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  1. My ex-GF and I broke up in February, when she dumped me for another guy. I avoided her for about 6 weeks in order to heal. (The other guy dumped her after about a month). The past 2-3 months, whenever I saw her, she would avoid me or ignore me. Finally yesterday I confronted her and asked her what was going on. She said she feels awkward seeing me
  2. There a happiness but an awkwardness that comes with being around my ex. I think he feels it too, because once he starts being comfortable and chatting with me he immediately tries to ignore me and seem uninterested. we used to be so close and most of the time we have like a 5 sec conv. but he talks with random people so much more than me
  3. The first time I went to study on my own my Ex-GF asked our mutual friend why I didn't stay in the study room with them, but I told my friend to simply tell her that I want to study alone. I'm still have a lot of feelings for her, but if she is going to act all awkward/uncomfortable around me then I'd rather not be friends with her
  4. It has to do with emotions. Akwardness as I have experienced it so far has to do with emotions, or more precisely it has to do with yoursel feeling out of his comfort zone. Whether it is dealing with a stranger, being in a middle of a confrontatio..
  5. 6)Refusing to give you your stuff back. Another feasible sign your ex is just pretending to be over you is when your ex refuses to give you your stuff back. There are only 2 possible reasons why an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend would do that: Due to anger and bitterness for a perceived unfair treatment
  6. Here are 5 things you should do if you want her back: 1. Don't give off an, I want a relationship with you.That's all I am interested in. I can't deal with being just friends energy when around her Sometimes, when a guy still has feelings for his ex and secretly wants her back, he can't stop himself from making every interaction he has with her about that

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  1. Since an ex who wants you back is likely to do the opposite of what you expect, here are four real signs that he secretly wants you back. 1. He Maintains Non-Essential Contact. If you have a child or business together, it stands to reason that you and your ex would remain in contact— but this can remain very business-like
  2. God & Man. She acts awkward, because she's trying her best to seem natural.To pretend like she's fine without you, like her stomach doesn't lurch every time she makes eye contact with you. Like her heart doesn't jump into her throat the second she realizes you're in the same room
  3. It is quite common to be awkward around an ex boyfriend or girlfriend following a breakup. It isn't the first time that I have been around people who have told me I panic when I see my ex. During one of my coaching sessions today, a woman that I have been advising for quite some time named Cindy was in complete panic; she knew that she.
  4. It's actually pretty simple. Your ex avoids you because he or she is disinterested in conversing with you. In other words, talking to you would make your ex feel awkward, hence why avoiding you seems like the wisest idea. Hypothetically, put yourself in the shoes of a dumper and imagine that you're breaking up with your partner
  5. When trying to figure out why he gets nervous around you it would be helpful to consider the type of relationship that you have with him. If he is your friend then it could be the case that he does it because he is actually attracted to you in which case he would show signs of attraction when he is around you
  6. If he is nervous or awkward around you, he is probably very attracted to you. These are the extremes of a linear scale, so that you can conclude that his confidence is proportional to his indifference. it was around 4pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that.
  7. - Being awkward around you: If you're wondering does your ex still love you, take a look at how they act around you. Are they bashful and a bit awkward? Perhaps you're still giving them butterflies! - Not dating at all: One of the biggest indicators that an ex still loves me is if he or she hasn't dated anyone else since you've.

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My ex always seems awkward around me. The first time I saw him after the breakup (~3 mo after) he was really quiet the whole time (he's very introverted). The second time, (~ a year after), he just seemed really uptight and obviously awkward. But at the same time in the midst of the awkwardness he scattered nice positive comments like he'd. He kept asking me about my bf but i said that I didnt wanna talk about him. He then said that he was gonna close the door and thats when it hit me and i said that i should go. He was a gentleman and walked me home. I saw him but it felt so awkward as if he was my ex boyfriend. We didnt really talk much, as we both didnt know what to say Ty Tashiro, a psychologist and the author of Awkward: The Science of Why We're Socially Awkward and Why That's Awesome, says socially awkward people feel out of sync with those around them.Tashiro. 2. Your ex feels awkward with confrontation. While this isn't exactly confrontation in your mind, it could be in the mind of your ex. If your ex struggles with social anxiety or with awkward situations, communicating with you would likely qualify in their mind. So it's easier for them to simply ignore you when you text or call

