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You can show and hide model sketches in drawings. To show a sketch in a drawing: Right-click the sketch in the FeatureManager design tree and select Show. The sketch entities highlight in the graphics area when you point over the sketch name in the FeatureManager design tree Traverse Assembly and Hide All Sketches Example (VBA) SOLIDWORKS welcomes your feedback concerning the presentation, accuracy, and thoroughness of the documentation. Use the form below to send your comments and suggestions about this topic directly to our documentation team. The documentation team cannot answer technical support questions Hide All Types does not hide decals, sketch relations, or the grid. To hide all types in the current document: Click View > Hide/Show > Hide All Types. After you select Hide All Types, you cannot show any hidden items until you clear Hide All Types This macro will hide (blank) or show (unblank) all sketches (2D and 3D) in the active document using SOLIDWORKS API. Hide sketch option in context menu Change HIDE_ALL_SKETCHES option to specify if sketches need to be hidden or shown I make a practice of shutting off all origins, sketches and planes, and I leave my part and assembly models and drawings set to view this stuff. This allows me to turn them on when I want. I see the ones I am interested in. I do my model changes, then I turn them off. I wish my co-workers would turn stuff off

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View Sketches (View toolbar) View > Hide/Show > Sketches In drawing documents, View > Hide/Show > Sketches affects sketches that exist in the FeatureManager design tree only. For example, if you create a sketch on a model, and the sketch exists in the FeatureManager design tree, you can hide or show the sketch in a drawing (Using hide sketches, not going through the whole feature tree and hiding each sketch individually). However, the sketches still show up in the drawing view, and the only way to hide them is to select them individually. I realise this question is similar to some that have already been asked in this video we will learn How to Hide Sketch Relations (Green Signs) in Solidworks.Thanks for Watching.AMAZON INDIA3Dconnexion 3DX-700028 SpaceNavigator 3D.. Can I hide sketches in an assembly? Open in Forum. All you need is a SOLIDWORKS ID, or new or existing 3DEXPERIENCE ID. Timothy Wagner | 10/28/14. I have an assembly where many of the components have visible sketches. I know I can turn the display of sketches off, but I want to see a couple of sketches

How to Hide a sketch/plane for all configuration? All you need is a SOLIDWORKS ID, or new or existing 3DEXPERIENCE ID. I have a part with about 50 configurations. Is there any speedy way to hide a plane or a sketch for all configurations? At present I have to activate each configuration and hide the plane or the sketch. If there's a way to hide. Hide All Types is one of the many ways you can manipulate views in your SOLIDWORKS display. So in addition to modifying perspective, zooming, panning, rotating, rolling and adjusting viewing options, now users can also hide/show items with the Hide All Types feature in the Heads-up Display Alright I'm kind of new to the SolidWorks macro stuff but I was wondering if there was a way to hide all shown sketches in an assembly. And if possible, is it possible to hide other things such as axis's and planes. You see we have a bunch of large assemblies and if there is a sketch shown somewhere, when you hit isometric view it puts the.

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www.video-tutorials.netTo save 10% on all courses, please enter youtube at checkout. Get serious about your career and buy a course from us! Disc / downlo.. The way that SOLIDWORKS works is that if the sketch is set to Show, in other words, if the sketch was not hidden in the part level, it will show in all drawing views at the drawing level. Having that sketch shown in all views may cause some issues and for that reason we set any sketches that were not used for feature creation to Hide.

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  1. This article demonstrates how to hide and then show dimensions in the drawing environment. Step 1: Right-click on a dimension in a drawing view and select Hide from the shortcut menu: Right-click on a dimension and select Hide. The image below shows that two dimensions are hidden: 3 and 150. Dimensions 3 and 150 are hidden
  2. To hide or show annotations: Click Hide/Show Annotations. on the Annotation toolbar, or click View > Hide/Show > Annotations. All annotations are displayed; hidden annotations are in gray. Click the annotations that you want to show or hide
  3. To create a new line style for a drawing: Open the drawing in question. (If you want the line style to be available in all drawings, do this in your drawing template) Select Tools -> Options -> Document Properties -> Line Style, as shown below. Click on the New button, enter a name to identify the line style and press Enter to save it, as.
  4. You can select a feature either from the graphics area or from the feature manager design tree. Step 3: Right-click on a dimension and select Hide from the shortcut menu (see below). If Hide does not show up in the list, make sure Step 1 is carried out. Hide a Dimension in the Part Environment
  5. Dimensions 3 and 150 are hidden. Step 2: Activate Hide/Show Annotations. This is done through View > Hide/Show > Annotations (see below) Step 3: When the Hide/Show Annotations is active, the hidden dimensions appear in a gray colour. At this stage, the mouse cursor shape will change to an eye with a cross line on it

