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  1. The strawberry guava is also common in Hawaii. It tastes like guava with a hint of strawberry. It has red skin and creamy white flesh with yellow seeds. The strawberry guava is much smaller than a common guava, about the size of a quarter
  2. A selection of Hawaiian guava. The fruit is large, yellow skinned, with delicious, juicy, pink flesh. Very hardy, prolific cropper. Delicious eaten fresh or juiced
  3. Strawberry guava Very similar to the common guava which is also plentiful in Hawaii, waiawī (strawberry guava) is red and much smaller, yet tastes like you may imagine—a guava with hints of strawberry. Although extremely tasty, this tree is a highly invasive species from South America that threatens native Hawaiian forests

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  1. Guava is a tropical fruit native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Its skin is typically yellow or light green, while its flesh is usually deep red or a vibrant shade of pink. The fruit—which has edible seeds and is rounded in shape—grows on the Psidium guajava tree, a member of the myrtle family
  2. g only the inside. Some people like to eat with soy sauce, salt, sugar or by using vinegar. 8. Save guava that you do not eat. Insert it into plastic and keep it in the refrigerator, it lasts 4 days
  3. A ripe guava softens to the touch. Guavas emit a strong, sweet, pungentfragrance. The flesh is white, red or salmon-colored and flavor rangesfrom strawberry to lemon to tropical. Guava are one of the best fruits available
  4. This Hawaiian fruit is a smaller version of the regular guava and is red. Because of its colour and flavour with notes of strawberry it is called a strawberry guava. Known locally as waiawī, it is not a native fruit in Hawaii and was first grown in Kauai
  5. In Brazil, strawberry guava typically ranges from 3 to 16 feet (1 to 5 m) in height, and its fruit is variable, yellow varieties being more common than red. In 1825, strawberry guava was brought to Hawaii for its fruit and ornamental attributes
  6. recognized by Hawaiians that differ only in the fruit produced: the lemon guava (kuawa-lemi) has sour pink pulp, kuawa-momona has bigger seeds and thicker skin, kuawa-ke'oke'o is like the lemon guava but ha
  7. ds us of hawaii. Made in Hawaii. UPC #0 79800 01151 6. Nutrition Facts. Buy from an affiliate

The common guava (Psidium guajava) is a small tree usually found along roadsides in wetter areas, in disturbed habitats, and in wet forests. Guava is an alien pest on Hawaii, spread by pigs and birds, and often growing in single species thickets crowding out other plants. It is native to the tropical Americas Guava - hawaiin Fruit Trees > Subtropical Fruit Trees > Guava Tree > Guava Hawaiian A seedling of the Hawaiian Supreme commercial variety. Fruit is large, yellow skinned and pink fleshed fruit passion fruit, ice, stevia, orange juice, fresh orange, passion fruit and 5 more Guava Cake - Hawaiian Style Just a Pinch salted butter, yellow cake mix, sugar, vegetable oil, guava, sugar and 10 mor The most frequently eaten species, and the one often simply referred to as the guava, is the apple guava (Psidium guajava). Guavas are typical Myrtoideae, with tough dark leaves that are opposite, simple, elliptic to ovate, and 5-15 centimetres (2-6 in) long. The flowers are white, with five petals and numerous stamens Here in Hawaii, Guava is an invasive, thicket-forming weed in disturbed areas from sea level to around 4000 feet (1219 m) in elevation. The other Guava species found here in Hawaii, Strawberry Guava (Psidium cattleianum), has smaller, red fruit and does not have prominently veined leaves. Special Characteristic

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POG stands for Passion Fruit-Orange-Guava. It's a fruit juice that was invented in Hawaii, and is now popular worldwide. You can find POG for sale at any market in Hawaii...or you can make your own at home Guava and Liliko'i are two of my favorite Hawaiian fruits and are both amazing in baked goods. When we got married on Hawaii, one layer of our wedding cake was a vanilla bean cake with guava curd filling Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee

Ruby Supreme Guava is a productive tree from Hawaii, producing large fruit for eating fresh off the tree or canning and preserving. The bumpy, round shaped fruit is yellowish-green on the exterior with a unique pinkish-red interior flesh. Fruit typically scales in at 0.8 - 1.3 lbs. and are crispy, tart and aromatic with a sweet juicy pulp 10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the delicious 'Hawaiian White' variety, with medium to large fruits having juicy, sweet, white flesh. Fruits ripen to yellow. Small to medium sized tree, hardy to around 32F. Note that seedling grown guava's may not grow exactly true to the parent, though are often quite similar. #4845 Guava can be found in two separate harvest periods, one from crop ripening from August to December and the second from January through April. Lilikoi - The amazing passion fruit tastes as exotic as its Hawaiian name, lilikoi. This fruit has a tough outer skin that when cut open reveals a pulpy flesh filled with up to 250 seeds

