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  1. Woetoli: Directed by Jae-shik Park. With Min-seo Chae, Yeong-suk Jeong, Yu-seok Jeong, Eun-ah Ko. A student becomes a recluse in response to her best friend's suicide and locks herself in her room. She believes that someone is in the room with her. Her alarmed family hires a psychologist to intervene
  2. Korean Film Council. Retrieved May 21, 2020. ^ a b Admissions as of 2 November 2008. 26 Years Diary (2006) - 너를 잊지 않을거야 (あなたを忘れない) . HanCinema. Retrieved on 24 November 2008. ^ a b Admissions as of 28 December 2008. 4 Days (2008) - 4요일: 죽음을 부르는 요일 . HanCinema. Retrieved on 31 December 2008
  3. In the household of Lee Gyeong-jin, a high-ranking official of Joseon Kingdom, three sons die from an unidentified horror. A woman pregnant with a child of the third son soon learns of the evil spirit that haunts the house. Director: Young-sun Yoo | Stars: Hong-il Choi, Kyu-Sung Lee, Yeong-hie Seo, Na-Eun Son

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Korean title: 알 포인트 | Released: 2004 | Horror Sub-Genre: War, Action, Psychological | Starring: Kam Woo-sung, Son Byong-ho. Many in the English-speaking world don't know that South Korea participated in the Vietnam War alongside America. As a result, similar to the US, South Korea also makes Vietnam War movies. R-Point is one of these movies.. In R-Point, a group of South Korean. South Korean horror burst onto the scene in the late '90s so although it was a bit late to the game, it sure as heck didn't hold back. K-horror differs from Western horror in the depth of its. We've curated a list of 20 Korean horror movies that will send chills down your spine, so turn off the lights, get comfy and put one of these films on. And if you feel like someone's watching you in the middle of the night, it's probably nothing. 1. The Closet (2020) Kim Nam-gil as Kyung-hoon Here are 10 of the best Korean horror movies out there. Updated on the 15th of April, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: With summer fast approaching, one of the primary ways in South Korea to stay cool during hot days is to stay in and watch chillingly scary horror movies

Death Bell (Korean: 고死: 피의 중간고사; RR: Gosa: Piui Junggangosa) is a 2008 Korean horror film. The only Korean horror film released over the summer of 2008, it is the first feature by former music video director Chang, who also co-wrote the screenplay. Death Bell stars Lee Beom-soo in his first horror film role, and K-pop singer Nam Gyu-ri in her acting debut Friends In this video I am going to explain Death Bell (2008) Movie Explained in Telugu | Korean Horror Mystery Thriller Movie Explained | Think DudeStory:. Korean horror films have been around since the early years of Korean cinema, however, it was not until the late 1990s that the genre began to experience a renewal.Many of the Korean horror films tend to focus on the suffering and the anguish of characters rather than focus on the explicit blood and guts aspect of horror Jeong Soo-na (Go Eun-ah) is a 17-year-old high school student who lives with her uncle, Se-jin (Jeong Yu-seok), and grandmother (Jeong Yeong-sook) in a big m.. 10 Best Korean Horror Movies Death Bell (2008) Exams are always difficult, and the pressure they put on students causes heaps of stress. In Death Bell, however,.

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Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum Trailer w/ Eng subtitlesSUBSCRIBE to MOVIE trailers: http://bit.ly/SubFIN and RING THE BELL !!WATCH #BestNewTrailers: http://bit.ly/T.. Ki Nov 07 2008 8:12 pm This is just hearsay, so take it with a grain of salt, but an acquaintance of mine told me that Blood Bell was hastily put together to take advantage of the fact that there were no other Korean horror movies slated to be released in the summer of 2008. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but I can say with certainty that Blood Bell is one remarkably stupid film. Horror films released in 2009; Title Director Cast Country Notes 5150, Rue Des Ormes Eric Tessier: Normand D'Amour, Marc-Andre Grondin, Sonia Vachon: Canada: Abduction: John Orrichio: Tony Rugnetta, Roberto Lombardi, Christy Callas, Deana Demko: United States: Abundant Sunshine: Gerard Collette: Nicole Dionne, Alisha Seaton, Pat McNeely, Nick.

