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Formulate your Ration. Select your FEED TYPE/S, enter your ON FARM COSTS and the % OF MIX of each ingredient. Note: based upon actual feed tests, you can change the values in the ENERGY, CRUDE PROTEIN and DRY MATTER columns. Feed Type. Energy (MJ/kgDM OSU Ration Calculator 2013. is written so that the user can select either as is moisture basis, or a dry matter basis to develop or check a ration formulation. For the non-skilled nutritionist, this program may be used to check a feed mixture to see if it meets the NRC recommendations for a given weight and class of growing-finishing cattle Step 1: Choose your target nutrient and nutrient basis. Select the target nutrient you want to calculate: CP (crude protein), TDN (total digestible nutrient), Ca (Calcium) or P (phosphorus). Select the feedstuff basis: as-fed or dry matter. Ingredients in a mixture must be calculated on the same basis. We have set the calculator up so that all. Calculator Use. Use this calculator to simplify ratios of the form A : B. A or B can be whole numbers, integers, decimal numbers, fractions or mixed numbers. They can be different types, for example, one fraction and one decimal. The ratio values can be positive or negative

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  1. Accurately mixing total mixed rations (TMR) is essential if animal groups are to receive what the nutritionist has formulated. The best ration on paper will not be realized if the TMR is not being mixed properly. This concept applies to all animal groups receiving a TMR, including dry cows and heifers
  2. Swine Ration Calculator Spreadsheet (48.5 kb) Return to MARK Home Page: Number of accesses since July 31, 2000: Questions, comments, or for additional information e-mail Dr. Todd See or phone him at 919-515-8797.
  3. Calculate the cost, energy and protein density of simple cattle rations. Choose from a list of over 65 different feeds and enter the cost (£/tonne) of those feeds. Enter new feeds not on the list as long you know the DM, ME and CP values. Download beef ration calculator
  4. The demo allows you to work with rations for four different animal types: growing lambs, mature ewes late gestation, mature rams on a TMR (total mixed ration) and pregnant ewes. The opening page shows four possible rations. Check one box to select an animal group. For example Growing Lamb
  5. Introduction. Feeding a total mixed ration (TMR) helps a dairy cow achieve maximum performance. Since its inception in the 1950s, it is now the most adopted method for feeding high producing, indoor-housed dairy cows in the world. This is accomplished by feeding a nutritionally balanced ration at all times, allowing cows to consume as close to.

Feeding a total mixed ration (TMR) that contains all the feeds and nutrients the cow needs is an effective, efficient and profitable way to feed dairy cows. Managing TMR daily can make sure your cows receive enough nutrients for good health, milk production and reproduction. Proper nutrition leads to healthy and high-performing dairy cows Just like we need certain nutrients in our diet, so do farm animals. Today we'll use several ingredients to represent important MiniPretzelSticks(Forages)!-!Forages!like!corn!! silage!or!alfalfa!hay!have!high!energy!value!and! Assumptions for concentrate substitution for forage or stimulation of forage intake are described in the calculator. The other is a fairly simple spreadsheet-like application for total mixed rations. Both are fitted with links to other sites to derive estimates of requirements and feed intake Animals eat balanced ration in every bite. There is an increase in fat % in milk and also milk yield by 3-5%. The unpalatable materials can be mixed in TMR at higher proportions without affecting the intake of animals. Feeding operation can be mechanized, thereby reducing the labor requirement. Cow's requirement for nutrients Total Mixed Ration: Getting Started Donna M. Amaral-Phillips, José R. Bicudo, and Larry W. Turner Feeds previously hard to feed can now be fed: Cows may receive additional nutrients if feeds that could not be fed previously can now be added. These feeds may include whole cottonseed or wet byproducts. For mor

Use this Excel-based tool to calculate the Adjusted 205-Day Weights on a contemporary group of calves. The Backgrounding Breakeven Calculator contains Microsoft Excel spreadsheet budgets and a breakeven purchase-price estimator. This excel spreadsheet decision aid was developed as part of the cow systems project Total Mixed Ration (TMR) A TMR is a proven nutritional approach. A ration can be created where very different feedstuffs can be combined and every mouthful is theoretically the same. All of this is combined with acidosis prevention, as grain supplementation is never offered on its own in large quantities, making a TMR mixer a very useful. Dairy Feed Calculator. Welcome to the Canola Meal Dairy Feed Calculator — a robust calculation tool to help you weigh your options when it comes to protein ingredients in dairy rations. Our calculator was developed based on the FeedVal program from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Ingredient profiles are sourced from the NRC Ration Formulation. When balancing rations, the reference cow should be at the 75th percentile of the herd. To calculate reference cow, take the average peak milk of older cows and add the daily average of all cows and divide by 2. Example: Bulk tank average - 60 lbs, peak milk older cows - 86 lbs

