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Originally, these people were called Wapanese, short for wannabe Japanese. At some point in the internet's history, a 4chan word filter rendered that as weeaboo, a word from the Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip.If you've ever seen someone respond to a tweet or a Facebook post with an obnoxious reaction image of an anime character of indeterminate age, you've encountered a. Because they are unrealistic and pathetic asswipes who have no sense of what the real world is like and no sense of what real suffering is like

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In many ways I think weebs are worse than historical nazis. Most historical nazis were earnestly ignorant of the abuses of the state, and the existence of the death camps. Weebs know the negative effects of weebism, and it gives them a pervy sense of sexual arousal. Me playing accordion and singing, even though I'm totally a drummer A weeb is a person who is interested in anime and Japanese culture. There is an important difference between a weeb and a weeaboo. The latter is a person who denounced their own culture, believe they are, or want to become, Japanese, they have a waifu or body pillow if some sort and watch hentai. Weebs are normal people who like anime and may have some merc 10 Things Extremely Creepy People Do (Usually Without Realizing) If you can't think of anyone you know who needs to read this article, then I hate to say it: It's probably you I am just genuinely curious why so many people are. As a straight male living in the U.S., I would definitely say these things don't affect me personally but I see them as extremely important and.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. So, this is actually a very good question. This is one of the reasons I think they're weebs. It helps their spy play feel more confident, I'm not kidding being a weeb is a playstyle thing for spy, and many other classes but it's most common with spy because well he has a lot of Japanese items and that edgy loner type is I'm guessing attracts more weebs. Also there are some youtubers that play.

I just don't really get why so many people seem to have a severe hatred of weebs. I can certainly see how people calling one another Chan Kun Sempai ect and basically trying to act like anime characters irl would be sort of annoying but I've personally never met anyone like that in person so I've got to assume they are few and far between The Hypixel Forums will be undergoing scheduled maintenance during this time to upgrade the backend storage system. Please note that the maintenance may last significantly longer than specified. Both the Hypixel Support and Hypixel Store websites will be unaffected and available as usual. Posted on Friday, 26th February 2021 at 3:57pm EST 2. Do not abnormally prioritize things that are Japanese. There are many positives to joining a group or subculture, but in-group bias isn't one. The automatic assumption that Japanese products are superior to others can be self isolating and/or a mild form of delusion

Male weebs want their waifus to be cute and strong, but not too strong so she'll still depend on them. They also like lots of characters who are submissive and doting, hence why they love Hinata. Many TikTokers have also addressed the issue of Attack on Titan's new design for the leading lady, Mikasa, as the final season has premiered. A person that does not enjoy the presence of Japanese-obsessed individuals. There are a number of contributing factors to the dislike of anime and its surrounding culture, including strangely high pitched voices, overly sexualized portrayals of women, pornography depicting children or child-like characters, and much more Why are Weebs so apathetic of Indonesia? Not to say that I'm not also, I'm just curious. - /vt/ - Virtual YouTubers is 4chan's board for discussing virtual YouTubers (VTubers) Thereof, why are Weebs called Weebs? The term weeaboo came from a comic strip created by Nicholas Gurewitch in which the term had no meaning other than it was something unpleasant. According to an unpublished MA thesis, 4chan quickly picked up the word and applied it in an abusive way in place of the already existing wapanese term Subscribe to support the channel is free and makes you handsome. This channel focuses on archiving asmongold and sodapoppin content for future appreciation..

Because PS retains exclusives like Persona. Also the weeb games don't come to PC soon enough, and when they do they are still censored more often than not. Not to mention it's impossible to build a.. In my personal experience the people most obnoxious about that hobby/the weebs are actually the ones that know the least about the country, people, society, hobby. I knew a lot of people who where so obnoxious about that, but only knew Naruto, some weird ass ecchi shows and nothing besides it. Weebs are the ones that are saying Wow, look at you

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  1. Eventually it became a blanket term for just anime fans. Then anime fans used it as a label for themselves: weebs. So if someone calls you a weeb, don't feel insulted, cause you are one-you watch anime. Sakuga: This is a word that Demon Slayer fans got to learn last year after they thought the show created good animation. Sakuga addresses.
  2. Why are Weebs called Weebs? The term weeaboo came from a comic strip created by Nicholas Gurewitch in which the term had no meaning other than it was something unpleasant. According to an unpublished MA thesis, 4chan quickly picked up the word and applied it in an abusive way in place of the already existing wapanese term
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  4. The Cringiest Girl in Existence Goes Full Weeaboo on Korean Guy, Calls Him Japanese and Gay. A bizarre conversation on Facebook has been making the rounds in the reddit community with over 9000.

