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Vive Alternating Pressure Pad - Includes Mattress Pad and Electric Pump System - Quiet, Inflatable Bed Air Topper for Pressure Ulcer Sore Treatment - Fits Standard Hospital Bed for Bedridden Patients 1 Count (Pack of 1) 3,456 $7 Vive Alternating Pressure Pad - Includes Mattress Pad and Electric Pump System - Quiet, Inflatable Bed Air Topper for Pressure Ulcer Sore Treatment - Fits Standard Hospital Bed for Bedridden Patients 3,264 $79 99 ($79.99/Count Pressure relief cushions and pads range from a simple pillow-like or padded insert to an individualized conforming cushion with gel or raised air-filled pockets. They provide pressure relief and protection for the user, and are breathable for comfort. These include mattress toppers, wheelchair cushions, and foot and elbow protectors Beds, mattresses and cushions for pressure sore prevention and treatment PREVENTION - There is good evidence of the effectiveness of high specification foam over standard hospital foam, and pressure relief in the operating theatre. Treatment - There is good evidence of the effectiveness of air-fluidised and low air loss devices as treatments

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Tempur-Pedic® Seat Cushion for Home and Office. 138. 138 reviews. NON-MEMBER PRICE. $89.99. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. $71.99. Ships free orders over $39. Not available at Clybourn Place I generally recommend High Profile Cushions for first time users or for individuals with current pressure sores (or a history of pressure sores) due to its ability to maintain proper pressure relief even if slightly underinflated The PURAP comes in as our best wheelchair cushions for pressure sores. Clinically tested fluid 3D Flotation technology makes this an excellent choice to help reduce pain associated with sitting too long in a wheelchair. or any chair for that matter. This type of cushion is known to help reduce and dissipate pressure and prevent skin shear The Helishy Pressure Sore Cushion has a comfortable and pressure relieving Honeycomb design with over 500 balanced pressure and flexible honeycomb grids that disperse the entire body's pressure evenly. The honeycomb design of the cushion is infused with cooling Gel, which dissipates heat and keeps you cool and comfortable

Vive Wheelchair Cushion - Gel Seat Pad for Coccyx, Orthopedic Back Support, Sciatica & Tailbone Pain Relief - Waterproof Cover + 4 Layer Foam Support and Comfort - for Pressure Sores and Ulcers 3,214 $38 9 The Ergo21 Original Cushion and the Travel Cushion works well on Mobility Scooters and in cars. And, the Ergo21 Lumbar Cushion relieves pressure along the spine and lower back and hips. This combination also works well on sofas and recliners. Shown in the Picture above - Click on the links below to Purchase Most pressure ulcers are preventable with therapeutic support surfaces, like pressure sore cushions, pressure relief mattresses and medical air mattresses for hospital beds. All are designed to reduce pressure on the body. PHC-Online carries a variety of different support surfaces that mold closely to the body in order to redistribute weight. ROHO Dry Floatation Mattress System $ 2,808.00 $ 3,600.00. ROHO Prodigy Mattress Section $ 140.00 $ 160.00. ROHO Sofflex 2 Mattress Section $ 425.00 $ 550.00. ROHO Dry Flotation Bariatric Mattress Overlay System from $ 2,808.00 $ 6,200.00. Fusion 2K System with Quilted Front Cover $ 5,460.00 $ 7,000.00 A specialist mattress or therapeutic surface such as an air alternating or low air loss mattress. Pressure cushions e.g. air alternating, gel, foam-based cushions. There are some good pressure cushions available which can contribute to protecting the integrity of the patient's skin

Our final verdict, the PURAP seat cushion is simply the best wheelchair cushion for preventing pressure sores. It is based on the latest technology and the benefits it offers are impressive. We can say that it is the most sophisticated type of wheelchair cushion we have encountered If you or someone you care for is having difficulty with movement and needs to be supported to relieve pressure from the sacrum/coccyx area or heels, our Bedsore Rescue Cushions are for you! Relieve The Pressure No Cushions for Pressure Sores / Gel Pads for Bed Sores When a user is confined to a wheelchair for an extended period of time, he may need to get cushions for pressure sores (also known as bed sores). Pressure sore cushions aren't limited to just a wheelchair; they can also be used in a bed or even on a regular chair Pressure relief mattress and bed pad systems prevent pressure ulcers, commonly called bed sores or pressure sores, by alternating pressure to disperse it away from bone protrusions. Many systems use air chambers in their mattresses or pads. Read more. A solid, all-night sleep is important for good health and it can be essential to older people.