At this point click on th If the same group of 1,200 pound cows are fed a ration where part of the ration called for corn silage to be fed at 10 pounds per head per day on a dry matter basis and the corn silage is 35% dry matter and 65% moisture, the pounds of corn silage in the diet would be 28.5 (10 pounds/.35) pounds per head per day on an as-fed basis James uses the full Kingswood Herd with the Ration Calculator to manage a Dairy and Pedigree Herd totalling approximately 300 head. _____ Big Potential Savings with the Kingswood Ration Calculator I was astonished that in the first month of using the ration calculator we saved ten tonnes of feed It is not necessary for the total amount of feed entered in the C column to add to 100. This program can calculate the nutrient composition on any amount of feed (for example 13.5 lbs, 100 lbs, or 2500 lbs). In order to generate accurate requirement data, the user must enter the proper information about cattle, sex, weight and type The part-to-whole ratios convert into the fractions: Apples to total fruit = 6 : 14 = 6/14 = 3/7 Bananas to total fruit = 8 : 14 = 8/14 = 4/7 Related Calculators. To reduce a ratio to lowest terms in whole numbers see our Ratio Simplifier

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Listed in Table 1 are common 30 and 48 hr in vitro NDFD (% of NDF) values for forages, byproducts and total mixed rations. These values can be used as reference values to aid interpretation of NDFD values received on individual forage, byproducts or total mixed rations from the laboratory Feed Nutrient Calculator. This SDSU Extension calculator is designed to assist producers with supplemental feed purchase decisions. There are many feedstuffs available that provide protein or energy. The price of these products, based on the nutrients they provide, should be used to develop the best, low-cost balanced ration for the enterprise

calculate the amounts of feed necessary to meet a nutrient requirement of livestock and other animals. This method is most effective when only two feeds are being used. For example, when two grains are mixed for part of a total mixed ration (TMR) or as a supplement to pasture feed - ing, Pearson's Square can be used to deter with a totally mixed ration fed daily for finishing beef calves. Treatments consisted of two self-fed rations and one totally mixed ration (TMR). Cattle on both self-fed diets had similar average daily gains (≥2.99 pounds/head/day), while cattle on the totally mixed ration had the greatest average daily gain at 3.20 pounds/head/day In (Bhagat et al, 2014) formulated the least cost ration for milking Pandharpuri buffalo based on secondary data to formulate the least cost ration and costing 19.99 % less than the routine feeding plan (Ravinder et al, 2016) used ICAR 2013 as well as NRC 2001 standards, to calculate the nutrient bounds to formulate the least cost ration by.

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Formulating a ration is a matter of combining feeds to make a ration that will be eaten in the amount needed to supply the daily nutrient requirements of the animal.In addition to being nutritionally adequate, a good cattle ration should be economical, palatable and free of toxic substances. Efficiency is increased when rations are consumed at a level to supply a larger amount of energy in. Total Mixed Rations for Beef Cows CONTINUED ON PAGE 50 35 Keys to Success Equipment @In this TMR mixer, two vertical screws work in conjunction to mix and process long-stem hay, corn silage, straw and ground wheat. TMR mixers make a consistent ration that reduces the animal's abil-ity to sort when eating

