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  1. A stupid insult to people who wear glasses, which makes no sense at all
  2. Definition of eye in the Idioms Dictionary. eye phrase. What does eye expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Eye - Idioms by The Free Dictionary four-eyes; from the corner of (one's) eye; get (one's) eye; get (one's) eye in; get a black eye; get eye Go to catch; get some shuteye; get some shut-eye
  3. We've found 138 phrases and idioms matching four-eyes. Sort: Relevancy A - Z. four-eyes. A person who wears spectacles. Rate it: ( 1.00 / 1 vote) four sheets to the wind. Extremely drunk. Rate it
  4. Define four-eyes. four-eyes synonyms, four-eyes pronunciation, four-eyes translation, English dictionary definition of four-eyes. n a disparaging term of address for a person wearing spectacles ˈfour-ˌeyed adj Collins English Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 ©..
  5. Four-eyes is an idiom. It is one of the most commonly used expressions in English writings. Four-eyes stands for (idiomatic, derogatory) A person who wears spectacles.. Explore Urdupoint to find out more popular Idioms and Idiom Meanings, to amplify your writing
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four eyes n. (used with a sing. verb) Derogatory One who wears eyeglasses. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition Definition of four-eyes by the Dictionary of American Idioms. four-eyes idiom meaning. What does four-eyes expression mean? How to use four-eyes idiom? Example sentences with four-eyes idiom

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noun, plural four-eyes. Slang: Usually Disparaging. a person who wears eyeglasses (sometimes used facetiously) four - eyes ( plural four-eyes ) ( idiomatic, derogatory) A person who wears spectacles Four eyes see more than two Source: The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs Author(s): John SimpsonJohn Simpson, Jennifer SpeakeJennifer Speake. Observation by two people is better than by one alone. Two heads are better than one expresses a similar idea..

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  1. What does four-eyes mean? One who wears eyeglasses. (noun
  2. Biblical scholar David Bivin gives examples of some difficult Hebrew idioms: be'arba enayim, literally 'with four eyes,' means face to face without the presence of a third person, as in, 'The two men met with four eyes.' [The term] lo dubim ve lo ya'ar is literally '[There are] neither bears nor forest,' but means that.
  3. The fossil suggests that the ancient ancestors of this creature, also called as harvestmen had four eyes compared to the two eyed harvestmen found these days. Examples from Classical Literature I wore horrid pink glasses fixed around the back of my head with elastic and I hated it when boys called me four eyes or cross-eyed
  4. When I was a kid, we considered it the height of hilarity to refer to someone as four eyes. In modern terms, we thought this was a sick burn, but all it means it that the person wears glasses (spectacles). Not all that original, I know. In Romanian, however, saying ochii-n patru means something completel

Four eyes are better than two. The four eyes principle isn't unique to translations, or even just to proofreading. The basic idea is that four eyes - two people - are responsible for checking work before it can be signed off. Depending on the industry, this works to address: Security, Accuracy, and. Ethics The four eyes principle is a cornerstone of any quality system--GMP, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17025. FDA GMP update: out through the in door and back in again: changes to verification of performance of operations by a second individual Apr 24, 2013 - Idiom- Four eyes! My Concentration piece for AP Drawin Class of 2021 Graduation Slide Presentation. Class of 2021 Graduation Slide Presentation create... An End of 2020-21 School Year Message From Principal Alan Davi What is the meaning of [four eyes see more than two] Two people keeping watch, supervising, or searching have a better chance of noticing or finding something. Post navigation. What is the meaning of [for want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, and for want of a horse the rider was lost