1) Pineapple. Say Hawaii. Think pineapple! Hawaiian pineapple must be the most popular of all Hawaiian fruits. James Dole established the pineapple industry in Hawaii in the early 1900s. He bought the island of Lanai in 1922 and turned it into the biggest pineapple plantation in the world. By the 1960s, Hawaii was the world's biggest exporter. Pour into a shallow pan, cover, and chill for 1 hour or until firm. In a bowl, combine guava juice, lemonade, and water. Add food thickener and stir until desired consistency. To serve, cut haupia into 1/2-inch cubes. Place alternate layers of haupia and fruits in parfait glasses. Pour guava sauce over parfaits and serve. Makes 8 servings. Review Choose the softest guava you can find, but avoid selecting one with blemishes or bruises. Rinse the entire fruit with cold water, then place the guava on a cutting board and either slice it in half or cut it into thinner slices. You can eat the whole guava, or you can scoop out the flesh if you prefer Guava Cake is a tasty, traditional Hawaiian dessert. It is a guava flavored cake with a whipped cream cheese layer and guava gel glaze. Easy and delicious! Hawaiian Guava Cake. Guava cake is a dessert that is often served at restaurants throughout Hawaii. When I worked at the bakery in Hawaii we would often make this for catered events

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Cleaned, stem and ends removed, cut into quarters to make 4 cups. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to low. Let the fruit cook till softened, about 30 mins. Stir and press the mixture through the strainer till only the seeds are left. Discard the seeds. Return the guava butter back to the pot Guava. Guava trees from California Tropical are proven for successful long-term growth in Southern California and similar climates. In addition to offering exceptional breadth and depth in its selection, California Tropical is uniquely positioned to supply Guava trees in a wide range of fruiting sizes, including rare large/mature-stage trees with instant and abundant yields Guava fruit strips are a delicious and healthy snack that are packed with energy boosting nutrients. it is 100% plant based with no added sugars or preservatives. The guava is solely from the family farm on the North Shore of Kaua'i, Hawaii. Both guava and banana are full of Vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and fib Homemade Hawaiian Punch is just a combination of a variety of fruit juices and nectars including tropical favorites like pineapple and guava. There is a little extra sugar to sweeten things up and some optional red food coloring (affiliate link) to get the classic punch look, but that's it. It takes less than five minutes to make and there is no cooking involved

A flood of wonderful Hawaiian memories came over me as I reached for a can and lovingly put it in my cart. Ever tried Guava? Guava is a tropical fruit. Easy to recognize, the guava tree has smooth, thin, copper-colored bark that flakes off, showing the greenish layer underneath. The fruit is a light yellow-green with an occasional rosy blush In Pakistan, guava usually flowers two times in a year. The first season normally starts in March through April and the second season starts in August through September. The blooming periods may change from 24 to 45 days. The winter guava is the most preferred fruit as the guava yields more and better quality fruits Our Hawaiian wines, guava wine, mango wine, passion fruit wine and pineapple wine, are sourced from all natural and organic tropical fruit order our wines online! We ship directly to the mainland from our tasting room in Portland, Oregon Guava fruit trees (Psidium guajava) are not a common sight in North America and need a decidedly tropical habitat. In the United States, they are found in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Florida, and a few sheltered areas in California and Texas. The trees are very frost tender and will succumb to a freeze when young, although adult trees may. Guava. GUAVA. The guava belongs to the myrtle family (Myrtaceae). Its scientific name Psidium guajava L. Guava is known by its common English name or its equivalent in other languages. In Hawaii, people call this fruit as guava or kuawa.. Guava is a small tree with a smooth, thin, greenish layer beneath the copper-color bark that flakes off

