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Neutron Review Update 2020 1 www.stfc.ukri.org Executive Summary In 2016/17 an independent panel carried out a Strategic Review of Neutron Science and Facilities on behalf of STFC. The Review made recommendations for ensuring that researchers could continue to access neutron sources in support of the UK's science and technology needs This Strategy has been developed to deliver our Vision - 'to maximise the impact of our knowledge, skills, facilities and resources for the benefit of the United Kingdom and its people'. 4 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FACILITIES COUNCIL CORPORATE STRATEGY 2010-2020 7180 STFC Strategy Brochure 2010-20p 23/3/11 12:02 Page Strategy Delivery Plan. The mission of the MRC is to improve human health through world-class medical research, from fundamental science to early clinical trials and preventive medicine. For the good of society, we find better ways to treat and prevent disease and to advance the health of people worldwide Knowledge exchange framework (KEF) The aim of the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) is to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the use of public funding for knowledge exchange (KE) and to further a culture of continuous improvement in universities. It will allow universities to better understand and improve their own performance, as well. Author: Martha Garrett Last modified by: Rebecca Aarons - UKRI MRC Created Date: 10/2/2019 2:31:52 PM Other titles: Strategy Board 2020 Strategy Board 2019 Council 2019 Ad Hoc SB conflicts (details) 2018 papers and meetings 2019 papers and meeting

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Horizon 2020 is the eighth EU research and innovation framework programme, comprising of €80 billion of support over seven years (2014-2020). The programme promises to deliver more scientific breakthroughs and discoveries by taking great ideas from the lab to the market. Seen as a means to drive economic growth and create jobs, Horizon 2020. BBSRC.CAU@bbsrc.ukri.org Background and Strategy This section covers background on UKRI and its constituent Councils. • UKRI Corporate Plan The UKRI corporate plan sets out our goals, ambitions and objectives for the financial year 2020-21. • UKRI Councils UK Research and Innovation brings together the seven Research Councils

9 Delivery Plans across UKRI. Building on the Strategic Prospectus, published in May 2018, the UKRI 2019-2020 Delivery Plans detail how the Government's target of 2.4% of GDP spend on research. We are creating a unified UKRI website that brings together the existing research council, Innovate UK and Research England websites. If you would like to be involved in its development, let us know - external link UKRI Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) Healthy Ageing Catalyst Awards (Outline Stage) 2020 Frequently Asked Questions Version: December 2019 In order to remain transparent this document will be updated to reflect those questions most frequently raised with UKRI by potential applicants. This document should therefor Vaccinology Strategy. 2015-2020. 1. INTRODUCTION. Vaccines represent a highly cost effective intervention for disease prevention and . eradication, and are an important tool in the fight against infectious diseases. Veterinary vaccines are routinely used to control infection

UKRI-BBSRC is organising this webinar. About. This webinar will provide an overview of the current sLoLa call, including its scientific scope, eligibility requirements, and the application process. The presentation should be of interest to all potential applicants to the call as well as research officers at eligible Research Organisations In November 2020 we asked for input on which funders UKRI should recognise as an endorsed funder under the Global Talent Visa. The Global Talent Visa is an immigration route provided by the UK Government to provide a fast and efficient visa offer to those working in science and research achieve by 2020. This Strategy is supported by a specific Action Plan (at Annex 1) that details how this will be done, which augments the RCUK Equality and Diversity Action Plan published in May 2016 (at Annex 2) that STFC, as part of this Strategy will implement in full