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  1. An insult for a kid who wears glasses, a phrase a bully would use to take the piss out of the fact the kid wears glasses. very mean if you ask m
  2. four eyes - someone who is wearing glasses (an expression sometimes used by children) The children called their friend with the glasses four eyes. get a black eye - to get a bruise near one's eye from being hit, to have one's reputation harmed. The little boy got a black eye when he bumped into the door. The company has a black eye because of.
  3. four-eyes: a mocking term for someone who wears eyeglasses 29. four-leaf clover: an allusion to good luck because of the notion that finding a clover with four leaves, which is rare, will bring good fortune 30. four-letter word: an obscene or vulgar word, from the fact that several such words have four letters 31. forty winks: a nap 32
  4. Is to talk under four eyes a common idiom in English? 2. I wanted to know whether there are some similar English idioms for this Persian Idiom or not?(look at the definition) 1. Looking for an expression or idiom for a weak person who can be easily bullied or intimidated. 0
  5. Four Eyes, Zero Soul. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but as we see, he has no soul. So you have a guy who is cold, emotionless, or brutally practical, a little cruel or even a soulless monster. To quickly tip off the audience to his personality, give him glasses. The eyes are said to be windows of the soul, so hiding them behind.
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  7. Is to talk under four eyes a common idiom in English? 2. Idiom : too fond of one's own voice. 0. redux in vector class redux 1 Take more, throw further - an idiom about a dumb work. 0. What is the contrast that the idiom, the other way round, is pointing out here? 1. But now he has come to. 0. What does I could just.

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Here is the Indonesian Idioms and Proverbs. Also learn about famous Indonesian phrases. Indonesian Idioms. Idioms are a group of vocabulary arranged in certain order to create a new meaning. If each of the vocabulary is separated; they have a complete different meaning from the idioms glasses [glas´ez] lenses arranged in a frame holding them in the proper position in front of the eyes, as an aid to vision. Called also eyeglasses and spectacles. bifocal glasses glasses with bifocal lenses; see also bifocal glasses. trifocal glasses glasses with trifocal lenses. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied. Eating someone's eye in a dream means steeling his money. Seeing one's eyes without eyelashes in a dream means defying God's laws. Ifone unplugs his eyelashes in a dream, it means that he will expose himselfto his enemy. Seeing beautiful eyes in a dream could denote, sorcery. black magic, life or death four-eyes: A person who wears spectacles. Rate it: (1.00 / 1 vote) ce n'est pas pour vous que le four chauffe: All these preparations are not for you. Rate it: (0.00 / 0 votes) cette pièce a fait four: That piece was a failure, a frost. Rate it: (0.00 / 0 votes) être au four et au moulin: To be all over the place; be in two places at once. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder means that different people will find different things beautiful and that the differences of opinion don't matter greatly. Beauty is only skin deep. This idiom means that appearances can be deceptive and something that seems or looks good may turn out to be bad. Bedroom eyes

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  1. Four eyes see more than two. English equivalent: Two heads are better than one. Friss, Vogel, oder stirb! (also: Friss oder stirb!) Lit. translation: Eat, bird, or die! (Eat or die!) Meaning: You're in a sticky situation where you don't have much of a choice among a wide variety of gourmet meals
  2. University Of Life is an idiom. It is one of the most commonly used expressions in English writings. University Of Life stands for (idiomatic, chiefly Britain) The real world as a source of instruction, as opposed to a formal education.. Explore Urdupoint to find out more popular Idioms and Idiom Meanings, to amplify your writings
  3. four definition: 1. the number 4: 2. a team of four people in rowing, or the boat that they use 3. in cricket, to. Learn more
  4. Idioms—or turns of phrase—are a form of cultural understanding. These are the phrases that those who learn a language hunger to master. When in Rome, as the idiom goes. Such phrases are also a kind of mnemonic device—an aid that helps you remember vocabulary and cultural patterns or beliefs. 10 FUNNY, SMART, AND CREATIVE DUTCH IDIOMS

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Bought And Paid For is an idiom. It is one of the most commonly used expressions in English writings. Bought And Paid For stands for . Explore Urdupoint to find out more popular Idioms and Idiom Meanings, to amplify your writings a sight for sore eyes definition: 1. a way of saying that you are very pleased to see someone or that you think someone is very. Learn more