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  1. 5. You usually follow up an awkward situation by telling the witnesses of a time something even more awkward happened to make the current situation seem better. You're just trying to make them understand that you don't need their pity, this is just what your life is. 6. You laugh at inappropriate times
  2. Me and my ex split up on the 7th June, however he ghosted me at first. As time went on I got the point we were over. I text him after doing 30 days no contact and he text back saying he's sorry he hasn't been in touch, he doesn't love me anymore or sees a future for us and that we can't ever be friends
  3. Here are five possible reasons why it's happening to you. 1. She's trying to get you to react in an angry or insecure way. Sometimes when a woman breaks up with a guy who is a good guy and she doesn't really have much of a reason to break up with him, she'll start being cold, mean and bitchy
  4. You may want to hit the martinis hard to make yourself feel better or less awkward — and hey, maybe drinking to get over it works for you — but being drunk around an ex is often a recipe for.
  5. - Being awkward around you: If you're wondering does your ex still love you, take a look at how they act around you. Are they bashful and a bit awkward? Perhaps you're still giving them butterflies! - Not dating at all: One of the biggest indicators that an ex still loves me is if he or she hasn't dated anyone else since you've.
  6. I'm hoping you can help me with this because you and your army of Awkwardeers are - like my crush - awkward. He is a gorgeous gorgeous man that I work with. I've only been there a few months but I noticed him instantly. I did my usual thing of kind of showing off a bit around him, but he never looked at me or joined in
  7. Method 1of 3:Observing His Behavior. Pay attention to his attitude. If you talk to him online, notice if he's confident and talkative, then see if he's the same way in person. If he likes you, chances are he'll be nervous/shy when you're right in front of him

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The 4 Stages Of Getting Back Together With Your Ex. But there are some tell-tale signs things may not work this time around: You have a fear of failure. Many times, people want to get back together to prove they didn't do anything wrong, and that they can make it work this time. If all you're doing is trying to feel that you can. 10. She gets awkward. Not everyone is cool and collected when talking to people they like. If she's like me, she'll probably be stuttering and fidgeting while talking to you. No, she doesn't have a twitch. She's just really nervous to be around you The truth is that there's a scientific reason why conversations can be awkward between men and women who are attracted to each other. Male and female brains are biologically different. For instance, the limbic system is the emotional processing center of the brain and it's much larger in the female brain than in a man's Ah, love: Beautiful, exciting, exhilarating — and sometimes not so great, if you don't feel like you can truly kick back and relax with your partner. The signs you're uncomfortable around your.

Even when the two of you are apart, you aren't really apart — messaging each other throughout the day — yet, when you know you're going to physically be in his or her presence, you get. Tracey Cox says if your ex wanted to come back, they'd be by your side now She breaks down the signs that you think mean your former flame is into you And reveals the one and only question that. George seemed intuitive and gave me some insight as to my Ex's behavior and why things may be for the best. FAQs. Will my ex-boyfriend forget about me if I don't contact him? No, they won't forget about you. The thing is, even if you don't get back together, they won't ever forget about you Here are 3 undeniable signs a man is falling in love: 1. He's super awkward or nervous around you. Sometimes guys are just terrible at dealing with their emotions. They simply don't know how to be. Getting back with an ex is never an easy feat. Sure, the two of you have made this decision and have concluded that you care more about each other than the past. The two of you are committed to.