The paper also covers the role of nutrition and pressure-release devices such as cushions and mattresses as a part of the treatment algorithm for preventing and quick healing process of these wounds. Pressure ulcers develop primarily from pressure and shear; are progressive in nature and most frequently found in bedridden, chair bound or. 130 air cells work together to inflate and deflate to provide a cushion that evenly distributes air to prevent and treat pressure ulcers and sore spots. With each air cycle about six minutes in duration, this mattress should provide comfortable and reliable relief for your loved one. Bedsore Mattress Buyer's Guid Pressure care equipment and aids assist in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. The selection includes air chairs and beds seating pressure care cushions and mattresses

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130 products. Pressure Prevention Products reduce discomfort by alleviating aches caused by excessive pressure on the body. These products can range from cushion and pads, to gel and air-filled pockets that protect the user from pressure and provide breathable comfort. These include mattress toppers, foot elevators, and wheelchair pads. View more Select cushions or a mattress that relieves pressure. Use cushions or a special mattress to relieve pressure and help ensure that your body is well positioned. Do not use doughnut cushions, as they can focus pressure on surrounding tissue. Adjust the elevation of your bed

Use a mattress, bed and special cushions that help you sit or lie in a way that protects vulnerable skin. Cleaning and dressing wounds Care for pressure ulcers depends on how deep the wound is. Generally, cleaning and dressing a wound includes the following While pressure relief mattresses provide effective pressure sore prevention for bedbound patients, those who spend long stretches of time in a wheelchair or armchair will often require an effective cushion as well. Our Pressure Relief Cushions come in all sorts of styles and levels of efficacy, ensuring all your pressure relief needs are met.

Pressure cushions work to reduce the effects of pressure sores by evenly distributing the body's weight across a larger surface area. This allows for better blood flow and postural stability. Most pressure cushions are made from durable materials that are specifically designed to redistribute pressure away from problem sites Ultra Pressure Sore Prevention Wheelchair Cushion The Ultra Pressure Sore Prevention Wheelchair Cushion aids in the prevention of bed sores and ensures patient comfort and safety. Available in both Standard and Bariatric weight options and several cushion dimensions to choose from, this cushion will fit any wheelchair This increases pressure on the tailbone and can cause a sore. 3) DO: Practice less is more when it comes to pressure relief. Avoid thick dressings over pressure wounds: padding a wound with thicker layers will actually increase the pressure on tissue since it will hit the bed or chair surface more prominently than a non-padded area Beds, mattresses and cushions for pressure sore prevention and treatment. Beds, mattresses and cushions for pressure sore prevention and treatment J Tissue Viability. 1999 Oct;9(4):138. doi: 10.1016/s0965-206x(99)80034-5. Authors N Cullum, J Deeks, T A Sheldon, F Song, A W Fletcher. PMID: 10808844. Rehabilitation Pads & Cushions. Action Products, Inc. pioneered the use of polymer for bed and pressure sore prevention. By creating Akton® viscoelastic polymer with the sole purpose of preventing and managing pressure injuries, it is a global leader in the industry

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This cushion flattens over time. 4. Dr. Tushy 100% Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion Check Amazon Prices. Dr. Tushy 100% Memory Foam Cushion is the best option to prevent pressure sores because it is made of high-density 100% memory foam that provides comfort while sitting.. The cushion has a wide coverage that fit the wheelchair and can cradle your hips to alleviate sores and improve blood. Its three distinct zones distribute weight and pressure, mitigating the risk of pressure sores, and it comes with an easy-to-clean nylon cover/ For an alternative to traditional homecare mattresses, this pressure relief foam mattress is a durable, comfortable, and supportive option for anyone who is at low to medium risk of developing bedsores Best Wheelchair Cushion for preventing pressure sores [Buying Guide] Wheelchair cushions come in all kinds of sizes, with different features and for different, sub-purposes. However, all of them are made to increase comfort, make sitting stable, relieve pressure and improves positioning To find out more, read our Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management Guide. Contact us today about our Pressure Relief Products- our range is designed to work in tandem with our Profiling Beds to provide the best comfort for your patient whilst helping your staff provide the best care. Our friendly team are available to speak to on 01423 873666 Background: Pressure ulcers (also known as bedsores, pressure sores, decubitus ulcers) are areas of localised damage to the skin and underlying tissue due to pressure, shear or friction. They are common in the elderly and immobile and costly in financial and human terms. Pressure-relieving beds, mattresses and seat cushions are widely used as aids to prevention in both institutional and non.