UKRI-EPSRC Council met virtually on the 13 May 2020. The meeting was chaired from the start by Professor Mark E. Smith in his capacity as e-Infrastructure strategy in the context of the UKRI strategy. Council welcomed the update and endorsed the plans for the proposed review of EPSRC e-Infrastructure Future Needs 2019/2020 UKRI-BBSRC STRATEGIC PRIORITIES FUND: GREENHOUSE GAS REMOVAL (GGR) DEMONSTRATORS CALL FOR PROPSALS VERSION 2 - UPDATED MAY 2020, CLOSING DATE AND TIMELINE Applicants should also refer to the Full stage Guidance for Applicants document available for download from the call webpage. Call timeline. Community Meeting 29. th. April 201 UKRI's 2025 strategy project i. MAT gave an overview of the UKRI 2025 strategy project, which began in late 2019. Council members considered thecomponent parts of the Performance and Impact Framework and noted that RK, along with other Senior Independent Members of UKRI Councils, will attend a meeting in early February to discuss this

UKRI Talent Strategy • Building the capacity and capability of our research and innovation workforce is vital to delivering the 2.4% target and for pandemic recovery. • UKRI is taking an overarching view on what the future research and innovation workforce will look like, and the systems- level interventionsrequired to achieve it. • Considering UKRI's different roles an to UKRI in addition to primary role Professional memberships or affiliations Appointments, Employment, MRC Strategy Board MRC representative on the Board of Trustees of the Francis Crick (2020) - Spinoza Prize International Jury (the Netherlands' Researc UKRI is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy , supported by 7 agencies and public bodies . 8 December 2020.

6. UKRI Strategy Development update Emma Lindsell provided an update on the development of UKRI 2025 and UKRI's place strategy. Council was thanked for their earlier input into UKRI 2025 at the December meeting which, along with the views of the other constituent UKRI Councils, is informing th 7) UKRI is less fluent articulating its social and cultural mission. Throughout the prospectus, there is an assured confidence whenever business and economic impacts are being discussed. The 2.4% GDP target and the industrial strategy provide ambitious goals for these strands of UKRI's mission As a first step to meeting this ambition, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy ( BEIS) is now confirming allocations of the R&D budget for the financial year 2020 to 2021. 15 May 2018. Before its official launch, little was known on the overarching role and plan for UKRI. Now, the organisation has published its Strategic Prospectus outlining its goals and intentions. The publication marks the beginning of UKRI's first strategy, which is expected to be ready by the end of 2018. The prospectus summaries three key.

Delivery Plan. Covering the period 2016 to 2020, our current Delivery Plan builds on our achievements and track record of delivering major projects on time and within budget and ensures that the world's most complex scientific infrastructure is sustained at the cutting edge for UK researchers. We have delivered some outstanding science in recent years; most notably resulting in a UK Nobel. 7,463 (2019/20) Website. www .ukri .org. UK Research and Innovation ( UKRI) is a non-departmental public body of the Government of the United Kingdom that directs research and innovation funding, funded through the science budget of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy UKRI's COVID-19 Response Director. She noted work on UKRI 2025 had been paused to focus on immediate priori ties in response to the pandemic, and welcomed Council's continued engagement and feedback on the thematic goals. It was suggested this pause offered an opportunity to refocus the 2025 strategy an

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A few examples include the 2013 White House memorandum on public access to the results of federally funded research, the 2020 US Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) consultation on Research Outputs, and the United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) consultation on its OA policy UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) recently announced that the requirement for the two page Pathways to Impact attachment and Impact summary on the Je-S form will be removed for applications submitted after 1 st March 2020. For full statement see this link 2020/21 SAN application pack; 2020/21 ESRC SAN Recruitment Equality Impact Assessment; SAN membership. The network was established in April 2018 and is comprised of a range of leading academic and user experts from across the social sciences with membership refreshed regularly This takes total Government investment in R&D to £14.9 billion in 2021/22 and follows four years of significant growth in R&D funding, including a boost of more than £1.5 billion in 2020/21

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  1. NERC home page Lead stories. Below is an auto-scrolling slideshow of lead stories, which can be paused or skipped over
  2. Balancing Capability is a core strategy for EPSRC, as an approach to setting strategic priorities aligned to UK strength and national importance, and to maintain and develop the UK's world leading position in engineering and physical science research within a finite budget.. EPSRC has a proactive engagement approach to managing its research areas in partnership with the research community.
  3. As Deputy Executive Chair of EPSRC I was helping with UKRI strategy, learning how a spending review round works, visiting universities to talk about how they could work better with UKRI - pretty much everything I was expecting to be doing. But like everyone, my world changed in early 2020