A widely cultivated fruit that's distributed worldwide, but typically grown in tropical and subtropical regions, guava (Psidium guajava L.), grows in USDA hardiness zones 9 to 11 First up we introduce you to what makes this variety the Hawaiian Guava Pink Supreme so special. We show you the fruit, the crop and special features of the. The strawberry guava makes a deep-red jelly. If a few are added to half-ripe common guava, a very attractive pink jelly is obtained. Strawberry guava marmalade and preserves are delicious but laborious to prepare because the fruit is small, and removing the seeds is tedious Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for HAWAIIAN GUAVA FRUIT SEEDS ~ GROW HAWAII at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products The guava tree (Psidium guajava 'Ruby Supreme') is a tropical tree commonly found in areas like Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Texas and Florida.The deliciously sweet fruit is commonly used in beverages, desserts and smoothies. The fast growing tree can mature to a height of 10 feet tall and roughly 15 feet wide

Guava (Psidium guajava L.), one of the most widely grown plants in the tropics, is very susceptible to disease which can decrease its marketability. Leaf and fruit spot diseases commonly occur on guava grown in Hawaii. A disease survey was conducted on more than 50 accessions grown at the USDA/ARS Tropical Plant Genetic Resourc The guava syrup is key to getting the most flavor out of the fruit, and the puree works to add thickness and color. This recipe is a fantastic base for sherbet, and you can so easily swap out the guava for mango, pineapple, strawberry, or banana and make a whole array of homemade frozen treats. 17. Corn Cake With Guava Frostin

Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog 60mL eJuice is an exotic island blend of sweet ripe pineapple, juicy citrus orange, and tropical guava with a splash of passion fruit Hawaiian guavas, with pink flesh and an aromatic fragrance, adds a brilliance of flavor to the produce offering. With a similar season to other guavas, the pink guavas make a colorful addition to the fruit basket. We have been fruit growers in Southern California for over 25 years including cherimoyas, passion fruit, persimmons, macadamia nuts. Dec 22, 2018 - Explore Kim Hernandez's board guava fruit on Pinterest. See more ideas about guava recipes, guava fruit, guava 1. How to Eat Guava. Feel free to simply rinse the guava off and dive in, eating the rind and the seeds. In fact, the rind of a guava has more vitamin C than an entire orange. If you'd like to. Indonesian white guava is a heavy producing evergreen shrub. The fruits produced by Indonesian white guava are large. The outer part of the fruit is smooth and rounded in shape. The color of the skin is yellowish-green. The interior fleshy part is pink and creamy. The fruits can grow up to 0.7-1-3 pounds

May 8, 2015 - Explore Ke'apo'ula'oka'lani's board Hawaiian fruits on Pinterest. See more ideas about hawaiian, exotic fruit, fruit Hawaiian Sun was established in 1952 and has become synonymous with Hawaii. Browse a variety of products that include tropical fruit juices, iced teas, fruit preserves, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and many more. Made in Honolulu, these products have become daily staples fo many Islanders and even mainlanders love them Hawaiian Ruby Guava smells like super-ripe fruits through and through, where 'ruby' is the operative word. The grapefruit is deeply red and sweet, and the guava smells as it's been sitting in the sun for days beyond peak ripening. Coconut really makes the composition luscious and creates a somewhat waxy drydown. Juicy, vibrant and fun Hawaiian Tropical Guava (Psidium guajava) Fruit Tree Plant. Report item. - opens in a new window or tab. Description. Postage and payments. eBay item number: 264914352381. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Last updated on 21 Jun, 2021 12:40:13 AEST View all revisions Guava bears fruit after 2 years growth. The fruit is very aromatic and may be eaten fresh or made into a juice or paste for later use. Upon ripening, the guava becomes soft and juicy, then may be eaten fresh, made into a juice or nectar contain fruit pulp, or made into preserves, jam, jelly, or paste. Guava will fruit in a container

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Strawberry guava infestshuge areasof Hawaiian forest watersheds, and abundant wild fruits from this invasive tree are a key resource for the oriental fruit fly, a major pest in Hawaii that also poses an invasive threat to U.S. mainland agriculture. Management of oriental fruit fly across large areas in Hawaii is currently prevented because agricultural lands share boundaries with forest areas. Layer 1: Guava & red food coloring, as written above. * Layer 2: Replace guava with passion fruit nectar and use yellow food coloring * Layer 3: Replace guava with frozen limeade and use green food coloring. Bake @ 325, 35-40 minutes or until a pick inserted in the center comes out clean. Invert on a rack to cool completely Strawberry Guava About Strawberry GuavaHow to Eat FAQSRecipes How to Eat Strawberry Guava Strawberry guava (psidium cattleianum), is a tropical fruit that's sometimes called cherry guava, cattley guava, purple guava, or Chinese guava. This small, red fruit has a sweet aromatic flavor very close to that of a regular guava item 1 Guava Fruit Hawaiian Seeds 1Pack 1 - Guava Fruit Hawaiian Seeds 1Pack . $14.88. Free shipping. item 2 1 Pack 1 Mango Seeds Delicious Fruit Easy Grow For Home Garden S090 2 - 1 Pack 1 Mango Seeds Delicious Fruit Easy Grow For Home Garden S090. $2.00. Free shipping

