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Yemaya is just as much a loving mother orisha as she is a fierce warrior that kills anyone who threatens her children. Yemaya can be found in all the waters of the world, and because of this she has many aspects of caminos (roads), each reflecting the nature of different bodies of water The Orishas: Yemaya. Known as the goddess of the ocean, the mother of all living things and the guardian of mothers and children, Yemaya is one of the most powerful Orishas worshiped in Santeria. She is a nurturing caretaker who watches over all things with a keen eye. The source of and controller of all waters, she is the quintessential mother Yemaja is an orisha, originally of the Yoruba religion, who has become prominent in many Afro-American religion. Africans from what is now called Yorubaland brought Yemaya and a host of other deities/energy forces in nature with them when they were brought to the shores of the Americas as captives

The Orisha Yemayá Okute, Olokun's gatekeeper and creator of the ocean. by Claudia Rodriguez. Yemayá Okute is the way of Yemaya also known as Okute Odofe Iyagba. She is severe and spiteful and does not tolerate wrong actions, which she punishes with all the force of her waters Yemaya Ibu Elowo Owner of the fortune of the ocean floor. 4: Yemayá Akere It lives in the deepest parts of the Ocean. 5: Yemaya Ibu Konla: The Yemayá that lives in the foam of the propellers of the ships. He is a poet and gets tangled up in flax and seaweed. 6: Yemayá Yemú or Yembó: This is the Yemayá road that the calm sea grants Yemaya is the orisha of lakes and seas and the patron of women and of motherhood. She is associated with Our Lady of Regla, the protector of sailors. Fans, seashells, canoes, coral, and the moon all represent her. Her colors are white and blue. Yemaya is maternal, dignified and nurturing, the spiritual mother of all Yemaya stays in the uppermost part of the ocean while Olukun is the orisha who resides in the dark depths. Olukun is respected for his ominous power that has no perceived limits or boundaries while Yemaya is associated with life, fertility and creation. Therefore, they balance each other

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  1. Yemaya, also known as Yemoja, Yemanja, Yemalla and others, was the river or sea orisha of the Yoruba people, one of the largest ethnic groups of southwestern Nigeria. In Yoruba religion, she was considered as the mother of all living things and was among the most powerful and loved deities of all, and was also known as the Queen of the Sea
  2. Orisha Yemaya, the beautiful one Who wears the Seven Skirts of the Seven Seas, Swirl around me and create a flow of energy That washes away all bane. Oh Yemaya! Mistress of the Moon, Shine your light onto me, And fill me with your magic. Make me fertile! Help me to accomplish my goals, Yemaya, the great goddess of the Ocea
  3. Yemaya is perhaps the most nurturing of all the Orishas, and it's believed that all of life comes from her deep nourishing waters. Her strong and protective energy can be found virtually.

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Tag: dream about yemaya Vodun FAQ: A Non African Having Orisha Dreams. If you are a non African but you are having Orisha dreams, it can be a bit scary, especially if you have no knowledge of traditional African faith. You may think you're being approached by demons, or be told this by someone ignorant who means well but has politicised. YEMAYA. This orisha is female. While working as a man, is the divinity of the salt water. She is of the Kingdom of OBEOKUTA naturally, but her worshipers are of the Principal EGBADO town, the queen of the EGBADO is Okoto,also known by the name of Obsa. Yemaya is as old as Obatala and so powerful, it is said to be the most powerful; but lost. Yemaya is the imposing Mother of Oceans, Orisha, Goddess, All Mother from the Yoruban and Afro-Caribbean traditions. September 7 is Her Feast Day and throughout the world, devotees will be making pilgrimage to Her shores to pay respect, celebrate, and pray. We turn to Yemaya for nourishment, healing, cleansing, and protection Prayer to Yemaya for love. Oh! Queen mother of waters, great is her power, high is her strength and her light, for her children, as is the wisdom with which you rule all the oceans and seas. With this prayer, I pray that the lady may come to my request to find love and to turn away from my course, enemies, and barriers and drown in me my fears Orisha Yemaya + Orisha Oshun Together As The 2 Waters Dos Aguas Dressed & Blessed 7 Day Prayer Candles For Rejuvenation Fertility Healing. Lazarobrand. From shop Lazarobrand. 5 out of 5 stars. (275) 275 reviews. $22.00 FREE shipping. Favorite. Add to