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  1. Step 1: Right-click on a dimension in a drawing view and select Hide from the shortcut menu: Right-click on a dimension and select Hide. The image below shows that two dimensions are hidden: 3 and 150. Dimensions 3 and 150 are hidden. Step 2: Activate Hide/Show Annotations. This is done through View > Hide/Show.
  2. I use sketch entities to create dimensions that SolidWorks won't place. Like on siloette curves, where I want to show the overall size of a curvy part. Or the diameter of a hole that has a spline for an edge. Soemtimes dimensions must be faked in using skecth geometry. But I want to hide those entities. Thanks. Dwigh
  3. Tech Tip: When Hide/Show Annotations is active, you can toggle any shown dimensions and annotations to their hidden state as well. When you are done toggling the hide and show state of your dimensions and annotations, just hit the ESC (Escape) Key to exit the command. Hope this tip helps you save some time when organizing your SOLIDWORKS drawings
  4. Running the macro will hide all reference geometry, sketches, and other items that clutter up models. Recently with the help from some people on the Solidworks forum it now has the option to cycle through all configurations. Here is the link: Hide All Ref Macro. Pop up window preview. Share your favorite Macro too
  5. A Quick Way to Purge ALL the Centerlines from a SOLIDWORKS Sketch [VIDEO] When you are looking for a fast way to save a SOLIDWORKS sketch to a 2D format like DXF or DWG, without all the construction geometry. This technique will help you save time in purging all the construction geometry from the sketch. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try.
  6. Sort by. level 1. billy_joule. 2 years ago. To hide all sketches use the hide/show items button in the heads up toolbar. To just hide some sketches, right click a sketch and click hide. 4. level 2. Prawn1908

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  1. Hi Ricky, Nice summary. Thanks. I wonder if there is a way to easily hide several components with one step. I have a huge assy (~9400 parts) and I am making a display state and want to select a bunch of parts that are on the screen - they all live in different sub assemblies and various folders
  2. 1 year ago. In the tree, find the drawing view that is applicable. Find the sub components and right click, select hide. 6. level 1. mars88n. 1 year ago. Right click on the view -> properties -> Hide components. 4
  3. I much prefer SolidWorks method to show constraints optionally on the drawing and also in a sidebar menu. It would be SUPER nice to have the option that when you select a sketch element it only shows the constraints that effect that sketch element
  4. Sort by. level 1. billy_joule. 2 years ago. To hide all sketches use the hide/show items button in the heads up toolbar. To just hide some sketches, right click a sketch and click hide. 4. level 2. Prawn1908
  5. Step 1: Relations are very important in SolidWorks but all of the relation green marks can be annoying sometimes. Step 2: You can turn off visibility of the relations, click on the glasses icon and click View Sketch Relations and it will not remove any relation, it will just hide the icons, to make your job easier
  6. Theophilus (Mechanical) (OP) 19 Feb 09 12:08. I did a clean install for v2008, and v2009--meaning I hid my registry items so the new installs would allow me the full experience of seeing new default settings, etc. In doing so, my sketches now have the cluttered look of all the little relations icons everywhere
  7. RE: how to hide model features while editing sketch Jboggs (Mechanical) 10 Mar 15 12:42 From your description it sounds like you are trying to edit the sketch of a part from inside an assembly
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Well you could open up all sketches in turn, or check the sketch name for a (-) symbol: this means the sketch is under-defined. However there are a couple of other quick ways to find all under defined sketches: Method 1 - SolidWorks Design Checker: If you have SolidWorks Professional then you can add in the Design Checker. This tool allows. This is why you hide origins in the part files. Only because you know does not mean everyone had to. They might be learning, or can't figure out what's that is called. Your attitude, Hope you aren't any senior engineer or any guy who teach others on how to use things Show All: Shows all objects in the file. (datums, parts, curves, points etc) Show and Hide: You can show or hide all object types from the opening command window. (Look figure). It is a very useful command to organize which types of objects will show on screen. Top Border Bar => Show And Hide Drop Down Arrow => Show and Hide before saving the parts created under part design hide all planes and sketches so in that way if you bring in the models under assembly you don't see it.in case if your part itself contains so many planes and sketches go to tools under drop down select hide all planes,all sketches etc...and you can do the opposite(i.e show all planes sketches.