Cows Total Mixed Ration. I Finally figured out what the ratios are on the TMR, and you know what its totally wacked, off, I was looking at 60% base food, 40% Power food, now if you follow that you dont' end up with anything near enough to make cow power food. I got stuck I used the siloking self propelled and I could not even get close to power. Ration calculation. enabling technicians to calculate the milk potential of the feed with regard to energy and nitrogen, and to analyse content in terms of minerals total nitrogenous matter, starch, feed units, protein digestible in the intestine, minerals) is essential for adjustment of the herd's feed. Global farm audit A quick step by step guide on how to calculate calorie needs for your goal: Record your current body weight. Track everything you eat or drink for an allotted time period. At the end of your tracking period, divide your total calories by the number of days you tracked. (If you ate a total of 21,000 calories in a week that would be 21,000/7 days. Total mixed rations. With a Total Mixed Ration (TMR), every mouthful that a cow eats should be a balanced ration. The benefits of a TMR include less feed selection by the cow, synchronization of carbohydrate and protein availability in the rumen, and lower rumen acidity. A TMR may save labor and facilitate feeding commodity feeds Farm Silos For Total Mixed Ration. This farm silos that can also contain the necessary to be able to produce the mixed ration of the animals. Put the trailer to the unloading area and after enter to the silo, with using the icon placed near of the silo, you have the possibility to checked the state of mixed ration and you can choice to start or.

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  1. Pack 4.5 Decox 4 Vegetable Oil 80 Chopped Alfalfa/Grass Hay 200 Farm # 1 Total Mixed Ration - can also be feed as a high fiber grain to supplement hay or pasture
  2. Step 4: Press the calculate button. Using the results: For the above example a ratio of 3 parts corn to 1 part soybean is calculated. Using this calculation, for every 30 pounds of corn 10 pounds of soybean should be added. To make a 400 pound batch, 300 pounds corn is mixed with 100 pounds soybean
  3. From the CUPS archives: How can Tom Trantham's cows graze alfalfa and not be susceptible to bloat? The answer has to do with their total mix ration (TMR) fee..
  4. This simple to use calculator puts you in control of your pig keeping. The Pig Calculator is a Microsoft Excel workbook, consisting of five spreadsheets which together allow you to record and track the costs of breeding, raising, slaughtering and butchering pigs. The calculator is produced and supported by TAS member Pete Jesper. 1. Feed Settings
  5. eral feed) are mixed and fed to the animals as a ration. With regard to the amount of concentrated feed, several groups should be subdivided in order to avoid over- or under-supply. There is no concentrate supplement. Valuable
  6. The total mixed ration (TMR) shown in Table 4 contains cottonseed hulls and is being fed with excellent results to our 2- to 6-month-old heifers at the Piedmont Research Station. This TMR is fed free-choice through gravity-flow self-feeders. Research is bein
  7. e the quality of a commercial total mixed ration offered to lactating dairy goats. Three, 3 years old Murciano-Granadina goats at mid.

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  1. Winter Feed Cost Comparison Calculator . Producers can use the Winter Feeding Rations and Estimated Costs decision making tool to calculate and compare the costs of main feed ingredients in different rations. Click to download [.xlsx file | 95kb] Learn More: Winter Feeding Cost Comparison: Hay Vs. Alternative Feeds - BCRC Blog Post October 23, 201
  2. erals (especially calcium and.
  3. concentrates as a total mixed ration or separately. Key Target Suckled Beef Key Target Animals require dry, well-preserved, high-quality (72 DMD or greater) grass silage. See chapter on conserved forages for details on how to achieve this. If grass silage is less than 70 DMD, other options need to be considered. Key Targe
  4. e the ration.The first step in formulating a winter ration for your calves is to decide upon the daily rate of gain you want the calves to make. (Remember, weight gain is the product you have to sell.) Calves.
  5. e the concentration of sulfur in the total mixed ration or individual diet ingredients. These are usually reported % sulfur as DM. If the data is given as % sulfate, divide the value(s) by 3. If a total mixed ration is analyzed, this is the value to be used as %SFF
  6. In a total mixed ration (TMR), the weight of the beast and the intake come into the calculations. How much do cattle eat daily? That depends. The rule of thumb is 2% of bodyweight of dry matter intake per day. Rule of thumb - a 400 pound calf eats 8 pounds of dry matter; a 1200 pound heifer eats 24 pounds of dry matter

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matter (DM) as a total mixed ration (TMR) in a 3 × 3 Latin square with repeated measures. Cows were stratified into groups of 10 by parity and days in milk and fed each of three isonitrogenous and isoenergetic diets in three 28-day periods (Tables 1 and 2). Cows were allowed ad libitum access to feed and water and individual daily feed intak LP solves for a ration that fulfils the cow's nutrient and fibre requirement. LP solves for a ration that fulfils the cow's nutrient, fibre requirement and the amount of each fodder per day or as a percentage of total mixed rations (TMR). LP is limited to a dry content of the intended intake When farming livestock, one of the most important things you need to know is how to provide your animals with the right food. Total Mixed Ration involves combining the right amount of forages, grains, protein feeds, minerals, vitamins and feed additives to a specific nutrient combination. This process allows your cattle to eat a balanced nutritional diet with every mouthful they consume