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For now, let's jump straight in and take a look at some of the possible reasons why a guy that likes you is acting the way he is. 1. He Has Low Confidence Levels. One of the most obvious reasons a man will be distant with you when he likes you is because he doesn't have confidence in himself This site doesn't go into dating advice, with this article being a semi-exception. Over the years several women have written me to tell me reading this site has helped them understand the actions of a shy guy they were pursuing. With that in mind I thought I'd try to be even more helpful and write a whole article outlining what it's like to be a man who's really shy and inexperienced with women

Maybe there are some married men who do feel awkward towards their ex mistress, for what reason will be a bit tricky. Some who do might be thinking the hurt they both did towards his wife made To be honest, one of the reasons that early encounter with my partner's ex bothered me so much was that I envied her as she hugged him tight. They still seemed close, she seemed far more confident in her connection to him, and it didn't help that I compared myself to her immediately: She was younger, skinnier, prettier, and all the other.

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This mismatch is a sign of a deficiency of social calibration. 4. The lack of conversation flow. Everybody has conversations that don't flow, have awkward silences or end abruptly. But for socially awkward people, this is the rule, not the exception. Their conversations are habitually like a rough wagon ride on a bumpy country road I want my crush to like me, but I'm tired of waiting around hoping it will happen soon. Today, I had a choir concert and I accidentally told my friend that he was hot in front of his friend's girlfriend. She just smiled and walked away. I hate my friends knowing about it sometimes because I always get teased by my friends that he's my boyfriend

Narcissists don't play well with others, and this becomes clearer in the long-term. Narcissists don't tend to do well in long-term relationships, and suffer from all sorts of intra- and. My ex-husband could never stop acting seductively with other women, right in front of me and anyone who was around us, or when he was away from me. His friends and co-workers and their wives were always making remarks about him and other women. I was in love with him and it broke my heart over and over again. At home he acted like I was THE ONE Then, you can tell them that having your ex around is definitely uncomfortable for you, and try to explain where these uneasy feelings are coming from. Your friends might still want to remain friends with the person, but they ' ll at least know that you feel awkward about it, which will help them keep their friendship separate from their.

My husband has always told me that she has an Electra complex. Which I guess means that she is actually in love with him (weird!) and she has been like that since way before my son and I were around. The ex-wife feeds this by telling my step-daughter that when she is at our house, her dad should only be spending time with her Inject humor into your friendship. Laughing together is always a quick way to diffuse an awkward situation. Simply chuckling over the same thing won't fix major issues, but if you've just developed some uncomfortable feelings due to not always seeing eye-to-eye or because of intense conversations, try lightening things up for a while Stalking is sometimes related to funny stories, but there is nothing funny about stalking. It is a form of harassment and can lead to death. If you have stalking tendencies, there are things you. Hi Chris Me and my ex husband divorced 3 years ago, I ended the relationship as our constant arguing was affecting our children , I really miss him and I want him back , we are both in another relationship and I have a child with my new partner but I can't let go of the past and I want nothing more but to have my ex back, he gives me mixed signals , he's really nice when I drop my children.

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Above the table, and you're probably being more honest about why you really want to keep your ex around — and your friends will totally approve. The best-case scenario is when the relationship. 18 Things Only Socially Awkward People Will Understand. Some people are positively bursting with self-confidence. They are in a constant state of I got this. They can come into contact with other people and not feel the least bit self-conscious. They can. Some people are positively bursting with self-confidence April 17th, 2017 8:12am. The reason why I'm so nervous around my boyfriend may be simply because of the fact that whether he likes having me around or not. The question of what if I don't look good in front of my boyfriend and his friends or what if I can't please his best friends comes into foray 3. Ask your boyfriend to limit the group size. Suggest this only for times when you're hanging out with them. In a smaller group, it's often easier to put names with faces. Reassure him that this is only until you get to know his mates better. If any of his mates are seeing anyone, suggest a double date My ex boyfriend we were together for 7yrs 2yrs engage he cheated on me he ws incontact w me from the time he moved out bt what I didn't know is he ws seeing someone else I found out when she ph me by stealing my num off his daughter ph he lied to her about his where abouts he slept w me and w another woman and with her and then 5days later.