Call and see if a discount coupon is available on this item, 1-800-854-4687. Provides pressure relief by keeping bed linens off your feet. Fits on any sized bed. View Details Integrity Alternating Pressure Cushion is an alternating Pressure cushion suitable for people who already have, or are at very high risk of, tissue damage due to pressure ulcers. It is an air filled cushion, which automatically, through a process of inflation and deflation, alternates the areas of patients skin which are bearing load against. - Pressure relief cushions work by distributing a user's body weight across a wider area. - This allows for improved blood flow and postural stability. - Different materials offer varying levels of comfort and support. - Pressure seat cushions can be made from a durable gel material, soft air-filled cells, or completely modular foam system Posey 4 Foot Elevator. This 4 wide spiral foot elevator comfortably lifts the lower leg completely off the bed to help offload the heel and prevent and treat pressure ulcers. $33.85. Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System. FREE Shipping ! Alternating pressure air mattress overlay helps prevent and treat pressure sores Using a pressure sore cushion in an armchair, wheelchair or in the bed itself may have benefits. A pressure relieving cushion has weight distribution properties which reduce friction on certain vulnerable areas of the body. Among the most popular products in this category is the cut-out pressure relief cushion, which prevents pressure build-up.

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Pressure sores occur when there is too much pressure on the skin for too long. This reduces blood flow to the area. Without enough blood, the skin can die and a sore may form. You are more likely to get a pressure sore if you: Use a wheelchair or stay in bed for a long time; Are an older adult; Cannot move certain parts of your body without hel A pressure ulcer is a localized injury to the skin or underlying tissue, usually over a bony prominence, as a result of unrelieved pressure. Predisposing factors are classified as intrinsic (e.g. This range of products has been designed to relieve pressure sores and help with the healing process. We have a range of Roho cushions available as well as Equagel and Bullsone products. Roho is a brand which is synonymous with pressure care and relief. Roho cushions are the industry standard for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores

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Best pressure sore mattress to prevent bed sores, bed sore cushions Best pressure sore mattress to prevent bed sores, bed sore cushions Is suitable for the economy in the short term bedridden patients medical air cushion bed. 2. By Road: Domestic and neighbour country : 3-10 days 3. By Sea : 5-45 day all over the world Pressure ulcers are also called bedsores, or pressure sores. They can form when your skin and soft tissue press against a harder surface, such as a chair or bed, for a prolonged time. This pressure reduces blood supply to that area. Lack of blood supply can cause the skin tissue in this area to become damaged or die These surfaces include mattresses, cushions, and pads, designed to evenly distribute the weight of the body. One material which does an excellent job distributing weight is foam, such as memory foam or latex, which was designed to avoid creating pressure points on the body. After the pressure is relieved, keeping the sore clean becomes important

What is a Pressure Sore? A pressure sore (or bed sore) is an injury to the skin and tissue under it. Sitting or lying in the same position will begin to cut off the flow of blood to that area, blocking oxygen and vital nutrients from maintaining healthy tissue. Although wheelchair cushions reduce pressure over bony prominences, proper skin. If a person is in bed, or sat in a chair, for extended periods of time, they should be aware of the possibility of pressure ulcers developing and take appropriate preventative measures. Use of equipment, for example mattresses or cushions, which are not specifically designed to provide pressure relief, can lead to pressure ulcers

Item Type: Inflatable Cushion Material: PVC. Size: 42*43±1cm/16.5*16.9±0.4inch. Package List: 1* Cushion 1* Air Pump. soft and wear-resistant, perfect long-term bedridden patients to prevent bedsores. Ergonomic pressure relief, let out the air when it is not in use or need to be carried alon Relieving the pressure. If you develop a pressure sore, it is vital to relieve pressure on the area at least every 2 hours. The best way to do this is by not lying or sitting on that area of skin at all. Special bed. A few studies have looked at a special bed to relieve pressure. The bed contains a mixture of air and fluid. Researchers found. By Nursing Home Law Center. Bed sores are categorized based on their severity (stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 or stage 4 / stage I, stage II, stage III or stage IV). The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, a professional organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of bed sores, has set forth specific characteristics to help medical professionals objectively categorize a wound Bedsores are ulcers that happen on areas of the skin that are under pressure from lying in bed, sitting in a wheelchair, or wearing a cast for a prolonged time. Bedsores are also called pressure injuries, pressure sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers. Bedsores can be a serious problem among frail older adults