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  1. Yemonja, also spelled Yemoja or Yemaja, Yoruban deity celebrated as the giver of life and as the metaphysical mother of all orisha (deities) within the Yoruba spiritual pantheon. Yemonja's name is derived from the Yoruba words Yeye or Iya (mother), omo (child/children), and eja (fish) and thus literally means Mother whose.
  2. Yemaya Ibualaro: this Yemaya is born in the odun Oddi -Ocana (7-1) She is the owner of life and death. she has a her tools and a lucero , a man, a woman, a machete , a Ochosi , a skeleton, a female key, seven otas , seven hooks , and seven smaller machetes , her sopera is painted in seven colors
  3. Yemaya : Quien es esta Orisha de la santería, Su canto, Oración, ofrendas y mas Yemaya es la representación de la madre universal y madre de todos los Orishas. Se considera hermana de Oshun y madre sentimental de Shango. Fue la primera mujer de Orumila a quien robo el secreto de trabajar con el opele
  4. Yemaya: Orisha, Goddess and Queen of the Sea is a supremely well-written, engaging, and all-encompassing account of the goddess and her many attributes and paths. It includes real life stories depicting the love that Yemaya has for humanity and the many miracles she has performed
  5. Yemaya means Mother of Water, The Mother Whose Children Are the Fish In traditional Yoruba culture and all over the world and spirituality, Yemaya is a mother spirit; patron spirit of women, especially pregnant women; She is the patron deity of the Ogun river but she is also worshiped at streams, creeks, springs in addition to wells and run-offs
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Yemaya Orisha. Yemaya Orisha is the divine mother, female warrior of the seven seas. As a warrior goddess, Yemaya embodies the strength of the Divine Mother to defend children everywhere and promote maternal values. The influence of Yemaya Orisha brings harmony to your household, balance to your marriage, and economic well being to your family Yemaya is the Yoruban Orisha or Goddess of the living ocean, considered the Mother of All. She is the source of all the waters, including the rivers of Western Africa, especially the River Ogun. Her name is a contraction of Yey Omo Eja, which mans Mother Whose Children are the Fish. As all life is thought to have begu One of the Orishas, she is a sensuous, slow-moving figure, just like the water she represents. Very calm and soothing for birthing situations. But she has a curious aversion to salt — so she will float over the ocean but not in it. Yemaya is also a Moon Goddess and the number seven has special significance for her Yemaya is the imposing Mother of Oceans, Orisha, Goddess, All Mother from the Yoruban and Afro-Caribbean traditions. September 7 is Her Feast Day and throughout the world, devotees will be making pilgrimage to Her shores to pay respect, celebrate, and pray. We turn to Yemaya for nourishment, healing, cleansing, and protection

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Yemaya is a mother goddess, the goddess of home, fertility, love and family. Like water she represents both change and constancy bringing forth life, protecting it, and changing it as is necessary. According to legend, Yemaya's first gift to her beloved humans was a sea shell in which her voice could always be heard Yemaya's festival days are February 2 nd, the Summer Solstice and September 7 th. She brings life, is the protector of Her people, and brings change. She brings comfort and love to Her children and will protect them when She needs to Saturday: Yemaya, Oshun. As it is for Jews, for Vodun practitioners as well, the day begins at sundown. So Monday, for instance, begins on Sunday night. Also, there are many more Orishas than listed here. Much knowledge has been lost, but some elders still remember Prayer for Yemaya: Iyá eyá ayaba okun omá iré gbogbo awani Iyá Shangó: Perhaps the most 'popular' of the orishas, Shangó rules over lightning, thunder, fire, the drums and dance. He is a warrior orisha with quick wits, quick temper and is the epitomy of virility