Why do weebs get attracted to lolis? 1 meme :Why the fuck Are you so cute? I don't know about weebs that get horny at lolis though, they are made for patting, just like your cat. cartel. 2019-03-26. o hohohoho i love patting my cat. bws. 2019-03-26 Why are 90% of non weebs so toxic? Especially in cs go, are you just upset over always getting rekt by weebs or whats the deal? Every game i play somebody has to point out i have anime profile pic like its a bad thing or something. And then after some time, they start getting even saltier (probably because weebs are usually better at cs go) and.

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Being a weeb was most definitely the reason why I got in this situation originally, trust me. And no shame there! My lifestyle now is no different from what you'd have anywhere else, except it just happens to be in Japan. For what matters, I don't shame weebs nor would be ashamed of being one Why are Weebs so rich? Weebs have loads of money because they don't have girlfriends or go out much. weeabs and furries get jobs to fund their degenerate hobbies. Well, that's kinda sad that they contribute more to economy than an average modern young adult. Guess they're more motivated, degenerate goals regardless So why not fflush all that bullshit by spending some time into malware curiosities (with the support of some croissant and animes), whatever the time, weebs are still weebs. So let's start 2021 with something really simple Why not dissecting completely to the ground a well-known packer mixing C/C++ & shellcode (active since some years now)

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  1. 2. The vast majority of furries create a fursona—that is, a furry-themed avatar used to interact with other members of the fandom. Fursonas typically consist of one or more animal species, a.
  2. These 'Sword Art Online' Engagement Photos Define Anime Goals. By Megan Peters - August 20, 2018 02:44 pm EDT. When you think about Sword Art Online ships, Kirito and Asuna should be the duo who.
  3. I'm a weeb and I wanna learn Japanese so here I am. Here's some info of me~ My name is Freya and I'm 16. I'm a god damn weeb. I know English and Swedish currently, but I wanna learn Japanese (duh.). Reasons why I wanna learn Japanese are: •to be able to watch anime and read manga with no translations
  4. All the members are all gigantic weebs so outside of FFXIV we welcome anyone that has interests in anime, video games, etc. Group Profile. Formed-Active Members. 31. Rank. 14. Primary language. English Address. Plot 18, 2 Ward, The Goblet (Small) Estate Profile. Depression Cottage. Contact
  5. The difference is that Otaku enjoy an activity and interest group, and Weebs enjoy a nationality and things associated with that nationality. Is otaku a negative term? According to studies published in 2013, the term has become less negative, and an increasing number of people now self-identify as otaku, both in Japan and elsewhere

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1 reply. weebs are the ones who are culturally appropriating japan, acting like anime is the only thing japan has ever been a huge part of, despite the country having so much history to it. there's a huge difference between an anime fan and a weeb, it's literally just that now people think being a weeb is a good thing, even though those are the. 95% of these pro players since they are 14 years old spent all their time in their room not going outside, so it's not surprising many of them are weebs. 2019-11-04 21:19 #3 Five beers (four of which went to Amanda), many raised voices, and a half hour later, Amanda is alone at the bar, while the four boys have gathered in a corner booth. Jude stares listlessly at the ceiling, Armand traces spirals on the table, JJ plays a game on his phone, and Andy fiddles nervously All my friends are gay weebs so we we're discussing one of my friend's weird simps (Peko Pekoyama) and she was saying that she never said she simped for her (she did) but she did say that she was attractive. So I, trying to prove my point said, Well what if I said that I thought you were attractive? It was hypothetical but she took it the. A jinchuriki is a human who has a demonic tailed-beast sealed inside of them. Orphaned on the day he was born, Naruto grew up as an outsider due to being possessed (or something like that) by a demon. Along his journey he ended up making friends and saving the world a few times