You can use the Fully Define Sketch PropertyManager to apply dimensions and relations calculated by SOLIDWORKS to automatically fully define the sketch. Click the Fully Define Sketch button from the Dimensions/Relations toolbar or pull down the Tools menu and pick Dimensions > Fully Define Sketch. I just used All entities in sketch to fully.

SolidWorks Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet B a s i c A c t i o n s S h o r t c u t / C o m m a n d D e s c r i p t i o n Alt + arrow keys Rotate a model Alt + drag Rotate model using middle mouse button Ctrl + drag Copy sketch entities/ features/ drawing views Ctrl + N New file Ctrl + O Open file Ctrl + S Save fil How do you hide construction lines in drawing I need to have construction lines to get intersections and dimension placements on a drawing but I can't seem to find how this is hidden. I do however have a few solid lines and arcs that I would want displayed on the drawing yeah this is something that other programs do very well, but solidworks for some reason has a difficult time with. the only other thing i would suggest would be if you right click on a drawing view, you can go to tangent edge and select hide ends. this will draw the tangent lines, but clip the edges off. in my opinion, this is how all drawings should look and this is how i prefer my drawings

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  1. I never really have had the need to turn off the arc centerpoints in SOLIDWORKS. The centerpoints are usually on by default. With the sketch centerpoints on, your circles and arcs will have the marks as seen in the picture below. One of our customers had an issue where they could not see their centerpoints in the sketch and they were not sure how to turn them back on. This is what their.
  2. Extrude the Sketch to the desired thickness of the model. Rename this feature to something like Boss-For Mass. In the FeatureManager of the part, right mouse on the tree item called Solid Bodies (1) and hide all bodies. Note: It is important to hide this to all display states. Once the solid is created, we can override the mass.
  3. It's Different from Hide Edges because in this only these edges hide which is tangent. Follow some Steps-. You can see in added pic below for example in which same are tangent edges visible. 1st- Go to. View-> Display. 2nd- After display option we get a list from we have to select Tangent Edges Removed. Select it
  4. Aykut Dana. 16 Jan, 2012 09:54 AM. I have an exploded view of an assembly in a SW drawing. I've created a detail view of an area of this view, but can't work out how to hide the explode lines in the detail view. I can't work out how to put them on a separate layer, or hide them in the detail view
  5. Also know, how do you hide cosmetic threads in SolidWorks drawings? First ensure that the Cosmetic Threads are visible in the Part environment as per the section above. Then within the Assembly environment, go to View > Hide /Show and ensure that ' Hide All Types' is deselected and 'Component Annotations' is selected
  6. All of these have different uses, depending on what you want to show in your BOM. Size of balloons. In SOLIDWORKS you have many options on how to customize your drawings. One of these is the size of the balloons. On the below image you can see an example of to large Balloons

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  1. How to Delete All Revision Bubbles on a SolidWorks drawing. An example of the offending revision bubble: Fortunately for you and your team, SolidWorks provides an easy way to delete all of the previous revision bubbles on all sheets at the same time simultaneously all at once. To accomplish this task, follow these simple steps
  2. Ctrl + +. Tables. Select anywhere in a table to move the table. 0. ↑ Shift + +. Select one edge in a drawing view if multiple edges are collinear. In general, when you select an edge in a drawing, the entire line is highlighted if all of the line segments are collinear
  3. Creating Drawings Drafting in SolidWorks To draft a drawing in SolidWorks without creating a model: 1. Open a New drawing document. Choose a template. 2. Draw lines, rectangles, circles, and other entities with the tools on the Sketch toolbar. 3. Dimension the entities with the Smart Dimension tool on the Dimensions/Relations toolbar. 4
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How do you hide threads in Solidworks drawings? First ensure that the Cosmetic Threads are visible in the Part environment as per the section above. Then within the Assembly environment, go to View > Hide /Show and ensure that ' Hide All Types' is deselected and 'Component Annotations' is selected The first thing to do is to create a new drawing in SOLIDWORKS. I will be using a b-size sheet format. Once the drawing is open, right click and select Edit Sheet Format. Click on the Layers icon and add a new layer named WATERMARK and set the color to grey. Then add a Note from the Annotation tab. Set the font to something like 50mm and. To ensure both are selected, or deselect 'Use assembly setting for all components'. Next in the Hide/Show options, ensure 'Component Annotations' is selected (depressed), and 'Hide All Types' is not. Drawing-Level Check By default, cosmetic threads will appear in model views for part files Sketch relations can either be added or assumed by SolidWorks through built in features (the polygon tool). Note: All relations can be seen and edited by using the display/delete relation icon. Keeping this in view, how do you display relations in SolidWorks? (View toolbar) or View > Hide/Show > Sketch Relations to toggle the display of sketch.