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  1. In hoodoo practice, Yemaya, is known as one of the Seven African Powers. Yemaya is an orisha, originally from the traditional religious practices of the Yoruba people in Africa. Orishas are sometimes described as the emissaries of Olodumare, or God Almighty
  2. Yemaya is known by many names and exists in many traditions. Originally an Orisha in the Ifa tradition, she is also recognized in Santeria, Lucumi, and even syncretized with the Virgin Mother Mary. She is known as the Goddess of the Ocean, Sea, and Rivers, the mother of fishes, the mother of the Orishas. Getting to Know Yemaya
  3. Yemaya, a Cuban born deity in Africa, has always been loved and feared by believers in Cuba. She is one of the attractions of Cuba is the sample of her religiosity, and within her the so-called syncretism, a popular mixture of beliefs born in Africa, and Catholicism
  4. Yemaya is a Yorubian Orisha, or Goddess of the Ocean who is the mother of all. She is the source of the water that gives life in West Africa. She is a protection Goddess and also resides over fertility and creation. She is a fierce protector of women
  5. Seven African Powers. The specific orishas who are most involved in human everyday matters may be invoked together as a group known as the Seven African Powers. By petitioning these orishas en masse rather than individually, one is assured that all bases are covered. The Seven African Powers provide all Earth's potential blessings and protections
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  7. Yemaya is the Yorùbá Orisha or Goddess of the living Ocean, considered the mother of all. She is the source of all the waters, including the rivers of western Africa, especially the River Ogun. Her name is a contraction of Yey Omo Eja, which means Mother Whose Children are the Fish
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Yemaya is the ultimate universal mother. Yemaya also know as Yemoja, Yemanja Yemalla or La Sirène is the orisha of the ocean and all that inhabits in it. She is the water that pushes up against the seashores. She gives life in all aspects. Yemaya's domain is all waters, the sea, rivers, lakes, lagoons all that is water she it You're like Yemaya, family oriented, likes order. very dignified. Home is important., children ,your mate , discipline, and family unity. You can be stern but always with love. You are reliable, stable, and tend to be well grounded. Its difficult to get you angry, but when your temper is roused it's something to behold Yemaya is the Orisha of motherhood and the queen of the sea. She is prayed to in matters of fertility and spiritual growth. Yemaya is a source of comfort and strength in times of emotional crisis. Also Yemalia, Yemalla. Literally mother of fishes. She rules birth and the surface of the oceans, and works closely with Olokun, who rules the.

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Shop by orisha; Yemaya; Yemaya. Showing 1-16 of 36 results. Sort by: Sort by: Sort by: Sort by: View: Add to cart. Quick View. Bebe femenina de yemaya $ 53.49. Add to cart. Quick View. Jicara forrada de Yemaya $ 17.11. Add to cart. The Orishas represent all qualities of the divine but are also human-like in their characters. Each Orisha has its likes and dislikes, elekes (prayer beads), and specific numbers. The human-like attributes of Orishas play a very important role in the development and continuity of the religion

Yemaya Round Mermaid with Enamel $ 140.00 Add to cart Yemaya Round Mermaid $ 105.00 Add to cart Ashé Necklace $ 135.00 Add to cart Yemaya Mermaid with Straight Enamel Tail $ 125.00 Add to cart Yemaya Mermaid with Curl Enamel Tai Divination, Odu, Religious Tenets. March 23, 2013. by Santeria Church. Pumpkins are a very important ebó when someone receives the odu Obara Meji. They are a gift for Oshún and Changó to bring prosperity. Obara meji (6-6) is a powerful and complex odu within diloggún and Ifá divination that can teach us much about our power as olorishas Yemaya (Yemoja, Iemanja) is associated with the Virgin Mary and Isis, and the most beloved Orisha. She is the Goddess of the Ocean and the moon, guardian of women, childbirth, fertility, and witchcraft. She rules the subconscious and creative endeavors. Yemaya's counterpart in Vodoun is called Lasiren, the mermaid

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Yemaya Orisha is a music studio album recording by QUANTUM FANTAY (Psychedelic/Space Rock/Progressive Rock) released in 2019 on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes Yemaya Orisha's : cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, free MP3 download (stream), buy online links: amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by our experts. Oshun, also spelled Osun, an orisha (deity) of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria.Oshun is commonly called the river orisha, or goddess, in the Yoruba religion and is typically associated with water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality.She is considered one of the most powerful of all orishas, and, like other gods, she possesses human attributes such as vanity, jealousy, and spite #yemaya #Madreuniversal #reinadelmar #yoruba #Orishas #santeria #yemaya #Madreuniversal #mar #reinadelmar #religion #yoruba #santeria #coronas #religion #yoruba #afrocubano Cuban Santeria Practices. Santeria is a fusion of Catholic practices and African folk beliefs. It emerged in Cuba during the 17th century, and has been embedded in Cuban society ever since. These days, it's far more prevalent than Catholicism on the island—Santeros outnumber Catholics by 8-1. Cuba is still the religious center of Santería.