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  1. Selecting the best anime on Netflix is pretty much like choosing the best Netflix TV show: there are hundreds of titles and thousands of forehead-vein-popping fans ready to jot your name into a.
  2. Especially since a lot of vtuber sub youtube channels are so bad that they would make even mid-2000's anime fansub groups look away in Hazukashi-sa. TL NOTE: Hazukashi-sa is Japanese for embarrassment however this subber feels like it conveys a greater sense of weight than its English equivalent so it is left untranslated
  3. g. 1,005 likes · 2,124 talking about this. Welcome to Weeb World Official Facebook page :) Weebs are all about Ga
  4. The Simpsons: 10 Funniest Ralph Wiggum Memes Only True Fans Will Understand. Ralph Wiggum is perhaps the funniest character on The Simpsons, and here are 10 memes that showcase his unintentional wit. Ralph Wiggum is possibly the most harmless character in the entire The Simpsons cast. So much so that he has become the face of shining innocence.
  5. Graavarg. So, now in bug-removal phase of Railjack & Tempestarii the next big thing is the arrival of the Queenpin (also known as the Corpus b'tches by some, something that might even be proven to be quite true). If the Queenpins follow the Kuva Lich system, they will arrive with special queen versions of existing Corpus weaponry
  6. So, I woke up this morning around 7:30 and was in my car and driving to Kansas by 8:30. I drove for three hours before I stopped to stretch my legs and call my mom to let her know where I was (outside of Ames, Iowa). I hate driving, so my plan was to only stop once more to fill up the gas tank and then keep on going
  7. So, remember: Legend of the Hare was originally an official paid spinoff of an OEL called Blade Bunny, the heroes those characters kept getting mistaken for. In Blade Bunny, the main character has a sidekick named Kyoto. If Jill was the real Bunny, Amaya was supposed to be the real Kyoto. So while Kyoto was - as the name.

So why not fflush all that bullshit by spending some time into malware curiosities (with the support of some croissant and animes), whatever the time, weebs are still weebs. So let's start 2021 with something really simple... Why not dissecting completely to th -Pathetic Pursuing [Chat Noir] [Reader-Insert] - 11 & 17 [Yandere! Adrien Agreste] [Reader-Insert] naruto and all of you other weebs. So I'll take a break from bts series and do a couple of one shots for other fandoms ‍♀️ Apparently so, Hisa thought. Adrien, despite being polite looking, was the opposite.. I don't have faith in them learning that stuff quickly, so it has to be a mostly ranged fight for characters that don't have good 3D models or sprites, and can't really be represented by live-action. In which case, I guess the only big fight I'd trust them with is Galactus vs Unicron There's honestly so much shit that goes into it that it's really difficult to just summarize it into a few posts on the spur of the moment. This is the kind of thing that people write books and make courses about. I did the best I could to only focus on the bare fundamentals, so I'm sorry if it was shitty. >>545045

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This is the main reason I judge weebs so much. Also, video games are fucking stupid. Lmao. I'm sorry. I actually used to play a lot of video games when I was younger, and I still do like once a year, but I really can't stand video game culture. I don't see the appeal in playing a game online and hearing a 12 year old kid call me. I didn't plan on you two meeting... All because of both of your stubbornness that you're here... To be completely honest, I only brought you here because you are all so extraordinary. Don't take that as a complement. What I mean is that you possess amazing power inside you. I need that power. So I can finally get what I've yearned for

Why comic nerds hate weebs so much? most likely because of this. 6 months ago. Ultimate6D9God. Follow 39. Forum Posts. 0. Wiki Points. 0. Followers. Reviews: 0. User Lists: 0. It would be cheating. The US already has the most powerful military in the world, imagine if they actually Naruto-ran everywhere at high speeds to. - #192389025 added by skadefryd at Best timeline 2:electric boogalo And he acts like he doesn't care, as if it was just a foolish nickname, but inside he feels so loved and appreciated!! His family loves him! #ray is the sun itself #i dont make the rules #thats his new name now #the promised neverland #tpn #yakusoku no neverland #tpn ray #people are actually sendind me asks . See all VocaTone have announced they're pushing back the Kickstarter campaign by six months in order to provide a full demo, after reading through all the feedback. They'll also be doing a second Q&A on the 7th to go over everything. . Reactions: Älfa Dröttning, Blue Of Mind, Nezuh and 9 others I hate weebs so fucking much. Reactions: Deleted member 7029, Danish_Retard, Ritalincel and 1 other person. BrendioEEE Prophet. Joined Jan 7, 2020 Posts 14,103 Reputation 20,276 Time online 156d 20h 25m. May 18, 2021 #16 Reactions: Amnesia. aklifaal Autist. Joined Aug 10, 2020 Posts 232 Reputation 322 Time online 4d 7h 50m. May 18, 202