Deadline: December 2, 2020. Applications are invited for the UK Research and Innovation NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship Program 2020/2021.The Fellowships are intended to enable the sharing and flow of knowledge and expertise between NERC funded researchers and their stakeholders, partners and/or user communities with the aim of generating impact from NERC funded research in the priority. UKRI's examples of students this may apply to include those with end dates Apr-Sept 2021, or those with additional support needs. UKRI acknowledges that the effects of COVID-19 might mean you need to adapt your original project 14:00 - 16:00, Wednesday 8 July 2020 UKRI's activities in this area, and how the landscape study may be used to inform future UKRI strategy. 14.50 - 15.00. Dr Helen Munn

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  1. the forward strategy for the UKRI Energy Programme. Professor Gladden said EPSRC would work in conjunction with the Energy Strategic Advisory Committee through the spring and summer 2020 targeting a UKRI Board at the July meeting. The Board had emphasised that business, government (including CSAs) and UKRI needed to be working together an
  2. For example, from March 2020, grant applicants will no longer be required to provide a 'Pathways to Impact' plan or complete an 'Impact Summary'. Also, over the next 12 months, UKRI will be piloting simpler, streamlined application and assessment processes for its research and innovation calls
  3. and the government position on European funds, and the UKRI strategic plan and involvement in COP 26. Discovery Science The Committee provided advice on the developing call text for the 'Pushing the Frontiers' pilot which will be launched in February 2020 and welcomed the streamlined application process
  4. The strategy for the AHRC's heritage priority area is seen to be evolving rather In addition to not being included in Heritage 2020 or being a focus for the National Heritage Science Forum, Programme and working with other UKRI Councils to support the continuin
  5. Summary UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), via the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), is inviting outline proposals for research grants of up to £62,500 (at 100% fEC) for a period of up to 12 months. The Healthy Ageing Catalyst Awards are part of the Healthy Ageing Challenge portfolio of activities, and are offered in.

UKRI's road to net zero; Investing for impact. October 14, 2020. March 31, 2021. by All-Energy and Dcarbonise Team. In Business & Finance, Energy Systems, Industrial Decarbonisation, Net Zero, Policy, Webinars. Sponsored by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Innovation across big industries is a priority for the UK in order to meet our. Meetings in 2020/21. 7 May 2020. Agenda for 7 May 2020 (PDF, 111KB) Minutes for 7 May 2020 (PDF, 162KB) 9-10 July 2020. Agenda for 10 July 2020 (PDF, 117KB) Minutes for 10 July 2020 (PDF, 199KB) 13 October 2020. Agenda for 13 October 2020 (PDF, 104KB

The Global Talent visa (GTV) is a UK immigration category for talented and promising people in specific sectors such as sciences, the humanities, engineering, the arts, and technology, wishing to work in the UK. The Global Talent visa replaced the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa category in February 2020 2020 will be a year not easily forgotten. A pandemic that has affected every corner of (UKRI) to consider in partnership with universities, business and the Government. Energy & Industrial Strategy. (2020). UK Research and Development Roadmap. The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) - in association with the Wellcome Trust - has announced the 2020 shortlist for the Medical Humanities Awards. The list showcases the best research taking place at the interface of the arts and humanities and medicine and celebrates its positive impact on medical outcomes Version 29 April 2020 . ISCF Transforming Foundation Industries Network Plus Call Call type: Invitation for proposals . Intent to Submit closing date: 16:00 on 8 June 2020 . Full proposal closing date: 16:00 on 1 July 2020 . Funding Available: The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) is awardin Home - UK Quantum Technology. Quantum Technologies: A £1 billion future industry for the UK. It is the mission of the UKNQT programme to make the UK a 'go-to' place for the development and commercialisation of quantum technologies and a leading player in the global supply chain that will develop to service them