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Watch FULL MOVIE NOW: http://asian-crush.com/movie/the-guard-post/Subscribe for FREE Asian films: http://goo.gl/hnFMUcLike us on FACEBOOK: http://goo.gl/gZEd.. 10 Scariest Korean Movies To Never Watch Alone, Ranked. From The Wailing to Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, here are some of the spookiest, most terrifying Korean horror movies ever made. South Korea is no slouch when it comes to horror. The amount of scary movies the country has amassed since the great boom in the 2000s is downright astounding

Mirrors is a 2008 American supernatural horror film directed by Alexandre Aja, starring Kiefer Sutherland, Paula Patton, and Amy Smart.The film was first titled Into the Mirror, but the name was later changed to Mirrors. Filming began on May 1, 2007, and it was released in American theaters on August 15, 2008. The film was originally scripted as a straightforward remake of the 2003 South. If the plot to this French horror sounds familiar, that's probably because you've seen The Strangers. Whether or not that 2008 movie is a remake of Them (originally Ils in France) is unclear from a legal standpoint. Regardless, Them is a quintessential entry in the home invasion sub-genre. 8 United Kingdom: Eden Lake (2008) — 6. The Chaser is a Crime/Thriller from 2008 about a former cop turned pimp. Several of his girls are missing and it looks like they all had a last date with the same client. Chan-wook Park is one of the big names in South Korean horror movies as well as being pretty well-known worldwide South Korean horror film produced, written and directed by Park Chan-wook. 67 Like. 7 Meh. 6 Dislike. 0 Save Mostly horror. Movies that gradually build and don't rely on tropes like jump scares ect. (2008 Movie) Julián @fabmoretti90. 935 Tastepoints. 0/113 likes in common The Chasing World. (2008) Strange murder cases that only targets people whose last name is Sato are happening in Japan. Meanwhile, high school student Sato Tsubasa winds up in a parallel world during a fight with gangsters. Everything seems the same, but his family, friends, and classmates are somehow different from who they used to be

Here are 13 underrated Asian horror movies that you should add to your must-watch list: 1. 'Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait' (2007) The movie follows a Korean writer who travels to Vietnam in search of stories for her second novel. While she's there, she learns of a mystery centered around a century-old vengeful spirit [18] Watch a horror movie from an Asian country other than Japan, China, or South Korea. [Thailand] A haunted horror movie causes death to the viewers lucky enough to watch. Great premise with some visceral scenes. The movie within the movie looks awesome even. I'd definitely recommend you search out the movie Here we summarize 5 recommendations for South Korean horror films that are guaranteed to make your hair stand on end. 1. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018) This horror film tells about the urban legend of Gonjiam Mental Hospital in Gyonggi Province, South Korea. It is said that many patients were killed there Korean World Premieres at PIFF 2008. 2008/09/30, Source. The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) is putting its weight behind local films this year, and, under the catch-phrase 'Way to Go, Korea!' will host the World Premier of 15 Korean features. Headlining is closing film I Am Happy by,.. Korean movie reviews from 2008. Death Bell is the only Korean horror film opening in the 2008 summer season. As an avid fan of horror genre, I would have loved to report to you that it handily overcomes bad word of mouth and production troubles and single-handedly restores the faith in K-horror. Not a chance