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A simple way to learn to take criticism gracefully. I have wanted to do something about it for a long time, but I figured that in order to stop being so defensive, I'd have to do something drastic. One of the most important - and misunderstood - aspects of recovering from a break-up is the Nuclear Option - that is, cutting off all ties and forms of contact with your ex. The point of the Nuclear Option isn't about screaming you broke my heart AND NOW YOU'RE DEAD TO ME!!!!111@! or being an immature dickbag; it's about healing

My ex has me so ostersized my two daughters no longer love me, they have now started saying things like You abused me at age 3 and when I see them by the state forcing them to see me they say. Don't guess why he is going silent, won't share his feelings, or ignores you. This book tells all. Go deep into the silent man's head & understand men like never before. If there's a man in your life who is silent & the quietness is making you feel unloved, distant, and emotionally cut off - you need to read this today Somewhere out there is a winning combination of just the right moves and actions that will put your ex girlfriend back in your arms. Getting her back is all about finding this path and then following it.. Once you've identified what will get her back it's up to you to execute things correctly Usually my friends are cool with me just not ordering alcohol when we're at a bar or restaurant, but I do have one friend who kept pressuring me to drink just a little bit, and when I asked why, she said she wanted her boyfriend to drink with her so he'd be more emotionally open, and since I'm friends with said boyfriend, she.

My days are spent at work/sleeping/working on projects around the house. The only way I am going to find someone new is if they break into my home while I'm there. Not many women on my way from my room to a kitchen and back. Recently broke up 363 My girlfriend just broke up with me Sure enough, my ex did call me after 12 days of silence and we went on another date this week. I applied all I learned from Why He Disappeared, but especially the part about making him feel good and just to make him have fun, especially since I know how stressed he's been lately My second ex is happy for me. My first ex, however, has banned me from going anywhere with my new partner when I have the older two children. It has meant we have missed family events and my.

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  1. My ex was speaking NONE stop about other women AND even told me I was smart because I felt that there was smg going on with his best friend (female). He told me that I was extraordinary and had wings like his ex, that is why he loved me, because I was an angel, just like his ex
  2. My ex has spent a good deal of time around my new home, as his condo has taken much longer to complete as was predicted. In order for the children to see him more often, I have been extremely accommodating and have allowed him to be in my home with the kids. He knows the code to my house lock and oftentimes enters on his own
  3. d, and that's why they dialed your number. Even random messages from your ex suggest that they still miss you

1. The awkward (for him) date night run-in. I was out one night with my current fiancé and I walked inside to get another drink. My ex was sitting at a table with his new girlfriend near the bar and I waited until I was served and then looked about. I hadn't seen him in about two years, but it was a bit of a shock. He's put on a stack of. why has my ex narc still got my number and he has not blocked me on WhatsApp we broke up a week ago I updated my status and he viewed it we have not spoken since we broke up and just don't understand him he got drunk last weekend rang me up early hours of the morning I couldn't understand what he was saying etc he put me down a lot for no. 10. If your ex is lying about having another partner, you better take it into consideration. When an ex is talking about the new excitement in their life, they are signalling to you loud and clear that you are still on their mind, they are trying to show off to you for all the wrong reasons. 11. When you get together, they are crazy touchy-feel Many times girls who are nervous, or awkward, around those they fancy, especially ones that they like, become sort of a chameleon. They either try to blend in and avoid attention at all costs, or they transform into the type of girl that they believe their date would like to be out with, regardless of how the date actually feels

S ome say it's in a woman's best interest to hide her attraction to a guy. Would you say that's true because if do you agree, you might be misreading every woman which can and will have a long-lasting negative affect in actually creating that attraction, understanding women, and why they do the things they so beautifully do.. There was a time where I too believed women were actually keeping. It Will Be Really Awkward to See All Those People I Had Sex With. A personal message to my three high school sexual conquests: High School Girlfriend: Well, actually, part of me really does want to see you again. Y'know, just to assure you that I totally know what I'm doing sexually these days While I was mortified, it still hasn't stopped me from doing the same thing every time he's out of town. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has little habits that I keep from my other half My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think