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Four Eyes. Looking for glasses. By Patricia Mar x. March 22, 2010. Save this story for later. Life style comes up a lot. The last thing you want, apparently, is to have a pair of eyeglasses. Two people is then four eyes. Explained by Ww Ww on Sat, 02/07/2016 - 02:25. Explained by Ww Ww. Add comment. French. avoir une conversation sans intermédiaires et de vive voix. Explained by elfy2016 on Fri, 01/07/2016 - 19:50. Explained by elfy2016. Add comment. Search idioms . View all idioms. This idiom is not in our database yet. You may. Four Eyes is a song sung by Miss Whoops, featuring vocals of Mr. Nervous with Mr. Fussy and Mr. Nosey as backing vocals. It appears in S2 E10 Eyeglasses 1 and was removed from the UK version. Whoops drives in the A-Team's GMC van.2 Mr. Happy screams Wonderful when losing control over his car after colliding with Whoops. Mr. Nosey's presence in the song is a subtle joke of him assuming his. Apr 2, 2012 - This is a gyrinid beetle, commonly known as a whirligig. These insects have four eyes, two of which are used for underwater sight, and two for above water. I have no idea what the triangular processes are. My guess is that these are hairs that clumped together when they dried out four meaning: 1. the number 4: 2. a team of four people in rowing, or the boat that they use 3. in cricket, to. Learn more

I don't think there is an idiom for it. To talk about the book in English, you can mention its name Hammer on Witches, provided that you establish the context for it, as you have done in your question. You could also mention its name without context, if whoever you talking about it to, already knows. - Tristan Nov 12 '13 at 15:3 Two Hearts Four Eyes. Versions: #1 #2. Two hearts four eyes. Crying all day and night long. Dark eyes, you cry because you can't be together. You can't be together. My mother told me. You mustn't fall in love with this boy. But I went for him anyway and love him until the end Meaning of Jump At The Chance. Jump At The Chance is an idiom. It is one of the most commonly used expressions in English writings. Jump At The Chance stands for (idiomatic) To immediately accept an offer; to seize an opportunity.. Explore Urdupoint to find out more popular Idioms and Idiom Meanings, to amplify your writings

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Four Eyes Insight use extensive clinical expertise to identify and implement significant healthcare efficiencies, embedding and sustaining effective change with active staff buy-in combined with bespoke remote monitoring solutions. Analysis. 1 Initial diagnostics based on robust and detailed statistics It means not only to not retaliate, but to actually offer your other cheek for your attacker to hit as well, if he wants. (Hopefully he will feel ashamed to be hitting you when you aren't offering a defense, but that is up to him.) Bahá'u'lláh, fo.. four-eyes principle. Portuguese translation: aprovação do diretor geral (presidente) e responsável financeiro. Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD) 00:50 Oct 13, 2007. English to Portuguese translations [PRO] Bus/Financial - Business/Commerce (general) English term or phrase: four-eyes principle

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Almost instantly, the Oleson brats started calling Mary a four eyes and made fun of her, and because she seems to care what the Olesons say for some reason, she took offense. When stood up in class to read from the board with her new glasses and her new self-esteem, the entire class started to robotically chant four eyes, four eyes adj. foul·er, foul·est. 1. a. Offensive to the senses; revolting: a foul little creature with greedy eyes and slobbering mouth (J.R.R. Tolkien). b. Having a bad odor or taste: foul breath; food that tasted foul. c. Rotten or putrid: foul meat fucking four eyes (solo) He was a four eyes, four eyes fucking four eyes. Eventually, I got tired of always getting beat up So I started training karate and boxing And became strong as hell But as my muscles grew My vision started getting worse and worse Such a darn fate. Now Im a four eyes, yeah a four eyes fuckin four eyes They call me four eyes Avatar is a 2009 Science Fiction film directed by James Cameron.. The film takes place in a future where Earth is a polluted Crapsack World, though the story itself unfolds on Pandora, a large moon of the planet Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri A system.It has lots of Unobtainium (seriously, that's what it's called as an in-joke; most viewers miss the single line in the film in which it is. Our battles will be legendary. - Dear member of the Federation Council, I have two bad news. Our diplomats have returned from their meeting with the diplomats of the Keeknig Alliance. The Alliance hold us responsible for the crash of the Laain moon on the home planet of the Kayedan, and are asking reparation on their behalf