The Asian Horror Films of the New Millenium (2000-2009) by Jerome Magajes The Asian Horror Films of the New Millenium (2000-2009) by Jerome Magajes. Films 104 Comments 6 Followers 107 4Bia Not yet in the database: Epitaph (2007) Carved 2 (2008) The Doll Master (2004) Voices (2006) The Uninvited (2003) Alone (2007) Yoga (2009) The Chanting 2. All time Top Korean Horror Movies. With the massive growth in a worldwide popularity of South Korean culture, K-dramas and K-pop have attracted the entertainment lovers from all around the world. Movie lovers are taking a more keen interest in Korean movies as well. learn about the Most Expensive Horror Movies 5. Pontypool. Pontypool is a Canadian horror flick written and directed by Tony Burgess and Bruce McDonald based on Pontypool Changes Everything. Even if the film is Canadian, it deserves to be on the list of 10 best of 2008 Horror Movies. Rotten Tomatoes has given the film an 84% as the premise is witty yet restrained Other Korean horror films from early in the 21st century might be better known, like A Tale of Two Sisters, but Sorum remains arguably the most effective. Yoon Jong-chan won a clutch of best. This is the first film in a Korean high school horror trilogy; each film features an all girls school, but has a different story.In Whispering Corridors, Eun-yung receives a call from a fellow.

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RELATED: 10 Best Korean Horror Movies. However, as the case seems to always be, Hollywood rarely seemed to get the feel and atmosphere right when remaking Asian horror. While most Americans know about the scary, stringy-haired demonic children, there is much more to Asian horror than that. Here is a look at the best Asian horror movies of all-time 7 Worst: The Eye (2008) The original, The Eye was one of the most unique Asian horror movies ever, as it took on a premise that's never before seen in its genre. The protagonist received a corneal transplant that fixed her blindness, but at the cost of seeing spirits and disturbing premonitions Another fantastic Korean horror film takes the cake in the form of 2009's Thirst, from brilliant director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Stoker).A Catholic priest, who has fallen in love with his best. New eyelids are given as graduation presents; jaw shavings and nose jobs as birthday presents. Of course, common surgery can easily be viewed as a rather expensive method of self-improvement, but in this Korean horror film, plastic surgery can also be deadly to both your physical and mental health. This is the second movie from director Man-dae. The Front Line (2011) The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil (2019) The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008) Advertisement: A Hard Day. Hong Kil Dong (1986) — from North Korea. The Man from Nowhere (2010) Mr. Butterfly (2003) Musudan (2016

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Read More: Best Korean Horror Movies of All Time. 7. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) 'A Tale of Two Sisters' has been touted by many as one of the most divisive psychological thrillers to have come out of Korea. The plot concerns itself with two sisters, one of whom returns from a mental institution the same day that her stepmother's brother. Haleigh Foutch runs down the best horror movies from 2000 to 2010, from The Descent to Saw, in a wide-ranging, global list. Splinter (2008) A descendant of The Thing's lineage,. I Watched 11 Of The Grossest Horror Movies Ever Made So You Don't Have To. (2008) Weinstein Company/Everett Collection Korean horror films can be pretty shocking. Gross rating: 5/10. View. The 80 Best 2000s Horror Movies. Welcome to the new millennium. The decade horror came home to America. The decade horror went global. Welcome to the 80 Best Horror Movies of the 2000s. If horror movies reflect the fears and concerns of a people, it's notable that America claimed torture-porn as their de rigueur subgenre

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  1. Rent $3.99. Buy $12.99. View in iTunes. Ex-detective pimp Jung-ho has a big problem on his hands. His girls keep disappearing without clearing their debts. One night, he gets a call from a customer and sends Mi-jin, one of his girls still remaining, while ignoring her refusal due to her bad cold. But when Mi-jin meets the customer against her.
  2. Lake Mungo (2008) Welcome to HouseOfHorrors.com, the most extensive Horror Movie Collection on earth and the favorite destination for millions of our horror genre fans for more than 20 years.In this article, you will find the Lake Mungo Review, Rating, and Synopsis. Lake Mungo is a 2008 English Horror movie directed by Joel Anderson.We hope you will be able to find this Lake Mungo Review.
  3. The 30 Best South Korean Movies of the 21st Century: South Korean cinema is best known for their on-screen, no-holds-barred, grotesque violence that would find space in the list of the most unsettling movies.The biggest name in Korean cinema continues to be Park Chan-wook, with his international success opening up Korean cinema for similar directors, who make genre films aimed at popular.
  4. k-dramas & movies [drama 2008] Korean Ghost Stories / Hometown Legends 전설의 고향 [drama 2008] Korean Ghost Stories / Hometown Legends 전설의 고향 korean horror movies are always so scary