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  1. eral in a dry-lot setting. Consider mixing cattle
  2. Total Mixed Dairy Rations on Your Farm? Myron Bennett and Donald Osburn, Department of Agricultural Economics Jim Spain, Department of Animal Science David Williams, Department of Agricultural Engineering Total mixed dairy rations (TMR) offer an oppor­ tunity to improve business profits through improve
  3. • TMTR Totally Mixed Total Ration. MPR. PMTR. TMTR. Acronym conclusion PMTR You can't afford it! MPR. Uniformity AMONG Batches • In a ration with 5 ingredients, there are 15 reasons for the ration NDF, CP, NE L Break out the calculator, notepad, pencil! Title: TMR Mixer Managemen
  4. Decision Aides. Cattle Grower Ration Balancer This Excel spreadsheet is designed for balancing rations for growing and finishing cattle.A user's guide (PDF) and flowchart (PDF) are available for detailed instructions.. Comparative Feed Value Calculator Use this Excel spreadsheet to compare prices of various feedstuffs based on the value of protein and energy content of soybean meal and corn
  5. Preparing the Total Mixed Ration (TMR): What ingredients should I add first? physical properties of the ingredients included in the cow's ration makes it very difficult to obtain a uniformly mixed ration, especially using the simple auger design of most mixer wagons. Many dairy producers use manufactured feeds from feed mills or prepare.
  6. Total Mixed Rations, High Group 63.0 57.1 51.2 na na na Total Mixed Rations, Prefresh 63.5 54.6 45.7 na na na Total Mixed Rations, Postfresh 61.4 55.9 50.4 na na na Total Mixed Rations, Dry Cows 64.9 59.4 53.9 na na na Total Mixed Rations, Heifer Diets 61.5 54.4 47.3 na na na Corn Gluten Feed na na na na 79.8 n

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allow the possibility of total mixed rations using silages and commodities; may cause serious handling issues; Pelleted supplement + grain In this diet, small grains and corn comprise 70%-90% of the total grain, while pelleted supplements comprise 30%-10% of the total grain diet. all vitamins, minerals and additives are properly include Calculate the percentage that each of the below feed ingredients contribute to the total mixed ration: 1. Flaked corn 327 lbs. 2. Alfalfa hay 115 lbs. 3 cattle to total mixed rations or pasture, and addresses. was used to calculate actual and recommended dietary nutrient concentrations and predict potential milk production. Factor analysis.

Total Mixed Ration is a technique of serving ruminant animals. The purpose of feeding Total Mixed Ration nutrition is that each ruminant animal receives the required level of nutrients with every single bite. Any Ruminant animal Total Mixed Ration must include good quality forages, a balance of grains and proteins, vitamins and minerals Therefore, to get to 100% productivity, you must provide Total Mixed Ration, Straw, and keep the feeding area completely clean. Because keeping the feeding area completely clean is incredibly difficult, it is likely that your actual Productivity value will shift between 100% and 90%, assuming you clean the pasture once a day - giving an average. The constraints are designed with utmost care using specially designed Total Mixed ration (TMR) calculator. Its solution is found using two different techniques in Excel Solver and Controlled Random Search Technique (RST) the results obtained shows that there is no signifi cance difference in the techniques used to solve these linear models Most commercial minerals for sheep designed for free-choice feeding will contain added Vitamins A, D, and E. When making a total mixed ration, vitamin premixes can be added to the formulation if a free-choice mineral is not going to be fed. Intake of Mineral Sheep do not eat the same amount of mineral throughout the year This free ratio calculator solves ratios, scales ratios, or finds the missing value in a set of ratios. It can also give out ratio visual representation samples. Learn more about the everyday use of ratios, or explore hundreds of other calculators addressing the topics of math, fitness, health, and finance, among others