  1. ence and an external surface for a prolonged period. • These lesions are also called bedsores, decubitus ulcers and pressure sores. 3
  2. Wheelchair Cushions provide comfort and a soothing experience for wheelchair users. These cushions are especially designed to provide pressure relief for those who have to sit in wheelchairs for long periods of time. Range starting from cushions for those at low risk to very high risk of developing skin breakdown or pressure ulcers
  3. Pressure Ulcers: Prevention, bed and pressure ulcer when feeling beneath the static surface, the device may not be effective and an alternative relieve heel pressure. ring cushions can.
  4. ate pressure sores. You can find them on line. They are not cheap, so be prepared to see a $400.00 price tag. You might be able to borrow a alternating pressure mattress from Hospice. We were able to do that for my dad
  5. or ulcer, your care team will recommend a specially designed static foam or dynamic mattress. If you have a more serious ulcer , you'll need a more sophisticated mattress or bed system, such as a mattress connected to a pump that delivers a constant flow of air into the mattress
  6. ate migration and an ultra high density top foam layer. Features. Weight Capacity: 500 lbs; Helps in prevention and treatment of pressure sores; High density, high resilient foam is combined with a gel bladder for deep immersion and excellent.

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A pressure sore develops when the blood supply to an area of the body is blocked because there is excessive and prolonged pressure on it. As a result, the skin in that area starts to die, leading to an open crater-like area or ulcer in the skin. Ask if you can get foam, gel, or air cushions for the bed and chairs. Find out about special. Pressure care experts, Nordic Care express proper positioning is crucial, and the use of pressure relief positioning cushions can greatly assist in the prevention of pressure ulcers. Place the pillow between your body parts to prevent them from pressing against each other and this will prevent bed sores Air cushions are specially designed pressure relief cushions, which can help to reduce the risk of pressure sores (or bedsores) caused by prolonged periods of sitting.If you have restricted mobility, or you spend several hours in a chair or a bed every day, it's hugely beneficial to invest in equipment and aids that relieve pressure and keep bed and prevents pressure ulcers These cushions come in multiple heights, ranging from 7 inches to 12 inches, and have a gradual incline that helps alleviate symptoms. Pressure and Pain Relief: Foam and gel pads for bed sores are especially helpful when it comes to managing, preventing, and treating discomfort, providing a soft surface that ensures you're receiving the.

Alternating pressure recliner cushions, alternating pressure mattresses, wheelchair seating and more to prevent and treat bed sores and improve comfort. Effective, durable, affordable Made in the USA JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser Bed surfaces and pressure sore prevention: an abridged report. Brown SJ. PURPOSE: This article summarizes the results of a systematic review of randomized controlled trials testing the effectiveness of special beds, mattresses, and cushions in preventing and treating pressure sores A wide variety of pressure sore cushion options are available to you, such as woven, knitted and nonwoven.You can also choose from yes, no pressure sore cushion,As well as from beach, christmas, and hotel. And whether pressure sore cushion is 100% polyester, polyester / cotton, or 100% cotton Operation Instructions: 1. Position the mattress pad on the bed, securely tucking the ends of the pad underneath the existing mattress. 2. Connect the mattress feed pipes to the compressor (pump) connector using the flexible air hose. 3. Secure the compressor to a stable location and plug into an outlet

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With an Aquila wheelchair cushion, you will get automatic pressure relief for up to 60 times an hour. We offer custom wheelchair cushion systems and accessories to give the freedom of mobility back to every individual in a wheelchair suffering from pressure sores. Our latest innovation in therapeutic seating is the SofTech custom seating system Patient positioners are cushions in a variety of shapes and materials to help patients prevent bed sores. Skincare Products. Pressure is the main cause of bed sores, but many skin conditions can help contribute to the development of painful pressure ulcers. Skin that is too dry, moist, dirty, or brittle can be more prone to lesions and sores Foam Pressure care cushions. A 2-layered cushion for comfort with a firm chip foam layer, a soft high density foam layer, and removable washable covers. The Pressure Care Cushions are available in a range of different styles that can be adapted to suit both many different users. The cushion is available for use on both sling and rigid seat. Pressure ulcers are serious problems that can lead to pain, a longer stay in the hospital or nursing home, and slower recovery from health problems. Anyone who must stay in a bed, chair, or wheelchair because of illness or injury can get pressure ulcers. Fortunately, most pressure ulcers can be prevented, and when pressure ulcers do form, they.