The Society of Research Software Engineering: Strategy 2020/2021. Engage with UKRI and other funders to ensure that funding opportunities are extended to RSEs at all seniority levels to create a culture of investment in software as infrastructure and to encourage development of emerging leadership within the RSE community In June 2020 UKRI launched its environmental sustainability strategy which seeks to embed environmental sustainability across the research sector and work towards net zero futures. Accordingly, we would encourage all applicants to this call to actively consider managing th CaSE Annual Lecture 2020 given by the Chief Executive of UKRI About this event CaSE is delighted to invite you to its Annual Lecture 2020 given by the new Chief Executive of the UK Research & Innovation, Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser, on 'The research and innovation system: fuelling an inclusive knowledge economy' On 14 May 2020, Ottoline Leyser was unveiled as the new chief executive of the UK's largest public research funder, UK Research and Innovation. She will take over from Mark Walport at the end of June. In March 2018, Leyser wrote for Research Professional News that research would only thrive if UKRI supported a broad mix of disciplines.

Funded by UKRI through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, ReFLEX Orkney is aiming to integrate electricity, transport and heat networks in Orkney using advanced software to balance demand and supply. Moving into phase two, 2020 will see the launch of an attractive local electricity tariff tailored to the needs of ReFLEX's innovative. Lung diseases are a major global health burden. 300 million people live with asthma worldwide and it is predicted that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease will become the third-leading cause of death by 2020. The inhalation of therapeutic aerosols is a familiar medical strategy to treat lung diseases UKRI's initiative aims to support the creation of a new cohort of research and innovation leaders who will have links across different sectors and disciplines. Awardees will each receive between £400,000 and £1.5 million over an initial four years. The grant supports challenging and novel projects, and the development of the Fellow's career

UKRI funder(s) EPSRC Overview Closing Date for full proposals 16:00 03 December 2020 Prioritisation Panel w/c 26 April 2021 Funding Decision May 2021 . Version 29 September 2020 include a User Engagement Strategy as part of the full proposal paperwor The 2020 UK Quantum Showcase is ON! The National Quantum Technology Programme annual showcase will be going ahead as a virtual event on Friday 06 November 2020. The Showcase has been important in increasing the perception of quantum as a crucial technology for the UK and has contributed to the increased funding over recent years

UKCPN will have a stand at Futurebuild, taking place 3rd - 5th March 2020 at ExCeL in London. Futurebuild is THE built environment event where leading brands can share innovations, from products, to processes and solutions, with over 27,000 industry influencers and shapers.It takes place 3rd ‚Äì 5th March 2020 at ExCeL in London The Advisory Board is an advisory body only. All final decisions about strategy and future direction are taken by Council. The terms of reference of the AHRC Advsiory Board are to: • At Council's request, to advise, on s trategies for research, training, knowledg

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25th February 2020 26th February 2020 Anne Sofie Laegran Anne Sofie Laegran, Head of Knowledge Exchange and Impact at Edinburgh Research Office, provides an update following the publication of UKRI Research Council specific guidance for how impact should be integrated into applications from 1 March Industrial Strategy January 2021 This overview summarises the work of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy between September 2019 and December 2020, including what it does, how much it costs, recent and planned changes and what to look out for across its What UKRI funded in 2019-20 Part Five - Energy, climate change. industrial funding councils, UKRI creates knowledge with impact. For more information visit www.ukri.org The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund aims to bring together the UK's world leading research with business to meet the major industrial and societal challenges of our time. The fund was created to provide funding an Welcome to the UKRI gateway to publicly funded research and innovation Search for and analyse information on the latest innovative research in the UK. Search All Data Help. Below are some examples of how to search for things: genome. searches for results with the word Genome. genome DNA STRATEGY 6 7 3. People & OD Strategy The University's People & Organisational Development (OD) Strategy (2020-25) aligned with its World Changers Together plan, sets out our strategic imperatives and priorities for our service for the next five years. The Strategy leverages the opportunities and mitigates the risks from a people and.