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Introduction Feeding a total mixed ration (TMR) helps a dairy cow achieve maximum performance. The spreadsheet program is based on equations developed by the National Research Council(NRC) and published in the 1996 and 2000 Nutrient Requirements for Beef Cattle. - develop the skills to formulate suitable rations incorporating available feeds for the dairy cattle/buffalo in the local area. HOW TO CALCULATE PERCENTAGE IF MIX RATIO IS KNOWN. Divide 1 by the total number of parts (water + solution). For example, if your mix ratio is 8:1 or 8 parts water to 1 part solution, there are (8 + 1) or 9 parts. The mixing percentage is 11.1% (1 divided by 9) The short answer: feed the cows a total mix ration (TMR) each evening when they come in from the fields. The key, according to Trantham, is to make sure the rumen continues to work over the nighttime hours so that it is already active when they start grazing the next day. View this video to learn more about Trantham's strategy and the.

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The simple procedure to calculate rations is chosen so that all farmers are able to calculate their own dairy rations. Using average composition data in this simple calculation gives a good idea where the ration needs compensation. If the following information is provided: A cow weighing 450 kg and producing 20 kg/day of milk (4 % butter fat The total pounds of dry matter provided by the as-fed ingredients must be determined. Then, total pounds of dry matter must be divided by the total pounds as-fed. Effectively, this provides a weighted average of the ingredient dry matter percentages. Example: Calculating Dry Matter of a Mixed Ration. One ton (as-fed) of feed was mixed ADF is used to calculate TDN (different formulas for different feeds) Maximum is 1/3 of total protein needs (Need some bypass protein) Feed the microbes Use in mixed rations with ⋝15% forag Hay chopped to a length of one inch can be very successfully used in a total mixed ration by adding the grain mixture directly to the hay. This makes feeding easier if handling equipment is available. One can easily vary the forage- to-grain ratio without changing the feedstuffs when the horse's requirements change

The math calculators range from simple math calculations to complex math calculations, for example, you can calculate a simple ratio using the ratio calculator or calculate more complex ratios using the Ratio Division Calculator, you can also access excellent tutorials which come complete with supporting calculators, for example, you can learn. Simulation analysis and parameter optimization are performed for the loading and mixing devices of a self-propelled total mixed ration mixer. To reveal the three-dimensional movement of silage material under the action of the loading cutter roller, the latter is modeled using SolidWorks software. ANSYS/LS-DYNA software is used to simulate the process of silage cutting, which is modeled using.

The calculator will determine not only protein and energy equirements, but also calcium and phosphorus needs. Getting started. An example will be used to illustrate the use of LINC. Here is the example, suppose one wants to calculate the nutrient requirements for a nonpregnant 3 year old mature ½ Boer cross doe that had twins 6 weeks ago Thoroughly mix this Type B feed into one ton of total mixed ration (complete feed) according to the table below or use the formula noted in footnote (a) to obtain the correct concentration in the Type C Medicated. Feed (11 to 22 g/ton monensin in total mixed ration, 100% dry matter basis)

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may wish to calculate the educator to child ratios under the requirements of regulation 123(2). This allows older children to be considered as part of the ratios for younger children. Refer to the table below for examples of how the mixed age ratios can be calculated or refer to the online Mixed Age Group Ratios calculator CREATE PREMIX AND TOTAL MIXED RATION REPORTS These are working reports designed to aid the mixer wagon operator. They deal with mixing amounts, loading order, animal numbers and mixer size. Amounts fed can be round for practical operation. Learn Mor Pulmotil Premix should be blended into an intermediate mix (premix or supplement) and then mixed into the complete diet [total mixed ration (TMR)] to supply 12.5 mg tilmicosin per kg of body weight (BW). The following is the calculation to determine the concentration of tilmicosin in the complete feed and the intermediate mix Most commercial laboratories offer standard feed tests for forages, grains, or total mixed rations. Analyzing cattle feeds for moisture, protein, and energy is recommended. Furthermore, you may wish to identify key minerals or minor nutrients of interest. Typically, results are reported on an as-is and dry matter basis feed ration calculator for dairy cows. Posted on December 17, 2020 by.