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My Top 9 Favorite SOLIDWORKS Drawing Tips. Joe Medeiros November 8, 2016. Having taught SOLIDWORKS for over 16 years, I have accumulated many best practices and drawing tips that I regularly share with my students. In this article, I will share these with you in the hope that they will help you produce better drawings more quickly You can create an equation all around SOLIDWORKS. It works in sketch mode and also while entering the extruding thickness, in the equations viewer.. Just start a dimension with an equals (=) sign, add a formula and press enter. This is now an equation. If you type an equation (like 3*6) without the equals sign, then this does not create an. The BOM you see in the gif is the web page of SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 interface directly in the browser, i.e. it is an actual file, so you can check it in, check it out, change state, etc. So the idea you can scan QR code and immediately redirected to the file in the browser

Once the reference sketch containing the Sketch Picture is in place, the sketches for the body outline and all the features representing the machining operations for the body are created by tracing over the original reference sketch in sketches of their own. Using the hide/show icons for the reference sketch come in real handy to monitor your. The process flow for SOLIDWORKS usually starts with modeling a part / assembly and then afterwards creating a drawing from the model. Usually changes are made to the model and they are reflected across all the drawings Join Gabriel Corbett for an in-depth discussion in this video, Using the Tab key to hide and show, part of SOLIDWORKS: Tips & Tricks

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Delete all sketch entities before . ∗ Geometric relations are one of the most powerful features in SOLIDWORKS. They're used in the sketch level to control the behaviors of the sketch entities when To hide or show the Sketch Relation Symbols, go to the . View, Hide/Show; menus and click off the Hey people, Does anyone know how to hide construction surfaces in presentation files? When I started the exploded view, everything was fine, no surfaces or sketches visible. I have since edited a few parts, and BOOM, every construction surface, axes and some sketches are visible (see screenshot).. Id also like to be able to hide projected geometry in part/assembly sketches as we quite often detail engraved lines in the model and pull them through to the drawing. I also use the gradient background, white is too much to look at all day but if it was just to get the presentation shot SolidWorks Tips & Tricks - EXCEL based Bill of Materials To prevent a column from appearing in a drawing, hide (do not delete) the column in the template. This is useful when you have multiple description custom properties (to fit in drawing) but you want all lines to show in a single field in the assembly bill of materials

SolidWorks weldment creates muliple solid bodies in the part file (check the cut list node). So, unless I am completely confused - the behavior works identical to Inventor - if you have multiple solid bodies in a part file you can turn off the Visibility (Hide) one of the bodies All you need is a SOLIDWORKS ID, or a new or existing 3DEXPERIENCE ID. I have finally figured out a workaround for how to suppress a sketch entity such as a line in a Solidworks sketch. Here's how I did it for multiple lines in my configurable weldement profile This is especially important if you work with large assemblies and use an entry-level or midrange graphics card in your laptop or workstation. (I like to hide all my toolbox hardware in large assemblies using a display state.) In 2D drawings, it can take time to create just the right views, which show only the parts that are necessary in each view the sketch should show red in drawing as well, in drawing if i expand part feature tree and move the pointer over the shetch it will hilight red in the view, and if i play with show/hide it stais red for a fraction when i turn it to visible and then turn grey again... Solidwork. Open in SOLIDWORKS User Forum to read and respond to complete thread