I think like. . .85% of us here are weebs and the other 15% just stare on in confusion. But there's probably more people in the thread that aren't Smash fans than aren't weebs, so it's not the weirdest detail 1 FenZenyatta 2 Towns 3 Important Titles 4 History 4.1 September 2018 4.2 October 2018 4.3 November 2018 4.4 December 2018 4.5 January 2019 4.6 February 2019 4.7 March 2019 4.8 April 2019 4.9 May 2019 4.10 June 2019 4.11 July 2019 FenZenyatta was a player who was active from the 1st November 2018 to the 4th July 2019 He joined EarthMC on the 29th September 2018. Too late to experience good EMC. Anonymous Sat Sep 14 04:11:33 2013 No. 7100613. Quoted by: >>7100713 >>7100721. >>7100520. Someone set off a smoke bomb in the trader's hall, a trader and volunteer got into a fight during evacuation leading to said trader being asked to leave and at pack down Manifest lost one of Madman's pallets Anonymous Sat May 8 19:06:58 2021 No. 3471846 File: 434 KB, 625x422, 1620429651740.png [] [] [] [] [] . amelia feels really bad about the fact that she does her job way better than her genmates. she isn't even after the most fame or money, she just feels like she'll upset her friends by being too good. she's afraid that she'll generate envy in her friends so she almost never dares to really go.

I am so sick of getting one-clipped, even when i'm near all 5 of my teammates. To think that she takes so much accuracy, it makes her a god tier character because of the immense damage she does. You can literally get one-clipped as any character, and its so annoying. It is even worse when she gets pocketed or damage boosted, she is complete cancer. At this point, it is more impressive to see. The enjoyment I'm getting from this game is top notch. Truly, it is. So my recent explorations had me ambushed by a squad with many (7) lances, fully equipped with enemy mages and ranged units. So up until this point I've just made 2 giant globs of lances and 1 ranged lance. Well, let's just say that the losses were many 16+. recovery. peer-support. self-care. The Good Limbo is a 16+ Mental Health Community designed to reduce loneliness and provide peer support using both Discord chat and forums. The forums also include an arcade. - Peer based support from other members. - General room for distraction and chit chat. - Support channel to seek support from members Weebs life styles are all degenerate and self destructive. Total self destruction through slow death of the soul and physical body. It's especially bad they try to force it on others and cry like a Jew when you tell them image boards aren't made for weebs by weebs, even in Japan where they're originally from

toxic. vc. Reformed Players. Join Reformed Players Discord a new server with a great selection of channels and a small community. Australian Based, so for those who are whores for accents, this is the place. Self Assignable roles. Be toxic we aren't soft cunts like 99% of discord Chapter Text. October 31st, Part 1. There was an echoing slap as Kagura lashed across Gintoki's face painfully, the edges of her nails nearly tearing the skin of his face. The samurai opened one eye and glared at the monstrous girl hovering over his bed and the similar victim holding his red cheek with a hand and looking tired This Self Bot has a primary function of utility, rather than providing access to external sources (e.g. Game Statistics or searching for animes (Heck off Weebs), so either you will need to write your own cog for the bot, or use a server bot Many neets were already weebs so make it anime focused? Weeb forums died because anime became mainstream so they were full of women and white knights, and with that, they adopted SJW culture. I bet many otakus are looking for a replacement, but the majority of them are not typing NEET forums on the search bar. Anime/Gaming forum for men sounds. So what'd I miss? May 12, 2014 — 192 Comments. Good morning, friends!! How the fuck are you? I have missed you all THIS MUCH (outstretch your arms on either side of you and measure the amount of much between your hands). As many of you may recall, I have a touch of insomnia. I went to bed one night, hoping that I would be able to fall.

Hello people! Some of us are kind of weebs, so we'll be talking about anime and other things. Actually, we'll talk about everything, from school, to masturbat If they dropped more nukes maybe we wouldn't have to deal with weebs, so I'd say they didn't go far enough tbh. 1 year ago. TakenStew22. Follow 28962. Forum Posts. 0. Wiki Points.