Dear Sile,lastweek my boyfriend broke up with me because he said he cant connect with me emotionally and he felt like its unfair on me.He says every time when i am not around him he misses me but. 'Is your Ex over you' Quiz. 3 Comments. Is my ex over me or has he / she moved on? Does my ex still have feelings for me or are they completely gone? Is there still hope for us? Does my ex still love me or want me back? This quiz will address the above mentioned questions and help you gain a better understanding on what your ex may be feeling We've all gotten one of those incredibly awkward one armed hugs- or as I like to call it, the cold shoulder hugs. This type of hug shows that he feels incredibly awkward around you and isn't even sure if he really wants to hug you in the first place. My suggestion: I wouldn't be trying to get another hug from him anytime soon. 2. A Quick Hu This is a clear demonstration that negative emotions are, in essence, powerful low-frequency vibration energy. So when you are getting negative vibes from someone, it doesn't necessarily mean they are a mean person. Maybe they are just mad at someone or are having a bad day. 2. Mental or physical illness He is not getting back with his ex wife. Trust me. If they laugh together or get along, it's because there will always be feelings there. But, they aren't feelings of I made a mistake and I want you back. I know this because I am in this situation. I really really like my ex husband. we coparent really well and still think he is.

When my younger sister was in college, she needed help with the down payment for a new car. I wrote her a check—coincidentally, her birthday was just around the corner—and sent it in a card. Soon after this he ignored events like my re-baptism, birthday, mother's day-I had been ghosted but he took me out hoping to change my mind about the sex I guess-didn't work. There were 1 or 2 messages thereafter, but when my mother died (who he saw me take care of), that was the last straw

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Whether the two of you simply grew apart, one of you met someone else or you just realized it wasn't meant to be, ending a relationship is never easy. If the break up terms included a pledge to stay friends, making the transition from romance to reality may get bumpy at times. When your ex isn't acting like. Probably. Yes. And most likely. And here is the kicker - if you don't leave him alone, he literally, by definition and by human nature - cannot miss you. The first reaction by so many following a breakup is not to leave the other person alone so he or she can miss you but to do the opposite which is to overwhelm them with your presence 6. Spying to Dig Up Dirt: My ex had a keystroke program installed on my computer and bugged my home phone during our separation. He thought he would gain information he could use in divorce court against me. He didn't succeed but don't be surprised if your angry ex-attempts to do the same in your situation How to Disarm the Narcissist During the Silent Treatment 1 - Don't believe it's your fault. This one is HUGE. When we get the silent treatment from the narcissist in our life, it feels utterly devastating. Even if we know, without a doubt, that the narcissist was in the wrong, we take on the responsibility for their going silent on us Applying this to my life. This technique has worked wonders for me. As I go through my life now, I even try to forgive myself sooner. I try to do it almost immediately after something awkward or embarrassing happens, or at least within a few hours. For example, one day last semester one of my law professors rescheduled a class and I got the.

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  1. Why communication can be tough, and men withdraw from the real work. The beloved woman becomes that guide into the mysterious realms of feeling emotions. When she expresses anger, puts down her man, belittles or mocks him, a man feels attacked. When she demands him to be sensitive, a man feels not good enough
  2. Why is it that when your relations ask about your new girlfriend, they treat the situation as if you are all 13 years old talking about someone's first kiss? Some of them are one step away from pinching your cheek and telling you how cute they are when they ask about her
  3. Hi my ex and I broke up for 5 month nowthen all of a sudden he called me telling me that he love me and that leaving me is the biggest mistake he have ever madeand that since the relationship ended he have been stress and the breakup had a toll on him he says he love and that he's still in love with me

He said, my friends wife called when I was talking to my boss and she sent a long message but he said, I knew better than to call her before I called you and I honestly didn't want to hear it, I got my own issuesI had to figure out why my girlfriend is mad at me. I told him, I think I just needed a hug and it was the last day of my cycle too Enter my best friend. She told me that I had to stop all communication with my ex unless it was about the girls because he was just using me to pump up his ego. ALL communication. She told me that he was only texting me out of boredom or when the other girl was too busy to text him. So no more texting him OR responding