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The pressure sore prevention and healing pillow can be used under the head, under the heels for offloading to prevent heel pressure sores, under the lower legs, under the ankles, under the arms, and under the knees while in a side lying position. This cushion can be used in place of a heel protection boot if rubbing is of concern In short, BBD Cushions are the best, most practical products on the market to help reduce pressure and prevent decubitus ulcers (also known as bed sores or pressure sores). Our 100% natural rubber BBD Cushions and Mattress Overlays not only assure maximum pressure equalization during use but also provide exceptional ventilation and shock. Alternating Pressure Coccyx Cushion - The Latest Advancement in the Prevention and Treatment of bed sores on the tailbone. BED SORES - WHAT ARE THEY? Bed sores also known as pressure sore or tissue injury occur when pressure between the skin/body and a support surface ie. seat or mattress, impedes blood flow to the skin

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Jul 23, 2014 - Explore Angela Kent's board pressure sores on Pinterest. See more ideas about soreness, bed sores, pressure Feb 6, 2016 - Explore Heather Wilson's board health pressure sores on Pinterest. See more ideas about bed sores, soreness, pressure Donut Cushion for Pressure Relief: Orthopaedic Ring Seat Cushion Treatment for Haemorrhoids, Piles, Bed Sores Ulcers, Prostate, Coccyx, Tailbone, Back, Sciatica, Pregnancy, Post Natal Sitting Pillows 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,81 Aquila cushions come highly recommended by therapists and physicians for their disabled patients that have pressure sores because they work. If you want the very best in the business, choose the medically proven Aquila Wheelchair Cushion. Call 866-782-9658 and speak to Justine to find out how we can help you