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Details. We consulted on the Draft National Strategy for Flood and Costal Erosion Risk Management in Wales in 2019. A copy of the Statement of Environmental Particulars (SOEP) is available on request. 19 October 2020 UKRI and other Partner Organisations are allocated budgets to be spent in line with strategic priorities agreed with the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and any ring-fences for specific projects and budget controls.9 This booklet provides a breakdown of budgets from the following sources Alberto Giubilini Julian Savulescu Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics University of Oxford Supported by the UKRI/AHRC funded project The Ethical Exit Strategy (Grant number AH/V006819/1) These are the Main Points and the Executive Summary of a Statement on key ethical considerations and recommendations fo

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UKRI Ideas to address COVID-19 - Article 25 funding (this strand) UKRI ideas to address COVID-19 - Innovate UK de minimis Oct 2020; If your organisation's work on the project is mostly commercial or economic, your funding request must not exceed the limits below. These limits apply even if your organisation normally acts non-economically UKRI's overarching vision for EDI is to enable an inclusive research and innovation system, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and has the opportunity to flourish and succeed. Building on this, the challenge fund's vision is to be a leader for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), empowering all of our team and partners.

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If you would like to apply for this PIPS placement, please complete the attached application form and return it to pips@bbsrc.ukri.org and Joanna.Jacklin@BBSRC.ukri.org. UKRI-BBSRC Evidence and Evaluation Function PIPS application form February 2020. Application closing date. 2 March 2020. Overview of host organisation Winners of 2020. The KE Awards celebrate the people who help to initiate and deliver impact and outcomes from publicly funded research through a diverse range of partners and activities. This celebration of knowledge exchange is more relevant than ever in 2020, as UK universities and research organisations mobilise quickly in response to the. Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund - Investing for Impact. Four years ago, we launched the Government and UKRI's flagship, business-led Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. It is a new approach to funding challenges ranging from net zero, health and wellbeing through to advancing technologies, aiming to create a better world for us all For funding opportunities that closed before 20 September 2020, see the National Archives pages listed on moving to ukri.org. NOTE This is the first phase of our new website - let us know if you have feedback or would like to help us test new developments The UKRI open access policy consultation has ended. The consultation opened on 13 February 2020 and closed at noon on 29 May 2020. UKRI is reviewing its open access policies for peer-reviewed research articles and academic books (monographs, book chapters, edited collections) that result from research supported by UKRI

Sir Mark Walport has announced that he will retire as chief executive of UK Research and Innovation, the umbrella body for the country's funding councils, next year. Sir Mark was appointed to lead the organisation in 2017, before it officially launched the following year. Previously, he served as the UK government's chief scientific adviser. Our response to the UKRI OA Review. 1 June, 2020. Liz Allen. In February, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) launched a consultation on its Open Access Review . F1000 Research Ltd and Taylor & Francis have submitted responses to the consultation

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UKRI is seeking to secure a service provider or a consortium of service providers to carry out the evaluation of its Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) healthy ageing challenge likely over a 4-year period, using a pre-existing shared measurement and learning framework China's new coronavirus recovery strategy explained. May 23, 2020 7.39am EDT. When Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered his annual report to China's national legislature on May 22, his focus. Graphene pioneer goes global with £1.9m South Korean investment. A Gloucestershire-based graphene developer has secured £1.93m in investment from a South Korean advanced materials company, following international support from Innovate UK EDGE and funding from Innovate UK. Founded in an engineer's garage in 2011, Versarien Plc became the.