Hawaiian Guava Wine. Sale Price: 25.00. Original Price: 28.00. Kuawa (guava) are cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries. The organic Big Island guava fruit we use are deep pink in color. Being rich in vitamins A and C, and high levels of dietary fiber, guavas are regarded as one of the super fruits Kanten is a Japanese gelatin dessert, traditionally made from agar agar. Gelatin works just fine and the outcome is identical. I was first served this Guava Jello Kanten version at a Hawaiian luau. The addition of the Guava juice went well with the theme of the menu Brings the tropics right to your taste buds, presenting a smooth, refreshing and delicious blend of freshly squeezed Orange juice, Passion Fruit's delightfully sweet and tart nectar, and exotically fruity and creamy Guava. This delicious tropical combination rich in vitamin C and antioxidants will bring the beach to your mouth until the very last drop

If you're from Hawaii, or have ever been to Hawaii, you're already thinking, Waitit's POG not POM. I KNOW. Passion orange guava juice is a delicious Hawaiian staple, and you'll usually get your introduction to it on the plane ride over. And you know who entirely based passion fruit week on the prospect of making the perfect POG. Made of layers of guava, passion fruit, and lime chiffon cake filled with whipped cream and topped with a similar rainbow of glazes, it might be one of the first rainbow-colored cakes around. However, in looking up the Hawaiian Paradise cake I noticed the chiffon cake recipe differed slightly from the traditional American chiffon cake recipe I.

Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 is a Tropical island flavour combination of passion fruit, orange and guava. The rich and tantalizing exotic fruity vape captures each flavor note perfectly and will instantly become your favorite. Refresh your taste buds with the perfect island feel with Hawaiian POG (Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava) ejuice Guava is one of the leading fruits of Mexico. Commercial producation of guava in Hawaii and Florida is hampered by the presence of fruit flies. California is too cool except for a few selected sites. CULTIVARS Beaumont Selected from a seedling population derived from fruits found in Halemanu, Oahu, Hawaii

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The guava is one of healthiest fruits in Hawaii. It's full of fiber, potassium, vitamin A and has nearly four times as much vitamin C than an orange. One can find guavas trees in backyards, in the forests or in small farms. As they have an abundance of small seeds, most people in Hawaii enjoy guava in the form of juices, jams and jellies Strawberry Guava. Hikers on mountain paths can often find this exotic fruit readily available. But many consider it a highly invasive species that threatens other native plants in Hawaii. The strawberry guava looks like a ripe pomegranate and tastes like a tart guava. You can eat the entire fruit raw, peel and all, right off the tree Guava 'Ruby Supreme' (Psidium guajava) One of the easiest tropical fruiting plants to grow for the beginning fruit gardener, 'Ruby Supreme' has baseball-sized fruits that turn yellow when ripe. The inner flesh is highly aromatic, sweet and pink. It can be eaten fresh or made into jelly or juice Hawaiian Kukui Fruit Specialties. www.kukuibrand.com. Kukui™ products use only the best fruits from Hawaiian orchards, locally grown cane sugar, and pure rainwater from Mt. Wai'ale'ale on Kauai, the wettest spot on earth, to assure that every product tastes and is authentically Hawaiian. Hawaiian Fruit Specialties has been hand-making.

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All organic, guava puree, hawaiian chili peppers, cane sugar, lemon juice, fruit pectin. Passion Fruit Lilikoi (Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Event Dates will be different..! Fruit can be used in jellies, jams, custards, drinks etc. The flavor is more pronounced than that of the yellow strawberry guava but lacks the muskiness of the common guava. Fruit has an agreeable acid-sweet flavor and is good when eaten raw, though it can also be used in preserves. Leaves of the tree can also be used to make a tea Together, guava fruit and leaf extracts may boost your heart health, digestion, and immune system, in addition to other benefits. Written by Mary Jane Brown, PhD, RD (UK) on December 13, 2018