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  1. If you paint the area with tincture of benzoin and let it dry a few times it makes a healing protection and prevents the break down. It is better if you can do this while the area is just starting to show redness. I am an old nurse and we used it in the hospitals all the time to prevent bed sores. 12/05/2011 21:08:36
  2. Pressure Sores: A Serious Complication of MS Disability. Pressure sores occur when a person sits or lies in one position for too long. Awareness is the first step toward preventing these sores
  3. Air-Fluidized Beds (See Air-Fluidized Beds, §280.8 of the NCD Manual.) Alternating Pressure Pads, Mattresses and Lamb's Wool Pads: Covered if patient has, or is highly susceptible to, decubitus ulcers and the patient's physician specifies that he/she has specified that he will be supervising the course of treatment
  4. (while lying supine or sitting dawn) or (while sliding down a bed or a chair). Pressure sores are an ancient problem, observed at autopsy of Egyptian mummies in 1861 by Thompson Rowling, In 1938, Davis was the first to suggest replacing the unstable scar of a healed pressure sore with a flap of tissue.[1
  5. Alternating Pressure Mattress by Vive - Includes Electric Pump & Mattress Pad - Inflatable Bed Pad for Pressure Ulcer and Pressure Sore Treatment - Fits Standard Hospital Beds. $281.70. In stock. Ships from and sold by Kaiser Store. PURAP Cushion - 3D Fluid Flotation Technology With Lowest Sitting Pressures
  6. NICE Pressure Ulcer Risk & Assessment (2001) Consider a high-specification foam or equivalent pressure redistribution cushion for adults who use a wheelchair or who sit for prolonged periods NICE Pressure ulcers: prevention & management (2014) Levy et al. (2014) state: ^air cushions provide 57% bette
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  1. Skin Care & Pressure Sores, Part 2: Preventing Pressure Ulcers Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems Consumer Information your pressure-sensitive areas are. If at-risk areas on the pressure map are found, then the therapist may try a different cushion; alter the wheelchair seat, back or foot rest; or show you how to relieve pressure on the vulnerabl
  2. A pressure ulcer is caused by a lack of blood flow due to mechanical stress on the skin and tissues over a bony area that has been under pressure for a prolonged period. If the blood supply is cut off to an area of skin for more than 2-3 hours, the skin is deprived of oxygen and begins to die. In addition, when slowly sliding down a bed or.
  3. Memory Foam vs Alternating Pressure Mattress with Low Air Loss. How to choose which mattress is better to prevent and treat bed sores. When choosing a mattress for a person with limited mobility, it is important to understand the importance the mattress plays in that person's health, particularly of the skin
  4. Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, are a serious concern for family caregivers and medical professionals in long-term care settings and hospitals. According to the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP), approximately 2.5 million patients develop pressure ulcers each year and 60,000 die as a direct result of these injuries
  5. Limit time in a chair and use pressure-relief chair cushions if the patient has pressure ulcers on sitting surfaces; level of evidence = C. Manage fecal and urinary incontinence; level of evidence = C. Select underpads, diapers, or briefs that are absorbent to wick effluent away from the skin; level of evidence = C
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Symptoms of pressure sores. Pressure sores go through 4 stages. Stage 1. During this stage, the area of the sore looks red. It may feel warm to the touch. It may burn, hurt, or itch. The pressure sore may look blue or purple in people who have dark skin. Stage 2. During this stage, the area is more damaged. The sore may be open Scary bed sore facts: Bed sores in the elderly (65+) account for 50% of all bed sores. 2.5 million patients per year develop bed sores. The cost to treat them is $9.1 billion to $11.6 billion per year in the US. Individual patient care ranges from $20,900 to $151,700 per bed sore. Each bed sore adds $43,180 in costs to a hospital stay Using items that can help reduce pressure caused by bed sheets and wheelchairs (e.g., low air-loss mattress system, pillows, cushions, foam padding ). Making sure patients eat healthy, well-balanced meals. Encouraging daily exercise, including range-of-motion exercises for immobile patients Causes and prevention of pressure sores. Pressure sores are wounds that develop when constant pressure or friction on one area of the body damages the skin. Constant pressure on an area of skin stops blood flowing normally, so the cells die and the skin breaks down. Other names for pressure sores are bedsores, pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers

Free 2-day shipping. Buy DMI Wheelchair Cushion for Pressure Ulcer, Egg Crate Foam for Bed Sores, Convoluted Egg Seat Cushion for Sitting, Wheelchair and Recliner Chair Pads, Blue, 16 x 18 x 4 at Walmart.co HEEL CUSHIONS PROTECT YOUR HEELS by relieving excess heel pressure from ulcers and pressure sores and also help with your recovery from heel injuries or pain FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT (FSA) ELIGIBLE CONVENIENT HEEL PROTECTORS ARE ADJUSTABLE AND EASY TO SLIP ON AND OFF with hook and loop Velcro straps for a comfortable and secure fit wherever you go MACHINE WASHABLE SIZE: One size fits all 'At Risk', 'High Risk' and 'Very High Risk' cushions are designed to prevent pressure ulcers from forming, 'Therapeutic' cushions are for patients who already have a pressure ulcer. A healthcare professional will be able to advice on the most appropriate cushion for your individual circumstances The cushion has a pump and fills air tubes that relieve the pressure by changing air pressures every 10 minutes or so. The air cushion covers the seat, back and heels and I can adjust it to make her comfortable. It is meant for people who spend a lot of time or sleep in their recliner. She had stage 2/3 sores and is healed

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  2. Pressure sores are also known as bed sores or ulcers. What is a pressure sore? Pressure sore damage to the skin and underlying tissue can be caused by pressure, shear or friction. Too much pressure put on an area of skin will cause it to crack and break.The risk of pressure sores can be caused by any of the following
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  4. Pressure ulcers are an injury that breaks down the skin and underlying tissue. They are caused when an area of skin is placed under pressure. They are sometimes known as bedsores or pressure sores. Pressure ulcers can range in severity from patches of discoloured skin to open wounds that expose the underlying bone or muscle
  5. ence, as a result of prolonged unrelieved pressure
  6. or and shallow, only affecting the top layer of flesh. Stage four bed sores, on the other hand, extend deep into the muscles and tendons, and can form craters on the body. Catching a bed sore in stage one can lead to full recovery from turning the patient and relieving the pressure in the affected area
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