You can use the mirrored part in an assembly without having to use the original part. To create the mirrored part, you first have to select the face or the plane you want to mirror the part about or else you wont be able to activate the command. I'll select a face and then go to the insert drop down menu and click mirror part Select points and add them to another layer - you can use an existing one or create a new one in advance. Next hide this layer. Ready. 0 0. Author keska w Drawings tags solidworks drawings, dimensioning of irregular shape Before we actually begin, let's look at how SOLIDWORKS is built to design weldments. Weldments use sketches to drive the location of your profile, just like a sweep command. Figure 5. By using a sketch layout, you can drive the location of your profile to sweep along the path of the layout, as you see in Figure 5 Hide/Show State of Origins, Planes, Sketches, Etc. Whenever working on a part document, you may set the option to hide or show all planes. You may also set the option to hide or show all sketches, and hide or show all origins. This option is available from the Heads Up toolbar, and the settings will be saved with the template First, a quick review. SolidWorks has two separate files that serve as the starting point for creating new drawings. The primary file is the Drawing Template (*.slddot). Every time you start a new drawing, it must be from an existing Drawing Template. The template contains all the settings and other information needed for every drawing

If a drawing being driven by DriveWorks results in dangling dimensions to features or components that no longer exist there is a setting in SOLIDWORKS that will automatically hide any dimensions that are left dangling. This is a document setting, and is required to be set in each drawing that is affected. To do this, follow the steps below SolidWorks will now save all the bodies to the same location as the Weldment, if you want to chage the location you can double click any body in the property manager and specify a different location. Once you click OK, you'll now have separate files for each body that you can now insert into drawing files and detail individually You cannot suppress a drawing view. (You can hide a view though. I did not know that yet.) So my conclusion is that SOLIDWORKS adds a component to the drawing/assembly for each view. It then suppresses all views that are not on the current sheet and hides them in the feature tree. Part 3: The naming of model instances is the same as an assembl

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Right click on the sketch in the browser and select Hide Dimensions. If you need to hide dimensions while editing a sketch - there is a trick to do that too, but first I would want to see an example file before revealing the trick SOLIDWORKS offers many options for making drawings and features uniform across a company. The Property Tab Builder is one such tool. With the Property Tab Builder, you can make sure that all parts/assemblies have their important custom properties Opening Via The Recent History List. The last hidden trick when opening files is to use the SOLIDWORKS hotkey R to bring up the graphical Recent History dialog. When you hover over a picture, double arrows will appear in the lower right corner. Click on the double arrows (where the red arrow is pointing below)

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All normal part features are now accessible at this point, allowing you to create your features while also referencing the part in the background. We will start by creating a new sketch on the side face. Inside of this sketch, all of the external ports will be selected using the intersection curve Hide all envelopes in an assembly. Of course, you can still hide, show and suppress in all of the usual ways. If you like to hide all envelope models though, right-click the top assembly in the feature tree and click Hide All Envelopes. The name says it all SOLIDWORKS World Drawings Top Ten implementation to-date (2011-2013) ~ SolidWorks Legion on Drawings Top Ten list from years past: SWW2012; Considerations. Latest SOLIDWORKS books and related items. SolidWorks Legion Proudly powered by WordPress. Working with Layers in SOLIDWORKS Drawings. Using layers can save time when it comes to your drawings. They act as a grouping to speed up formatting for your drawing information. Layers contain information about an annotation's color, font and thickness. They can also be hidden from view on drawings and from prints

Figure 4. A 3D sketch occupies space, with parameters along the X and Y as well as the Z axes. The sketch is usually planar or in other words, flat or 2D (see Figure 3). This type of sketch is easiest to make and control. But for sketches that cannot be confined to a plane, SOLIDWORKS also offers 3D sketches (see Figure 4) Click on the Normal To icon. Go to: Tools > Sketch Entities > Polygon. Draw a random hexagon in the sketch area as shown in the image below: Hold the Ctrl key, select a corner of the hexagon and Point1. Then assign a coincident relation between them. Hold the Ctrl key, select the next corner of the hexagon and Point2 Start SolidWorks in Part mode. Right Plane >> Sketch and make a circle. Extrude surface it. Make two planes at the edges of these surfaces. Select the right edge plane >> Sketch. Convert the edge of the surface. Under features tab choose curve>>helix and spiral. Helix is defined by Height and revolution Best Drawing Mouse Tips for Solidworks. 1 week ago mustafadeliceoglu. It may be critical to choose the best hardware and software for Solidworks or similar 3D CAD software, such as... 2 min read. Solidworks drawing views for the part, you must also change every view of every assembly in which that part is used. Rick Morse says he wonders how they ever made a machine in the past in 2D CAD. He spent much of his design time just trying to keep all his drawing views up to date as his designs evolved. Morse relates that in designing complex food processin