TCM declares war on KonoSuba CB ummmmm i invested money into Corpsmans Business and you called Weebs Dirty P.s. i just need loot for my lil members so yay yo Corpsman thx for taking zero advice i tried to help lel but these things happen best of luck with the new KonoSuba late (This chat was pretty much overtaken by weebs, so have fun hearing anime Ops and all that stuff -Ace) The sister Chat ꧁⎡ ⎦ ꧂ ꧁ H E A D M A S T E R ꧂ Nezu. Hero Rising Academic School. Dear (Your Name Here), I am please to inform you that you have been asked to perform in the entrance exam in hopes of joining our Academy So yeah, me and Jason are both anime weebs. So I had this in my head. Now here's a little story. Antho and co are binge watching anime, until a few episode later Jason becomes too obsessive with anime and would start praising it like a god. Antho was getting annoyed while Brandon and Devy didn't care. While BEC was disappointed along with his.

weebs: so i ran up weebs: popped a boobtube and killed a guy coming from the cave weebs: switched to shotty weebs: popped like 2 more dudes inside the cave weebs: ran to the right and made a left outside the cave like going around the back weebs: shot another guy from the back with the burst weebs: ended like 18-11 ghost: lkajdflkahglaskjd 69. Oct 12, 2018. #22. I don't think I've *done* too many embarrassing things actually, but, trying to bring up vocaloid music to anybody at all usually gets me some strange looks and mixed reactions. It's usually something I have to enjoy alone. Reactions: OtakuKiarra, bland and TheStarPalace

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Her chipmunk face is all over my recommended videos section the comment sections of her videos are full of angsty weebs. so eregant and sexy and formar...why is she playing the stereotype so bad is she an internet bride because I doubt she's smart. Top. Demonita Debater Posts: 24 Also, the game is an AnimeMMORPG, nobody can argue that the vast majority of us are otakus/weebs. So, I believe that online anime streaming websites could be a solid ground to advertise the game on. League of Angels 3 (and other shitty ass mobile games) are being advertised on such websites for years so I don't see why AK can't take one of the. The genre doesn't receive much attention from game journalists, largely because the genre is far too removed and obscure nowadays. It is mainly played by lonely people with too much time on their hands and weebs. So, not only is it nice to see it receive attention, but it is especially nice when a thorough article appears on a major website

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On One's Perception of Change — in Weebs. So this piece is a little different than my norm, and therefore I worry that it's painfully self-indulgent and masturbatory. That being said, if nothing else it could act as a kind of primary source document for some of the things contained in it? That's a question mark because I have no idea Hello NG-fans! P-Bot here, with Saturday's hottest games and movies submitted to the Portal: Here are the runners up for the day (poor guys!) What does ev..

General: So if keeping hands in that position makes them run faster, why our troops are not doing it? - #192376768 added by reminderer at Best timeline 2:electric boogaloo Upload. Wholesome Memes Aww Anime & Manga Video Games Memes GIFs Webms. Login or register. There is an overall sense of pride in being who you are. Anonymous 03/08/2021 (Mon) 04:31:31 No. 42010. (40.80 KB 474x669 6435634.jfif) >>40375 If it wasn't for anime on adult swim i would never have found /pol/ years ago. It was always my mental escape from the nigger infested city i lived in growing up

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I have a crush on my English teacher and it's not exactly something I would like. I'm 14 and he is 23 (I'm girl) It all started one day when I first saw him, at first I didn't feel anything, but later I felt he began to like, both visually and in character, he is just very nice and cute, moreover he has the same interests as me- (we are both weebs, so I also got his attention perfectly-) I. Sword Art Online: (Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Romance) i feel weird recommending this because if you've seen more than 10 anime series you can tell this one isn't good, but for a lot of people this is the first anime they see and what gets them into it (it was the first one I saw) so that's why it's her IMO, people LOVE the netflix type of thing rather than per watch/read. cruncyroll has the same thing and I think a lot of people on NU are weebs so they are familiar with that. So I would suggest something like $30 per year membership, read all you can and no ads Mike Weeber is celebrating his 13 year anniversary with FloorShow today! We can't say enough great things about Weebs so here's his joke of the.. United Nations of Colombia wrote: WHO has placed total infection at 4/5ths of the population, with earth itself being 80% converted. UN high command has been sieged, as its headquarters in international waters appear to be about to be enveloped. The situation in Southern Xenick has rapidly detoriated as the soldiers have run out of ammo and were NOT PG 13 ENOUGH SRY'd by the Waifus, and were.