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Four-eyes most commonly refers to someone who wears glasses because the lenses make them look like they have four eyes. However, the more I think about it, this is really silly because it really doesn't look like that. Urban Dictionary: four eyes Hope this helps Four eyes off the ball means trusting your partner. You have to trust your partner to clean up his area. If your partner has the dribbler, he shouldn't need your help, Natili emphasized. During the pregame, Natili said he discusses the need to clean up illegal contact early, and the game will go 1,000 percent better

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Four eyes see more than two. 10. 2. Since we can all agree that nobody is perfect, nobody can do a perfect job all of the time. Therefore, for translators, the support of a reviewer who can guarantee the quality of their work is ideal. Because, however experienced you may be, some kind of mistake - whether relating to translation or. This idiom means under four eyes, which actually refers to two people speaking together in private. Example: Ich muss mit Ihnen unter vier Augen sprechen. I want to talk to you in private. 5 - fünf (five) Expression: fünf gerade sein lassen. To take a more relaxed view of things (literal meaning: to pass the odd number five off as even) Idiomatic Hebrew. Hebrew has many idiomatic terms that are not easily translatable to other languages, for example בארבע עיניים be'arba enayim, literally 'with four eyes,' means face to face without the presence of a third person, as in, 'The two men met with four eyes.'The expression לא דובים ולא יער lo dubim ve lo ya'ar is literally neither bears nor forest but. Idiom: all fours. All four limbs of an animal or person: a baby crawling on all fours. [Middle English, from Old English fēower; see k w etwer-in Indo-European roots.] four adj. & pron. à quatre portes four-engined plane n → quadrimoteur m four-eyes.

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3. Proofreading (Four-Eyes Principle) Two pairs of eyes are looking at the translation in depth. During this step remaining typos and errors are fixed and the translation is getting a thorough look in terms of logic and text comprehension Twoflower was accidentally portrayed as having four eyes on the cover of The Colour of Magic when artist Josh Kirby took the book's description of Twoflower's glasses a bit too literally. In the Animorphs series, Andalites have four eyes — two in the regular spot on their faces, and two eye stalks that can rotate around for 360-degree vision

Dutch Sayings and Standard Phrases (Het) spreekwoord 2 - (de) uitdrukking 2 - (het) gezegde 'saying, standard phrase, proverb, idiom' - 'gezegde' may also mean 'the predicate,' what is said in a sentence about the subject - hear Dutch grammar terms standaarduitdrukkingen 2 standard, stock phrases Scattered over my website is a large number of Dutch lines and phrases four translate: (数字)4, 四人赛艇队;四人赛艇. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary 3. Pick up phrases that are commonly found in Central Canada. This region includes Québec and Ontario. The local English slang has French and British influences. Furthermore, Québec is the only fully French-speaking province in Canada. However, there are French-speaking people in other provinces such as Ontario tī rākau Play. 1. (noun) stick game - played by six or more people with wooden rods which are thrown by the players to each other in time to a song. Players sit or kneel in a circle a little distance apart from each other. Four sticks are used. Four of the players each have a stick, held vertically in the right hand With four eyes- two people face to face Part 3 Longer explanation of some Idioms and terms and their meanings. Abraham's Bosom is a term usually referring to the dead in heaven. But the term bosom frequently refers to the folds of the Hebrew garment as they extend over and droop over the girdle. It is used for a receptacle for various items.