Guava fruit has also been studied and has demonstrated hypoglycemic properties. Fresh consumption. Processed products: juice, jam, jelly and candy. Cultivars. Beaumont: Selected from a seedling population derived from fruits found in Halemanu, Oahu, Hawaii. Medium to large, roundish fruits weighing up to 8 ounces The dropped fruit may smell sweet, but it rots to attracts bugs to the area. The island's government has even started to pay locals for entering the wilderness to remove some of the trees. But, if you happen upon a strawberry guava tree and the fruit is within arm's reach, pluck one Guava - Hawaiian Plant. Hawaiian guava is a small tree to 5 metres, large round yellow fruit with pink flesh. Suited to warm, frost protected climate, four years to bear. Excellent source of Vitamin C. Eaten fresh or in jams and jellies. Available all year

Guava Wood Farms Hawaii. Guava Wood Farms Hawaii is a small, family owned business located in the state of Hawaii. The original online supplier of Guava, Kiawe, and Lychee BBQ wood chunks since 1995 Guava fruit are round or oval depending on the species. They have a pronounced and tropical fragrance, similar to lemon rind but less sharp. Guava are rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, with moderate levels of folic acid. Guava are extensively used to make candies, preserves, jellies, jams, and marmalades Hawaiian Guava-Grape. $ 22.00. Hawaiians are well-known for throwing a festive luau or two, and we've captured that inspired spirit in our award-winning Hawaiian Guava-Grape Wine. Succulent yellow guava fruit and white grapes are blended to perfection in a sweet golden colored wine that's half-wild, half-tame, and 100% paradise Guava syrup is a popular substitute for sugar and corn syrup as a sweetener, and there are candies that are made with guava as a sweetener. Other uses of guava fruit. In the cosmetic industry, fragrances that contain hints of musk and fruit sometimes use guava. Pacifica's Hawaiian Ruby Guava has varieties for both men and women The real recipe calls for Passion Fruit (aka 'Lilikoi'), Orange & Guava but since I know not all of you have access to the two tropical fruits, I've given adaptations in this Natural Hawaiian POG Recipe recipe for anyone to enjoy! We like ours blended with ice to make a frozen drink out of it, but you can prepare it however you like best

Maui Jelly Factory Maui Guava Strawberry Jam $8.00 Maui Jelly Factory ~ Jams & Jelly Gift Set of 6 $15.00 Dip into Paradise Mango Butter Tastes of Aloha - Hawaiian Sweet Jam & Fruit Butter Mini Gift Box $43.00 Aunty Lilikoi Passion Guava Jelly Sampler $3.75 Aunty Lilikoi Passion Fruit Butter Sampler. Pink guavas have a sweet musky fragrance with tropical notes of papaya, passion fruit, melon and ripe pear. They have a moderate acidity and are very sweet, in fact, they are considered to be the sweetest of all the guava varieties. Seasons/Availability Pink guavas are available in the late spring and summer. Current Fact Our Taste of Hawaii: assortment of jams and jellies make a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys tropical fruity preserves. Six sampler jars are displayed in an attractive Aloha gift box. You will receive guava jam, passion fruit jelly, papaya pine jelly, guava jelly and strawberry guava jam. Send the taste of Hawaii anywhere in the continental USA. Your friend or relative will be exited t

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Strawberry Guava, also known as Cattley Guava, is Dark red and is actually distantly related to Allspice and Eucalyptus trees. It is a fairly slow growing tree that will reach heights of 6-14 feet high. It has slender, smooth, brown bark on the stems and branches The leaves are evergreen glossy, and somewhat leathery OHR Jams & Jellies 10oz $7.95 each Label will be Old Hawaii Recipe Flavors: OHR Guava/Strawberry Jam 69188$7.95 USD OHR Guava Jam 69187$7.95 USD OHR Passion Fruit Jelly 69190$7.95 US Guava bears fruit after 2 years growth. The fruit is very aromatic and may be eaten fresh or made into a juice or paste for later use. Upon ripening, the guava becomes soft and juicy, then may be eaten fresh, made into a juice or nectar contain fruit pulp, or made into preserves, jam, jelly, or paste. Guava will fruit in a container