The sketch dimensions are supported in the neutral formats. Figure 14 shows an imported STEP 242 file in SOLIDWORKS MBD. You may notice the annotations and views preserved in the export and brought in again by the import. Figure 14. Sketch dimensions and views are exported in STEP 242 files and can be imported back again into SOLIDWORKS MBD 1. Hide/show bend lines. SOLIDWORKS creates a flat pattern sub-configuration for each sheet metal body. Within this configuration are two sketches: one with bend lines and one with the bounding box S. Starting with how to turn on the toolbar, we can do this by right clicking anywhere in the CommandManager and selecting the toolbar we want. This can also be done through the View menu dropdown under the Toolbars flyout. We see that when we make this selection, the Line Format toolbar appears at the bottom left of the screen

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Learn about creating concept sketches using SOLIDWORKS 2019 Sketch Ink and a pen/touch device. I can click on that sketch and I can show it and I can hide it, so if I want to hide it, I can. SolidWorks keyboard shortcuts: The essentials. Now that we've covered what shortcuts are, it's time to start using them! Below we've listed a range of the most useful and common key combinations that will help with drawing, modelling, editing and more

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Layers. The Layers tab lists the layers displayed in the graphics area of a drawing document. The initial state of layer display reflects how documents were saved in the original document. Resaving documents in SolidWorks eDrawings saves the layers in their initial state. Hidden annotations and dimensions and empty layers are included SOLIDWORKS drawings, on the other hand, do not have configurations. Instead, a drawing contains one or more Sheets. Sheets, unlike configurations, don [t have their own properties. As a result, all file properties entered into a drawing file will be displayed only on the @ tab of the SOLIDWORKS drawing data card Learn solidworks polygon sketch tool here. 15. SolidWorks Tutorials 8: SmartDimension Tool. SmartDimension tool is used to set up or edit the drawing dimensions sketched in solidworks sketch area. It also helps to mark dimensions on designed model. See how to use smart dimension tool and its property manager here. 16 1. Select a plane to draw your sketch - Top, bottom, right or left reference plane - A plane surface on your model - You may need to generate a reference plane • 2. Sketch - Define all dimensions properly using 'Smart Dimension' function in Solidworks • 3. Complete 3D model - Extruded boss, extruded cut or revolved bos You can actually hide the complete SOLIDWORKS window. I think this feature was designed mainly to prevent the user from noticing the program is used at all. In my case, the program was open already and I start the macro from the VBA editor. When I hit go, the SOLIDWORKS window disappears and only the editor window remains

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Find free downloads for supplier parts models, component models, 3D parametric models and supplier component downloads, including free CAD drawings, assembly models and full 3D CAD models. Use these free part models by dropping them directly into your 3D design or as part downloads for your SOLIDWORKS parts library, Inventor parts library or AutoCAD parts library. Relations are used in Solidworks sketch modules to define design intent. When we define a sketch, Solidworks automatically add relations. These relations can be edited manually as well. Examples of Solidworks Sketch Relations include: Coincident, Midpoint, Merge, and Pierce. Horizontal, Perpendicular, Vertical, and symmetric. Equal, Equal Slot Using either the Line Format toolbar or the Layer toolbar, click Layer Properties. In the dialog box that appears, create a new layer and set the color of the layer to red. Click OK when finished. Right-mouse click on the component you want to display in the red color and select Change Layer from the pop-up menu Solidworks Tutorial #4: How to create compression spring www.solidworkstutorials.com (Free copy you can share this with your friends) Solidworks Tutorial #4: How to create compression spring 6 Click Sketch>Convert Entities and click Exit Sketch. 10. Click on Plane1 and click Hide. 11. Click on Sketch3, and click on Features>Curves>Helix and Spira Solidworks is the most popular design tool for creating 3D products and technical drawings. Millions of people use it to design anything from 3D-printed toys all the way up to mechanical vehicles, heavy machines and different products of everyday life Description. This course will introduce you to SolidWorks tools and the fundamental modeling techniques. It will give you with a strong understanding of SolidWorks and will cover the creation of parts, assemblies and drawings. This course takes you from beginner to advanced with clear instruction that goes beyond the basics