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We're all stuck inside. By law this time, not just because we are all loser weebs. So why not watch a bunch of new anime. Or listen to this married otaku couple talk about the new anime from the spring 2020 season they watched. >>>Download MP3 here<<< TIMESTAMPS02:45 - Millionaire Detective10:00 - My Next Lif Let's Play Pokemon Uranium: Part 16: Village of the Hidden Weebs. So last time we left off, Ura defeated the seventh gym, obtained the power of MEGA evolution, and also was blueballed at the prospect at getting the Fly HM, forcing him to go through the snowy wasteland of Mt. Lanthanite. We've basically cleared all of the areas north of Venesi. Why would you believe me? Because I am honest. 73,687 Wise. Signup or Login to interact with this user. Next Posts. Subway eat fresh . Or something like that . spider-man, spider man. There's no pictures. Am I the only one who finds it weird? Being a poor backseat doggo. Im fine with texting Violence/Genocide: Do not condone violence or genocide on a person or group of people. You are free to attack a person or groups ideas but you are crossing the line when calling for violence Those two are huge weebs so that wasn't a shock either. I'm kinda uncharacteristically looking forward to what she'll do to Natsuki's father, I mean she nearly snapped a girl's neck for bullying Yuri and his actions make that look like NOTHING. He's in for hell and I'm actually excited

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pero lo puedo arreglar, amor'. [rough translation: I don't ask for every day to be sunny. I don't ask for a party every friday. I also don't ask for you to come begging for forgiveness. If you cry with dry eyes. and talking about her. Oh, my love, it hurts so much (hurts so much) That you went without saying where to Sakra: So that explains why so many people like Vocaloid! she said and then screamed, it was a bloodcurdling scream. Sakra: For literally no reason other than it's spooooky. It made me sick to my stomach, I didn't know what to do. Sakra: How about get the fuck out. Something odd happened then. Vincent's theme song from Final Fantasy VII started. Jojo's Walk. when i was seven, i started maining meta knight and pwning everybody i see still standing. Me today, at 11, i dont even know what meta knight does anymore. tHis Is CaLlEd RuSt, KiDs! plus, i only chose meta knight because he looked kEwL Dragalia is so good that they don't need money? Tell that to games and naruto blazing and tokyo ghoul re: birth and stuff. The teams behind the games need to earn money so they have an incentive to keep the game open and bring updates to it So I'm writing this fanfic, two characters are playing a card game, and one just created an infinite loop within that game. Should I show the loop happening three times, ten times, or 1488 times before eventually letting some deus ex machina/one character surrendering end the game, and by extension, the infinite loop

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So my sister graduated today. I was surprised that Aquaman's archenemy wasn't in the movie. I'm a bed. This is my life now. Modern solutions. His parents caught him momoaning. Soup loops. Bomfalleralla. It's a trap!!! Fuking weebs! So close. I draw doodles on sticky notes at work. One of my coworkers decided to add their own Why do I feel like claymore was basically demon slayer before demon slayer? kilo_beatz - 4 hours ago: 1: by Salty-GB »» 4 hours ago Poll: Woke capitalism ( 1 2) removed-user - Jun 19: 51: by 149597871 »» 1 hour ag 5. If you have a live Sanctum, determine the likelihood that they have a rei in hand based on their plays. If you think they have it, shotgun it so they can't chain rei effect while on field. If you think they don't have it, make them search it with Engage first so that they can't use the information of Scythe to get a better-suited card. 6 Well, remember, this generation was ruled by nerds, geeks and weebs. So of course we made robots out of them. Twisted and mutated enough to resist the strain of the power cells and strong enough mentally and physically to power a massive, twenty story robot at the same time, and suddenly, the casualties dropped down to double digits at most

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Ive been wantin to send you kids on a nice trip for a while without your from ENG 1210320 at Newsome High Schoo Should I Be an English teacher Quiz. Take our quick quiz to see if earning as an English teacher is the one for you! Your Details; Title.First Name * Last Name * Email Address * Phone Number * Contact preferences * Join us to receive TEFL freebies, exclusive special offers and expert TEFL advice SwSh was really good, Not the Greatest game of all time, or even the best Pokemon game, but The gameplay didn't bore me and I liked seeing all the environments and pokemon walking around, I like Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing (I don't know why people hate it so much) The Human characters are probably the best they've been, I couldn't care less about the NatDex or Animations

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