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Art student Jeong-hwa (Seo Woo) is moving to a smaller apartment by her school when she trips and falls, breaking a small statue on a box. She bends over to pick up the pieces and notices an amulet the shape of a queer mask and decides to use it for her exhibit assignment. After she moves she hears a weird knocking sound next door. She can't sleep because of the knocking sound every midnight. The 2008 movie also stars Paula Patton, Cameron Boyce, and Amy Smart. A sequel titled Mirrors 2 was released in 2010. Inspired by the 2003 South Korean horror film Into the Mirror,. Korean cinema is rightfully celebrated for its horror output. I would also say that many of the best Korean movies out there, including the ones you can stream on Prime Video, get a lot of good. Paranormal Activity is overrated, it didn't scared me at all while Drag Me to Hell made me laugh instead of scaring me. Have you tried Asian(Japanese,Thai, Chinese,Korean) Horror Movies. They make the best horror films. Most of the Hollywood horror movies are remake of them like Ring, Shutter, Grudge, One Missed Call, Pulse

Best Korean Movies of All Time. 1. Parasite. Starring Kang-ho Song, Sun-kyun Lee, and Yeo-jeong Jo, Parasite is the hot new thriller/drama/comedy that is sweeping the world. Set in South Korea, the film follows the story of the Kims, a family from the slums, as they con their way into working for a wealthy family, the Parks The Criterion Collection. Funny Games brings the home invasion of your worst nightmares to life. Whether you watch horror films for the visceral thrill or you appreciate the way they thematize the underlying horror of everyday issues and cultural norms, there's a lot to take away from this film. We're not sure which is scarier: two psychopaths cruelly torturing a family for no reason or the. As will Justin Kurzel's The Snowtown Murders (released as just Snowtown in Australia), a crime drama with grisly horror elements you won't soon forget. Take shots at us in the comments if you must, but won't regret watching them. With all that said, here are the 20 highest-rated Australian horror films, according to the Tomatometer Home Movie (2008) Welcome to HouseOfHorrors.com, the most extensive Horror Movie Collection on earth and the favorite destination for millions of our horror genre fans for more than 20 years.In this article, you will find the Home Movie Review, Rating, and Synopsis. Home Movie is a 2008 English Horror movie directed by Christopher Denham.We hope you will be able to find this Home Movie Review.

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REVIEW: Directed and co-written by the music video director Chang (Yoon Hong-seung), Death Bell is a South Korean teen horror with a bit of a twist. It combines traditional ghost story with more modern (and graphic) horror elements, creating a lukewarm mixture of two different styles of film. The story is set around an important midterm exam. South Korean films span a large range of genres and moods, but 2008's The Chaser is definitely a worthy addition to this super South Korea has produced plenty of great horror films,. Speedy Scandal, 2008. Also known as Scandal Makers, this movie is about a former teen idol and now a 30-year-old radio DJ, Nam Hyun-soo (Cha Tae-hyun) whose world is turned upside down when a woman (Park Bo-young) shows up at his doorstep with a young boy, claiming to be his daughter and the kid his grandchild. Hilarity ensues as Hyun-soo attempts to adjust to this new revelation and has to.

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Korean title: 님은 먼곳에 (Nimeun meongose) | Conflict: Vietnam War | Released: 2008. Another excellent Korean movie about the Vietnam War is Sunny, which depicts the conflict from a very different perspective.Korean actress Soo Ae plays protagonist Soon-yi, a Korean woman who goes to Vietnam as a singer in order to find her husband Summer is the season for chilly gothic and horror entertainment, so KBS takes the post-Women in the Sun time slot to launch its new horror series, Hometown of Legends, as its Wednesday-Thursday programming for the month of August. Or, should I say, new OLD series. There was an earlier version that aired in the late Continue reading Hometown of Legends / Legendary Hometow No streaming platform would like to compromise with its horror library. Hulu is mindful of this fact and has managed to present a greatly enriched library of horror films. Constituting the best horror movies on Hulu we have a perfect blend of the fan-favorite movies, classic 1980′ movies, Japanese Horror movies, Korean Horror Movies, Scariest.