Twenty-Four Eyes ★★★ Nijushi No Hitomi 1954Miss Oishi (Takamine), a teacher on a remote Japanese island in the 1920s, attempts to transmit peaceful values to her 12 pupils amidst the clamor of a nation gearing up for war. As she watches them grow up, many of them doomed to an early death, she remains a pillar of quiet strength. In Japanese with English subtitles. 158m/B VHS Quaestor has five legs and four eyes (one pair is large and the other pair is stalked), and is also the galaxy's best detective. The Gemini Twins are a pair of orange seahorse-like Planimals with Psychic Powers. They also cannot talk, since they have evolved telepathy over anything else, so they rely on Cogno to speak. Deltora Quest. Dear GOD. Sight is one of the most important senses, the one most of us use most to learn what's happening around us. So it shouldn't be surprising that a number of phrases refer to the organ of sight. This is especially true in Spanish, which has over two dozen phrases using the word ojo.Following are some of the most common ones, along with some examples of their use

Same as with myths and legend, some expressions are common to several languages. Sometimes, it's even possible to translate them literally. Spanish and English, having been related and influenced by each other, share some of their expressions and proverbs, and many others are too similar not to notice CatDog was a Nicktoon created by illustrator and musician Peter Hannan. It first aired on Nickelodeon in 1998 and ran for 68 episodes.. The story revolved around Cat and Dog (together CatDog), conjoined twins who were a cat and a dog respectively. The conjoined twins have very different personalities.Cat was the sophisticated one, being into things such as the Opera and cleanliness eye significado, definição eye: 1. one of the two organs in your face that are used for seeing: 2. a dark spot on a potato o Gujarati Phrases. The Gujarati phrases are helpful because they are used daily. Below we picked expressions that a new learner will find useful. We included the audio as well. This is a better way to learning

idiom. have a near miss; have a narrow escape. échauffer la bile à qqn idiom. get someone's goat. échauffer les oreilles à qqn idiom. between four eyes, the implication here is that each of the two people has two eyes, hence the total) entrer en fonction idiom. take office. entrer en lice idiom. throw one's hat in the ring. entrer. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (simplified Chinese: 卧虎藏龙; traditional Chinese: 臥虎藏龍; pinyin: Wò hǔ cáng lóng) is a 2000 wuxia film directed by Ang Lee and written by Wang Hui-ling, James Schamus and Kuo Jung Tsai. The film features an international cast of actors of Chinese ethnicity, including Chow Yun-fat, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi and Chang Chen Two hearts, four eyes, Two hearts, four eyes, which cried during the day and night. Black eyes, which you cry, because you cannot meet. Because you cannot meet. My mother forbade me love a boy. I would must have heart of stone, that lest I love the boy Four Eyes. By Michael Clowater | Comedy. A young boy is bullied for wearing glasses. Then he stands up for himself. It's 1977 and Brian is 11 years old. He's having a hard time in life: he's picked on in his neighborhood because he's weird and awkward, and they break his glasses and call him Four Eyes.. Meanwhile, his mother Helen. Less Appropriate: Sue is an arthritic, - diabetic, - paraplegic Comment: Terms are variations of the condition and describes someone as the condition and implies the person is an object of medical care. Emphasizes the medical aspects of a condition instead of the person. Person is secondary to disability. More Appropriate: Sue has arthritis, - diabetes, - paralyzed, - has paralysis.