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Yemaya Okute Tarot Orisha is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Yemaya Okute Tarot Orisha and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and.. A paper image of the Orisha, in the form of a saint, should be authorized. Personal Religious Items. The main personal religious identifier for any Orisha worshiper is the necklace(s) made in the colors of the Orisha under whose protection s/he is initiated. The colors and numbers associated with each Orisha are listed in a separate chart May Yemaya renovate and refresh your life with the powers of her waters May Chango give you the strength to fight and win your battles May Oshun fulfill your dreams of love and riches May Oya bring with her Winds of change and prosperity to your realm. Ashe Yaya Mari

ORISHA YEMAYA OCEAN GODDESS Yoruba on Wave African Statue Sculpture Bronze Color. This listing is for a brand new COLD CAST BRONZE RESIN* statue. Statue is expertly cast in cold cast bronze resin*. The superb detailing and hand painted accents really bring this statue to life. Great addition to anyone's decor! Yemanja is an orisha, originally. Sopera Para Yemaya - Yemaya Soupterine. Contact Phone: (305) 803-2959 Email: sales@botanicamamarufina.com. ORISHA SOUP TUREENS. Sopera Para Yemaya - Yemaya Soupterine. Categories. PORCELAINS & CERAMICS. CLAY & CEMENT; ORISHA SOUP TUREENS; ORISHA TOOLS SET; INGREDIENTS AND ACHES; SHOP BY ORISHA 230 Followers, 12 Following, 13 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Orisha Oshun Yemaya (@orisha.oshun.yemaya Yemaya Soupterine 66. $145. Add to cart. Quick view. Yemaya Soupterine 74. $60. Add to cart. Quick view. Yemaya Charm

pinturas y arte inspirado en la majestuosa yemaya. la orisha yoruba duena y senora del mar, y oceano y todas fuentes de agua. la madre naturaleza, originalmente llamada yey omo eya lo que quiere decir madre de los ninos como peces. la madre protectora de sus hijos, fuerte, luchadora. limpia a sus hijos de tristezas y penas Yemaya Orisha is their 8th release and doesn't stray too far from their now identifiable sound. Highly recommended. $16.00. ADD TO WISHLIST. Quantum Fantay Dancing In Limbo. Psychedelic. There are some changes to the lineup for Belgium's answer to Ozric Tentacles. Longtime guitarist Dario Frodo only appears as a guest on one track Orisha + Drawing + Painting + Yoruba + Art + Digital + Africa + Collage + African + Oshun + Goddess + Yemaya + Africandiety + Illustration + Santeria + Yemoja + Africanspirituality + Graphicdesign + Vector + Conjuregift. Show more-Color. All + Department. Wall Art. All. Wall Art. Furniture. Home Decor. Bed & Bath. Tabletop. Office

Orisha and Santeria statues for SacredSource.com. Santeria Orishas,Yemaya Orisha,botanica statues,Shango statue,Santeria statue The orisha, Yemaya, is one of the Seven African Powers. The orishas are often described as the emissaries of Olodumare, or God Almighty. Yemaya is the Mother of All as such rules the maternal aspects in human lives. She likewise is mistress over the oceans of the earth. All life started in the sea; with Yemaya there is life and hope

An Orisha is a spirit that reflects one of the manifestations of God in Africa's Yoruba religion. Many Orishas have found their way throughout the Americas via the Atlantic slave trade and are now expressed in practices as varied as Santeria, Candomble, Trinidad Orisha, and Oyotunji. Yemaya is at first believed to Yemaya Orisha Goddess Perfume is created from a blend of essential oils infused by amber and rose undertones to attract life's joys and richfulness. Let this powerful Orisha deity of abundance, marriage and fertility help you concentrate on reaching your family goals for prosperity and happiness Yemaya-Olokun (Iemanja) Yemaya is the Orisha of the oceans (all salt water). In modern times she is identified with Mary, Our Lady of Regla, and Mary, Star of the Sea. I am the daughter of the deep blue sea, I am the daughter of the pounding waves, I am the daughter of the bright ocean foam

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For Orisha Yemaya, used for fertility, women's health issues, protection for children and all requests to Yemaya. ****ADVISORY ON CANDLE/FRAGILE ITEM SHIPMENTS**** Please be advised that while we take every precaution to ensure your items arrive to you safely, we have no control over circumstances once the package lea The orishas are the primary gods and goddesses from the Yoruban religion and its diaspora in the Americas. The word orisha comes from the Yoruban language meaning selected heads. Yemaya (Yemoja, Iemanja) Yemaya is the queen of the earth whose home is the ocean, and the mother of all living things who fiercely defends her children