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  2. Guava varieties are classified by the color of their flesh. There are more than 10 red- to pink-fleshed cultivars. Beaumont and Ka Hua Kula are planted commercially in Hawaii. Red Indian.
  3. Now considered a classic Hawaiian dessert, guava cake was created at Dee Lite Bakery in Honolulu, where it became widely popular This version is adapted from blogger Alana Kysar's Aloha Kitchen: Recipes From Hawai'i, a cookbook of traditional Hawaiian dishes Outside of Hawaii and California, pink guava concentrate can be tough to find, but you can also use white guava concentrate or.
  4. Attach the fruit fly lure plug to one end of a 12 inch sturdy but flexible 16-gauge galvanized utility wire. You can simply hook it on the wire, or put the lure in a plastic basket or bit of mesh cloth. Drill a 1/8 inch to 1/16 inch hole through the center of the bottom piece of the bottle
  5. Fruit. Guava fruits may be round, ovoid or pear-shaped, 3-10 cm long and weighs around 50-200 g, and have 4 or 5 protruding floral remnants (sepals) at the apex.The fruit is green while young turning to whitish yellow or faintly pink when ripe. Varieties differ widely in flavor and seediness
  6. POG juice is a bright breezy drink from the Hawaiian islands made with equal parts passion, orange, and guava juices. The flavors in this three juice combination are so popular across Hawaii that you'll find POG flavored sodas, cocktails, smoothies, and even popsicles

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The Guava Watermelon Margarita a Worthey read. watermelon juice, crushed ice, watermelon, tequila, spiced rum and 2 more. Guava Jam Awesome Cuisine. lemon juice, water, guava, brown sugar Guava paste (or guava cheese as it is known in the West Indies) is made by evaporating the pulp with sugar; it is eaten as a sweetmeat. The fruit, peeled, halved and cooked in light syrup, is canned and the juice and nectar are also preserved in this way. Guava powder is a good source of vitamin C and pectin Guava fruit helps improve the sodium and potassium balance of the body, thereby regulating blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Guavas also help lower the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol, which contribute to the development of heart disease. The magnesium present in the fruit is responsible for one of the many benefits of. Description. Bring the flavor from the islands to your kitchen with Guava Jelly from Hawaiian Sun®. With a flavor similar to a mix of pear and strawberry, this jelly will make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation whether you add it to toast or use it to glaze a ham roast. If the item details above aren't accurate or complete, we want. Greg Kemp - Guava, Kiawe & Lychee Wood Chunks from Hawaii! 12 lbs for $33 INCLUDES Priority Mail Shipping to USA & Puerto Rico! Add the flavors of Hawaii to your next BBQ

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If you have traveled to Hawaii, you probably have tried POG. POG juice is a delicious blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava juice that just screams tropical. Wait until you try my POG Cocktail, it is the perfect way to celebrate happy hour How to grow guava in a pot. Choose a pot at least 600mm wide. Position in full sun and fill with quality potting mix, such as Yates Potting Mix with Dynamic Lifter . Remove the shrub from the container, gently tease the roots and cut away any circled or tangled roots. Position in pot and backfill with potting mix, gently firming down Since 1995, Hawaiian Islands Tea has been on a mission to produce the world's most fragrant and flavorful tropical teas. Blended with exotic tropical fruit and natural fruit flavors inspired by the Islands, our premium quality tea leaves create fragrant and flavorful tropical tea. We blend, flavor and package our teas right here, in Hawaii Hawaiian Paradise Cake is the perfect gateway for summertime! You the feel the balmy warm weather with this tropical trifecta of guava, passion fruit, and lime cake layered with zesty lemon curd and wrapped in a whipped cream cheese frosting Guava Trees. Guava fruit harvested from your own garden is a special treat. There are many different types including Tropical, Mexican, Chilean, Indian, Pineapple, Strawberry and Yellow Cherry. They thrive in a sunny sheltered position protected from frost. Ask us for help selecting the right variety for your garden

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WHITE SAPOTE. ORGANIC TROPICAL HAWAIIAN PINK GUAVA(PINK INSIDE YELLOW SKIN)TREE PLANT. Truly, this is an apt adage for the infinite variety of fruits available to us. One such fruit is the guava. Guavas belong to the Myrtle family and present themselves in round to oval shapes.They are a subtropical / Tropical tree but can also adapt in colder climates The Naked100 - Hawaiian POG is tropical blend with passion fruit, orange, and guava...hence POG. I have to say this is one smooth tasty juice. On the inhale there is a wonderful balance of passion fruit and guava together. I don't get that much of an orange flavor but it's there, maybe to put all the flavors together Directions. Bake cake according to package directions, substituting guava juice for water. In a medium mixing bowl, beat cream cheese with hand mixer until fluffy. Add sugar and vanilla and beat in. Slowly fold in the Cool Whip and refrigerate until ready to use. In a medium saucepan, bring the 2 cups guava juice and sugar to a boil

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