20/20 is a passive item. 1 Effect 2 Notes 3 Synergies 4 Interactions 5 In-game Footage 6 Trivia 7 Seeds Isaac fires two tears at once, one from each eye. 0.75x damage multiplier. Unlike other multiple shot items like Mutant Spider or The Inner Eye, 20/20 does not reduce the rate of fire. The.. Idioms using ojo: Literally, four eyes are better than two.) ¡Ojo! can also be used by itself as an interjection to mean Watch out! or Be careful! 2629 views. updated Apr 13, 2017. posted by ray76. Wow! You've got them all! I have absolutely nothing to add. No voy a cansar mis ojos buscando una respusta

Four different expressions, four different eyes. Love it! Jasalad. Aug 9, 2018. dat fantastic expression-work LOVE that stunned look in the first panel. that's not something we see much in these kinds of scenarios but it totally works. like she's scared stiff by the snake but then maybe turns her head a bit to peak into his eyes before becoming. Trick questions put your thinking skills to the test—and we have 125 of the most confusing, tricky and hard questions with answers! (Plus, they make good questions to ask people, too. There's a reason that riddles are the bedrock of ancient folk tales and superhero sagas. Riddles are a great way to knock the mind out of its cognitive ruts and to stimulate creative thinking in kids, adults, and mythic heroes alike. The best riddles for kids, like the best jokes for kids, are challenging, fun word puzzles that push kids to think outside the box while encouraging them to.

Localization of Idioms. Idioms play a part in our manner of speaking and relating. Webster's Dictionary defines an idiom as, an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words but that has a separate meaning of its own.. These expressions are ways a culture identifies or gives metaphors to the life around it Twenty-Four Eyes to our modern view has many excesses including its almost three-hour length but the purity and radiance of Takamine as the compassionate school teacher shines through and the film allowed Japanese audiences to experience a cathartic expression of the sadness and loss caused by the war An interesting subversion occurs with Dr. Nazo, the Big Bad of 60s anime Ougon Bat: he doesn't wear glasses, but he does indeed have four eyes. And less than zero of a soul. Depraved Homosexual Professor Aizawa from Sukisho who was responsible for performing sadistic experiments on Sunao and Sora when they were children

Four eyes are better than two. If you don't know where you're going, then the journey is never ending. If you don't say it you will not have to unsay it. It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. Look before you leap. Make hay while the sun shines. No point in making a mountain out of a. Today I was looking for Detective Nut, because the technician warned me during yesterday's interpreting, that something was wrong with my microphone. I made a recording, I can't hear anything. I say to myself, this person ′′ hears the grass grow . But then I questioned whether I correctly interpret this idiom Four eyes more than one idiom .Four eyes more than one is an English Idiom. Four eyes more than one translation in Urdu are do ki aqal aik say badi - دو کی عقل ایک سے بڑی. See Four eyes more than one words meaning used in the idiom & with more related idioms Scylla was a grotesque sea monster, with four eyes, six long necks equipped with grisly heads, each of which contained three rows of sharp teeth. Her body consisted of twelve tentacle-like legs and a tail and with four to six dog-heads ringing her waist. She was one of the children of Phorcys and either Hecate, Crataeis, Lamia or Keto (where. SCYLLA, a six-headed sea monster, fished for dolphins, sea-dogs and sailors—including the crew of Odysseus as his ship sails past her cavern—in the Strait of Messina. According to one myth, she was originally a beautiful sea nymph, loved by Zeus and Poseidon in turn, until changed by the jealousy of Circe into a snapping, barking monster

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The third eye (also called the mind's eye or inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye, usually depicted as located on the forehead, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.. In Indian spiritual traditions, the third eye refers to the ajna (or brow) chakra. The third eye refers to the gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness The Power of the Idiom. The phrase 'green-eyed monster' is considered an idiom.An idiom is a figurative expression that uses words in an unusual and imaginative manner and goes beyond literal. Manolito Four-Eyes: The 1st Volume of the Great Encyclopedia of My Life - Kindle edition by Lindo, Elvira, Urberuaga, Emilio. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Manolito Four-Eyes: The 1st Volume of the Great Encyclopedia of My Life Katsuki poked his chest. You keep this class together, Deku. You - you hold everyone else up. You're not like me or Half-n-half or Four Eyes. You keep going but you don't leave anyone behind. You - you take us with you and without you we'll Izuku stared at him