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He is the Orisha of health and the one who can heal all the ills of body and soul. Prayer to Elegua Regardless of your request, say one of these prayers and ask Yemaya for help. Prayer to Oya Do you need to get a job, open paths, ask for protection, or even get a love? Say a powerful prayer to Oya today, and she will help you.. The Orisha Eshu is the ruler of the sixth house, the equivalent to the sign Virgo. Health, work, and service are central to the sixth house. It is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods within the Roman pantheon. Eshu is the Orisha that stands at the crossroads between the physical world and the spirit world Yemaya originally had many other Orisha children, but they, unfortunately, were not strong enough to survive the Middle Passage, and it is believed, that the more obscure ones were either forgotten, or else they simply merged into another, stronger, and better known Orisha. When Yemaya's followers first arrived in the New World, it was then. Yemaya Yamase: She has a crown in which one should hang 7 coweries, 7 machetes, 7 axes, a boat, and an arrow of Ochosi. Yemaya Ibu Yabani : lives with Brosia Yemonja Asaba: She is the adviser to the other orisha and is associated with bats Yemaya Ogunosomi: This Yemaya is born in the Odun Iroso-Obara (4-6) . she is a warrior with Ogun and Shango. she lives on top of the waters but also loves the mountains . Apart from her regular tools she uses two machetes , a arrow of Ochosi , a fish , a skeleton , seven manillas, a mask, two female keys , and one male key , loves plantain bananas

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The Orichas (Orishas) are the intermediaries between God and human beings. They're associated with elements in the natural world. In Cuba, many people refer to the Orichas as Santos, or Saints, hence the name Santería for the religion. The Orichas are semi-divine beings with some human traits. read more Orisha Yemaya Goddess Mother Queen Of Heaven Earth And All Waters For Rejuvenation Fertility And Healing (7 Day Prayer Candle). Yemaya is the celestial mother of all living things, the queen of heaven, earth and all waters. She resides in the ocean and her children are countless like the fishes in The African Orisha and the Planets. The Moon manifests as Yamaya, also written as Yemoja, Ymoja, Yemowo, Yemalla, Yemana, Yemoja Iemanjá, Janaína, Yemaya, Yemayah, Iemanya, Madre Agua, La Sirène, and LaSiren. She is the spirit of motherhood, Mother of the waters (salt water) and the ocean (Queen of the Ocean).. The children of Yemaya and Shango do not receive her during the Sodo Orisha and when she is established as a tutelary Orisha, her children must receive Yemaya with a special ritual. Her stpmes are 9 of brown color that are collected in the river. Oya's number is 9 and its multiples The Orishas are semi-divine beings, each expressing a specific aspect of human existence, and if we focus on the Orisha Horoscope, we have to indicate that it is composed of a dozen signs, each with the name of an orisha, assigned according to the date of birth

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Ajé - orisha of wealth. Ayao - orisha of air. Yewa - orisha of the river Yewa. of the maternity and of the children. Nàná Bùkùú - orisha of the river and of the earth. Ọbà - first wife of Ṣàngó and orisha of domesticity and marriage. Ọtìn - orisha of river, she is hunter and wife of Erinlẹ̀. Olókun - orisha of the seas The Orishas ; Which Orisha catches your interest? Here are some of the most important of the Orisha. Click on the one you are interested in reading about. Have fun exploring! Ellegua. Orula. Obatala. Shango. Oshun. Yemaya. Ogun. Oya. Babalu Aye. Agayu. Osun. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates Yemaya, Oshun, Oya, and Me. Orisha Onesie. • 5.0 oz., 100% combed ring-spun cotton in a 1x1 baby rib • White is sewn with 100% cotton thread • Reinforced three-snap closure on binding • Lap shoulders for easy changin orisha oya yansa (17) orisha yemaya (14) orisha yewa (2) orisha aggayu sola (2) orisha babalu-aye (5) orisha chango (14) orisha eleggua (35) orisha inle o erinle (1) orisha obba (1) orisha oggun (4) orisha oko (2) orisha orula (3) orisha oshossi (6) orisha oshun (14) orisha oya (12) orisha yemaya (6) orisha yewa (1) orishas los ibeyis. Botanica Yemaya y Chango 6111 Southwest 8th Street Miami, FL 33144 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 305267785

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Browse 33 orisha yemaya stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Followers of the Virgin of Regla take part in a procession in Havana during the Yemaya Day celebrations in Cuba, on September 7, 2009 La Yemaya is the ultimate universal mother, the goddess of the ocean and Patroness, Orisha of women. La Yemaya is the essence of motherhood, a fierce protector of children, invoked in matters of fertility, maternity and marriage