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Applications to UKRI where the fellowship is intended to be held at Imperial must be made via the College to ensure you have approved support from the proposed host Department. More information about this fellowship can be found on the UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowships webpag UKRI Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) Healthy Ageing Catalyst Awards 2020 (grants of up to £50,000) Deadline: February 13, 2020. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), via the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), is inviting outline proposals for research grants for a period of up to 12 months

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Update from UKRI The 2020-2021 budget has not been announced. It is expected that UKRI will manage within a flat-real budget for this year. Strategy 2021-2026 The work to develop Innovate UK's strategy for 2021-2026 was introduced. Council were asked to engage at all stages of development. The need to be bold, ambitious and focus on the future Taylor & Francis input to UKRI Open Access Review **Citations received up to Jan 31st 2020 of articles published in 2015-2019 in journals listed I n Web of Science®. 2 Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and other UK government departments an Results of Competition: UKRI Ideas to Address COVID-19 - Innovate UK Temp F'work Aug 2020 Total available funding is £120m Competition Code: 2007_UKRI_IDEAS_COVID19_OPEN_TF Participant organisation names Project title Proposed project costs Proposed project grant Arc Angel - An Automated Social Distancing £149,476 System TOOKIE LIMITED £.

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The Role of Arts and Culture in Lifting Communities Out of Poverty: A Review of Evidence 1.0 Introduction The purpose of this evidence review is to present an overview of the available academic. October 2019 [EC launches Horizon results platform, LSE Festival research competition 2020, LSE research showcase, research tools minimum standards, UKRI EU exit readiness, Beyond Black History Month Town Hall event, Researchfish Strategy of Impact Conference, Houghton St Press, Amil Dasgupta Q&A plus more The UKRI National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research Centre for Mineral-based Construction Materials therefore aims to do more with less mineral-based construction materials, to reduce costs to industry, reduce waste and pollution, and benefit the natural environment that we depend on. There is potential for mineral-based construction. Workshop on sustainable palm oil trade in Manokwari, West Papua province, 19 February 2020 UKRI GCRF Trade, Development and the Environment Hub (TRADE Hub) Indonesia Balancing the benefits and negative impacts is an intractable challenge in the implementation of sustainable trade Deadline: 14 th January 2020, Foe expressions of interest. UKRI-BBSRC's Strategy Advisory Panels play a key role in delivering UKRI-BBSRC's mission by providing expert input and advice that helps shape and develop strategy and ensures that investment decisions are supported by expert knowledge and insight from members of the scientific.

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Mar 2020 - Present 1 year 4 months. Associate Director role, responsible for leading the delivery of the UKRI Environmental Sustainability Strategy. Working with UKRI's research councils, Innovate UK and Research England to deliver world-leading scientific research and innovation in an environmentally sustainable way towards a net-zero future Professor Michael Boniface UKRI TAS Hub. Professor Michael Boniface is Director of the IT Innovation Centre within the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, a Professorial Fellow of Information Systems, directs ECS Industrial Strategy translating fundamental research into practice, whilst leading ground-breaking research and innovation programmes CSR and Innovate UK Strategy Council were presented with a range of options contingent on the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review. If a one-year settlement is awarded, this may not be a direct rollover of 2020-21 budgets, instead a full UKRI Spending Review process will be observed

Alison is the first social scientist to be appointed to the Panel. Strategy Advisory Panels play a key role in delivering UKRI-BBSRC's mission by providing expert input and advice that helps shape and develop strategy and ensures that investment decisions are supported by expert knowledge and insight from members of the scientific research and innovation community, including those with broad. Results of Competition: UKRI Ideas to Address COVID-19: Innovate UK De Minimis Dec 2020 Total available funding is £5m for projects below £800k Competition Code: 2009_UKRI_IDEAS_COVID19_OPEN_DEMINIMIS Participant organisation names Project title Proposed project costs Proposed project grant Skin safety testing to enable far-UV-C £136,20 The project, dubbed HotScot, is among the of 17 submissions shortlisted by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Strength in Places Fund. The consortium behind the HotScot project will submit their bid to UKRI later in 2020. Four to eight of the submitted bids to receive around £10m to £50m funding to implement their proposals