When trying to get to the bottom of why he is acting distant all of a sudden, avoid mothering him and smothering him. He needs a partner, not a mother, so avoid being overbearing. Just try to communicate with him that you have concerns about his recent change in behavior My husband left me for his ex wife, This was just 2 years of our marriage. The most painful thing as that I was pregnant with our second baby. I actually thought it was over that I lost it all until my best friend connected me to, I did everything I was asked to do and got a love spell to bring my husband back

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Alcohol helped me forget my awkwardness and not-belongingness and it helped me talk to and be with people without my neck muscles freezing up (this is a thing that happens to me, I literally lose. Most of those who had been cut off said they didn't know why. But those who said they'd cut off a friend always told me the reason. For example, a woman, Linda, said she had let a friend stay. i have to definitely agree with this post cuz that's my case. i remember in high school when i was extremely in love with this guy and i would even put everything he ever did or said on my calendar and had a secret code name for him with my friends. he would always flirt with me and talk to me and call me randomly for some months till one day. I would usually try to hide away in my room. But if this was impossible, then I would be nervous and awkward at the dinner table. I hated it when someone would make a comment about me maybe about how quiet I was. Or maybe someone would ask me if I had a girlfriend yet — and then everyone would watch me become uncomfortable and laugh The best thing to do is to focus on yourself, your emotional and physical wellbeing, and get back into the game to find a new, healthy relationship when you feel the time is right. Getting over an ex is not the easiest thing in the world, particularly if the other person moved on and found someone else. This is a major blow to our self-esteem.

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A google search led me to your article because I'm trying to figure out why my new boss doesn't make eye contact with me. She and I started around the same time so we're both new to the company. (she started 2 weeks after I did) I'm of the mind set that we should converse to get to know each other on a professional level Don't Avoid Them. Expose yourself to your crush as often as you can. Avoiding your crush will only make you more nervous around him or her. If you get used to being around your crush, the shyness will go away. You can sit next to him or her in class or start casual conversation whenever you can. 3

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I broke up with my now-ex-girlfriend about five months ago, but things are complicated because she's also my best friend's best friend. I've been fine with missing certain gatherings with our friend group just to make things easier for everyone and to create less drama, but it now seems like the only options are to find a new best friend, reach out to my ex to try to be friends again, or just. The vice president of the record label is seriously considering signing my ex-boyfriend and making me his publicist. This is uncomfortable for me for several reasons, but I do not want to turn.


When it comes to celebrity couples, one of the few relationships that rivals Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's is the one Kanye was in right before Kim: his two-year relationship with Amber Rose. She says she just wants to be friends but why does she still flirts with me. well theirs this girl thats gos to school with me that is a year younger then me. we have gym together with a buddy of my'n she flirts with me all the time. she twirls her hair and laughs at even my dumb jokes. she always laughs or smiles when she sees me and if she. A man always wants to be reminded that he's missed physically, mentally, and emotionally from the woman he loves, is attracted to, or is only in a casually dating stage.. He wants to know the special woman in his life is thinking about him.. He also wants know you're a part of his life so by telling him you miss him, you're giving him real proof he can connect to and a guarantee that how you. Your customizable and curated collection of the best in trusted news plus coverage of sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health and lifestyle, combined with Outlook/Hotmail, Facebook. 4. The I Hate You—Don't Leave Me Fight. I am totally confused. My BP boyfriend broke up with me on Tuesday, then on Friday wanted to know what I was doing over the weekend. I remember one night, we had a great time together and had great sex. Then he started a fight over nothing the next morning Im doing this to a guy right now,before anyone criticizes me for ignoring a guy,its because be rejected my offer for a drink (i asked)a while back & now he acts hot & cold to me.Hes nice to me one day then the next he completly ignores,avoids,wont even look at me if im in the same room.Crazy shit.He eithier regrets rejecting me & wants to give.