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View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2019 CD release of Yemaya Orisha on Discogs YEMAYA Orisha 7 Day Candle~8 2 Color Blue~ Santeria, Hoodoo, Voodoo Yemaya is called by different name i.e. La Sirene, Mommi, Nana Buruku, Iemanja, Iemaia, Yemalla, Yemanja, Yemoja and it is believed Yemaya gave birth to the moon, the stars, the sun and nearly all of the Orishas. Yemaya exists within and influences over the oceans, seas and lakes Aug 30, 2017 - Yemaya is the great mother who lives and rules over the seas. Water is essential to life, so without Yemaya, life on earth wouldn't be possible. Although she's maternal and nurturing, she's also.. www.latidosproductions**** Professional dancers in Havana performing Yemaya - the Orisha dance. Belong to a Cuban dance school in Vancouver - Cuban Salsa, Reggaeton, Afro-Cuban movements, Cuban Son etc. You can also check out the blog www.chenlizra.blogspot*** Sacred Arts of Orisha Traditions. Orisha religions are a world-wide network of spiritual traditions originating among the Yoruba people of Nigeria and spread across the Americas by enslaved Yoruba men and women in the nineteenth century. Orishas themselves are spiritual powers associated with royal lineages, forces of nature, and, often, the.

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Santeria Orisha Yemaya. from EdgarJuarez. 9 years ago. conoce mas en santeria-orishas.blogspot.com Yemaya la dueña y señora del mar. Madre Universal de la vida. Musica Santera, videos, imagenes y articulos de santeria en: santeriareligion.ne Shop for yemaya wall art from the world's greatest living artists. All yemaya artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your favorite yemaya designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more Description Hand made basic Eleke assembled with high quality materials. Item beaded in a pattern to represent Orisha Yemaya Mayelewo. Simple design makes it ideal for daily wear or for special occasions. Item measures between 21-22 inches. * ALL SALES ARE FINAL * Materials Glass Seed Beads Fire Polished Beads Condi Browse 91 yemaya stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Followers of Orisha Yemaya --sea goddess in the Yoruba religion-- give offerings at Havana's harbour during the Yemaya Day celebrations in Cuba, on.. Yemaya is the Goddess of water and healing, and is honored throughout West Africa and the Caribbean as the mother of the sea and the moon. She is the keeper of the female mysteries and a guardian

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Yemaali - Yemaali (English: Naive) is a 2018 Indian Tamil romantic comedy drama film written and directed by V. Z. Yema Auto - Sichuan Yema Automobile Co., Ltd. is a Chinese automobile manufacturer which has built buses and automobiles under the Yema brand since 2002. The company was founded in the 1980s Eleke de Yemaya Achaba 10. $45.00. Eleke de Yemaya Achaba double strand 4. $90.00. Free Shipping! Set de Herramientas deluxe. $1,250.00. Eleke de Yemaya Achaba 11. $45.00 The Yoruba Orisha Part 1 An Orisha (also spelled Orisa or Orixa) is a spirit or deity that reflects one of the manifestations of Olodumare (God) in the Yoruba religious system.(Olodumare is also known by various other names includ ing Olorun, Eledumare, Eleda and . Olofin-Orun). This religion has found its way throughout the world and is now expressed in practices as varied as Candomblé.

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Prayer to The Orishas. May Elegua open the doors of opportunities and remove obstacles from your path. May Ogun to give you the courage to overcome your problems and defeat your enemies. May Oshosi bring Justice and Balance to your life. May Orula bestow his Wisdom upon you. May Obatala bring Peace, Tranquility, and Harmony to your life But you're comparing an orisha like Oshun to Isis or Aphrodite. That's inaccurate off the bat because Oshun, like most orisha, is an archetype - Oshun is just the general name for the different Oshuns - called caminos in Lukumi/Santeria. Each of these Oshun have different songs, offerings, and approaches, and frankly, you're never. ART, PAINTINGS We provide unique, contemporary authentic Afro-Cuban Yoruba inspired Art PINTURAS, ARTE, REPRODUCCIONES AFRO-FUSION.COM OFRECE UNA UNICA Y EXCLUSIVA SELECCION DE OBRAS DE ARTE INSPIRADAS EN LA RELIGION YORUBA, IFA, SANTERIA AFRO-CUBANA TRIBUTO A TODOS LOS ORISHAS, SANTO