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The best horror movies on Hulu right now By Michael Bizzaco , Blair Marnell and Michileen Martin July 1, 2021 There's nothing like a nail-biting horror movie to drive home our greatest fears Martyrs (France, 2008) Widely declared as one of the most ferocious horror films ever to be made, this film follows two girls, both victims of abuse in their childhood, as they push themselves. List of South Korean films of 2008. Complete list of South Korean films that received a domestic theatrical release in 2008. Source for release dates and box-office admission results (except where cited otherwise): 2009 South Korean horror film written and directed by Lee Yong-ju. The film received 248,503 admissions in South Korea The only Korean horror film released over the summer of 2008, it is the first feature by former music video director Chang (real name Yoon Hong-seung), who also co-wrote the screenplay The Guard Post. 2008. 2 hr 1 min. 5.9 (1,669) This Korean horror/mystery movie deals with the pervasive after effects of the Korean War, and was released in South Korea as GP-506 (the number of the titular guard post). Directed by Kong Su-Chang, the subtitled film begins with soldiers on a mission searching a Korean War era bunker within the.

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A slew of homegrown horror and thriller films are ready to make audiences feel a shiver cascading down their spines and forget the oppressive summer heat outside in the coming months. The action. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)85%. #19. Adjusted Score: 86.018%. Critics Consensus: Restrained but disturbing, A Tale of Two Sisters is a creepily effective, if at times confusing, horror movie. Synopsis: This supernatural horror film from Kim Jee-woon is inspired by the ancient Korean folktale Jangha and Hongryun 2008 managed to give us some great movies amongst the flood of crap, and some of them were quite extraordinary. As with the Worst Of list, once you get past the top 2 films (which are the top 2 Horror flicks of the year), the order can totally be argued over. You'll definitely want to click through to the full reviews for more info on each movie, unless of course you don't want a lot of info.

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Korean movies. 3 movies Edited November 2019. Movies 3. 1.6K The Chaser 2008 Movie South Korean horror film produced, written and directed by Park Chan-wook. 64 Like. 7 Meh. 5 Dislike. 0 Save. Add to a new list 2008 (3) 2007 (3) 2006 (3) Animation (553) Bollywood (1934) Tamil (855) Indian Bangla (169) Korean. Action,Thriller, min. Confession of Murder. A horror movie about the mysterious happenings that happen to a pair of sisters after watching an unidentified video. Directed by Kim Tae-kyeong, Park.. The movie was nominated for and went on to win a whole slate of awards at various international film festivals. 11. Breathless (Ik-Joon Yang, 2008) Song-Hoon is an enforcer for a local loan shark. And as the man is basically rage personified, he's damn good at his job

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Watch free horror movies and TV shows online in HD on any device. Tubi offers streaming horror movies and tv you will love Dude check out Grotesque, Anything by Takeshi Miike, lotsa Korean horror movies are good. Also A Serbian Film, ummm Norikos Dinner Table, Suicide Circle, Battle Royale, Tidelands, God so many more Hmu on Facebook or email and we can talk about movies if you want. Definitely looking into your suggestions.. We seem to have similar tastes. Me and my friends have been on a binge for Korean films lately. We watched The Wailing, A Bittersweet Life, and A Tale Of Two Sisters recently. I remembered A Tale Of Two Sisters was one of the films Jordan Peele wanted his cast to watch before filming US so we definitely wanted to check it out Martyrs. Pascal Laugier's 2008 revenge horror is widely regarded as one of the most unsparingly violent movies ever made. The film, which follows two young women on a maniacal payback mission to.