disease, respiratory disease, and septicemia. Infectious stomatitis may not be a primary disease but may be secondary to an injury to the mouth or to husbandry issues such as poor nutrition, improper environmental temperature or humidity, or overcrowding An albino ball python that was kept and not handling by a lovely lady owner, his name was Gerry and died at 42 years old. The ball python is the longest-lived snake species in the world and numerous snakes in captivity have reached the age of between 25 - 30 years with the correct care, that is a seriously long time to have a pet snake Sunburst Special Saharan Sand Boa - Male. $ 750.00 $ 500.00. Sale! Add to cart. Silver Cinder Pinstripe - Female. $ 6,500.00 $ 6,000.00. Sale! Out of stock. Read more Breeding lots of snakes in a dream, picking them up without fear - the sleeper will find a way out of the most difficult situation. If they are submissive to your will - this, according to the dream book, personifies luck, prosperity, conquering new heights. When there are obedient reptiles around a man in a dream - he will be able to achieve high positions Ball pythons are popular pets due to their friendly nature, incredibly long lifespan and variety of appearances and colors.. Native to the grasslands of West and Central Africa, ball pythons are carnivores of small mammals, and in the wild, their diet includes shrews, rodents, and birds.They are nonvenomous, as they strike before constricting their prey, killing without the need for venom If pooping is comfortable, things are (literally) going well. Pooping shouldn't require too much pushing, according to the National Institute on Aging.Likewise, bowel movements shouldn't hurt. Your BMs can tell you a lot about your health, so taking a glance in the bowl to look at color, shape, size-and even taking (a little) whiff on occasion can be important