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Research (Atwood et al., 2001) comparing intake and performance by fattening calves offered either a 65% concentrate (rolled barley and rolled corn) total mixed ration with alfalfa hay and corn silage providing the roughage or providing all dietary ingredients offered free-choice for self-selection found that no two animals offered free-choice. Add to My List Edit this Entry Rate it: (1.00 / 2 votes). Translation Find a translation for Fermented Total Mixed Ration in other languages Spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are downloadable Excel files. Calculating Feeding Rates Based on Varying Amounts of Dry Matter in Wet Forages and By-Products. TMR Loading Sheet - Takes into account current dry matter content of wet feeds. Calculating Feed Efficiency - Spreadsheet to calculate feed efficiency for a herd or group of cows Those rations tend to work best with a total mixed ration combining lower quality feeds with supplements, co-products, or silages to increase palatability and intake. Another advantage is the ability to force feed a properly balanced mineral supplement containing an ionophore

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The digestibility of the total ration was determined in the usual manner. The results are recorded in full in Table 1 of the Appendix and are sum- which the several nutrients actually digested from the mixed ration of periods i to 4 differ from what would be expected on the same assump- tion as in Table IV Total mixed ration and silage fermentation accelerator for ruminant Download PDF Info Publication number KR101791850B1. KR101791850B1 KR1020150092414A KR20150092414A KR101791850B1 KR 101791850 B1 KR101791850 B1 KR 101791850B1 KR 1020150092414 A KR1020150092414 A KR 1020150092414A KR 20150092414 A KR20150092414 A KR 20150092414A KR 101791850 B1. Meat goat producers can take advantage of the wide variety of educational programs and materials that Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service has to offer. Anyone can enjoy reading a chapter from the Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Manual, access the goat kidding record keeping software for personal use, or register for the next meat goat boot camp feeding, and separate and total mixed rations, and (4) made comparisons across experiments; therefore, variation associated with measurement techniques, feeding systems, facilities, and animals is included in the overall R 2. The product of observed NDF and the physical effectiveness factors in Table 2 estimates peNDF of side of the square (37 + 3) to determine the total parts of the ration (40). Divide each number on the right diagonal (37 and 3) by the total parts in the ration (40) to determine the percentage of the mixture composed of fescue and shelled corn (92.5%

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While total mixed rations (TMR) get a lot of attention, many dairy producers still feed forage and concentrates separately. The concentrate component is usually fed only once or twice daily. This results in non-uniform supply of nutrients and inefficiencies of nutrient utilization can occur. Providing smaller and more frequent meals of concentrate When fed to heifers, losses barn were 2.3 percent (Nelson et al., 1983). Total DM field from large round bales of alfalfa hay stored indoors or out- and storage losses of conserved grass-legume mixes have side with or without cover were 12, 14, and 25 percent, re- been reported to range from 15â 30 percent (Hoglund, 1964)

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We strive to utilize science, experience, and our God-given abilities to improve the success and way of life for our clientele and ourselves by creating synergistic consulting relationships that improve production efficiency and contribute to the betterment of agriculture and society However, it may be useful in small quantities in total mixed rations to bind ingredients together and stop fine particles from separating in the mix. If straw is the only feed source and is particularly unpalatable due to dust or a bad odour, dissolve 60L of molasses in 200L of water when treating straw with urea

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If a total mixed ration is analyzed, this is the value to be used as %S for feed. If individual feed ingredients or forage components are analyzed, multiply the % as DM for each ingredient by the proportion of the diet it represents Treatment diets were fed as a total mixed ration for 8 wk during the winter and spring months of 2007, 2008, and 2009. Milk yield, component, and quality data were recorded and used to calculate the value of the milk produced for each cow. The dry matter intake (DMI) was recorded and used to calculate the average cost per cow per day of each diet Add the two figures on the left side of the square (38.5 + 1.7) to determine the total parts of the ration (40.2). Divide each number on the right diagonal (38.5 and 1.7) by the total parts in the ration (40.2) to determine the percentage of the mixture composed of fescue and shelled corn (95.8%) and soybean meal (4.2%)

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won't be necessary unless feeding a total mixed ration. Survey results indicate feedyards try to offer 12 inches of bunk space per calf during the receiving period; however, at least 18 to 26 inches is generally recommended for all calves to be able to eat at once. Receiving Diet Roughage Content . Newly received calves weighing a Fermentation quality and nutritive value of a total mixed ration silage containing coffee grounds at ten or twenty percent of dry matter. Effect of fermented spent instant coffee grounds on milk productivity and blood profiles of lactating dairy cows. The animals were fed a total mixed ration (60%) according to the routine feed formulation of.