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Get Lakes With Fast And Free Shipping For Many Items On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Lakes On eBay The Buntzen Lake area is a popular recreation park that is maintained by BC Hydro that has a network of hiking trails to explore. The trail that loops around the lake is one of the most popular in the park as it passes through scenic forests, offers several views of the lake, crosses a suspension bridge, and passes the quieter beach at the north end

Lindsay Lake Loop (6-8 hours) Hiking time: 6-8 hours return. Distance: 15 km. Elevation gain: 1020 m. This route is recommended for experienced and fit hikers only. The trail to Lindsay Lake is the most popular of the three loops along this trail. Climb to El Paso Junction, then turn left and cross Buntzen Creek Once connected to the Buntzen Lake Trail, take a left turn and follow the trail over the suspension bridge leading to North Beach. From here, follow either Powerhouse Road or the Buntzen Lake Trail back to South Beach. Lakeview Trail. Stats are for completing loop on east side of Buntzen Lake; Hiking time: 4-5 hours for beginner; 2 hours for. Buntzen Lake Trail is a 6.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Anmore, British Columbia, Canada that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash SUMMARY: Circle Buntzen Lake and enjoy the beautiful views of surrounding mountains. Starting at Buntzen Creek Bridge at the east side of South Beach, the trail leads north, passing several lake access points and viewpoints. After a short section along Powerhouse Road, the Buntzen Lake Trail resumes at the North Beach picnic area the exception of the trails leading to Mundy Lake (dogs are prohibited from this area at all times) and the Mundy Park Community Path (i.e. dogs must be on-leash on this trail at all times). 0 25 North Metres 50 100 0 25 North Metres 50 100. Parking Off-Leash Fishing Boating. Legend. 0 25 North Metres 50 100. Bike Park. Mundy Par

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Buntzen Lake Trail is a 809 m popular blue singletrack trail located near Anmore British Columbia. This mountain bike primary trail. On average it takes 4 minutes to complete this trail. Traditionally Indigenous Territory Buntzen Lake Recreation Area Mountain Bike, E-Bike, Hike, Trail Running trails near Anmore, British Columbia. 14 trails with 48 photo Highlights of our hike around Buntzen Lake in Anmore (outskirts of Vancouver). Took just under three hours for us to do the 10km trail loop. Tried to capture..

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  1. After taking in the exceptional panoramic views, continue south along the ridge, past the Tangled Summit and through the Lakes District near Eagle Mountain. Keep on the trail as it skirts around Eagle Mountain and descends back down the trail to the parking area next to Buntzen Lake. If you have any daylight left, make sure to relax by.
  2. Buntzen Diez Vistas is, of course, one of the most famous, but also most difficult trails. Below I'll describe our favourite path - Buntzen Lake Trail Loop. Do not mix it up with Lakeview trail - that one is more difficult. The whole Buntzen Lake trail loop is about 10.5km long, it usually takes us about 3 hours of actual relaxed walking
  3. Diez Vistas trail is aptly named - it boasts 10 beautiful viewpoints. An excellent day trip from Vancouver, you can hike the 15km-route all the way around Buntzen Lake or simply hike to the first few peaks. The Reward Once you reach the high point, the trail meanders along the ridge with sensational views of the city and Vancouver Island in the.

Buntzen Lake is a beautiful recreation site in Metro Vancouver with a lake, hiking trails and an active hydroelectric power generator. The place is only a 20-minute drive from Port Moody . TRAIL MODIFICATIONS, BUNTZEN LAKE & COVID-1 The hike to Croker Lookout makes a shorter alternative to the complete Dilly-Dally Trail, a 24 km trip along Eagle Ridge to the east of Buntzen Lake. I gave this hike an overall average rating, since it is a 6 km (one way!) less exciting walk along the east side of Buntzen Lake and on gravel road to get to the actual trail Bylaw staff will patrol the parking lots and roadways around and leading to Belcarra Regional Park and Buntzen Lake Recreation Area. Vehicles that are parked illegally, blocking gates or emergency routes, or in a way that creates a hazard, including on Sunnyside Road leading to Buntzen Lake, may be ticketed and towed at the owners' expense Buntzen Lake, Anmore By Rodney Hsu. Although it is just within a short drive from Metro Vancouver, fishing experience at Buntzen Lake can be described as being intimate with wilderness. It is a popular recreational site for multiple user groups, including hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and of course anglers

Buntzen Lake and any surrounding trails are currently supposed to be one-way to facilitate physical distancing, so my friend and I followed the arrows down the west side of Buntzen Lake. We passed slower groups of hikers, and were passed ourselves by trail runners, but everyone seemed to heading in the same direction until we got further down. It gets a bit tricky here. You want the Old Buntzen trail on your left. And then the Lakeview trail. There is a corral along this trail for a break, with a nice viewpoint. Follow the Lakeview trail south all the way to another service road. Follow that service road around the south of the lake. Now you will be on the South Academy trail What: This trail received its name because it offers up ten different viewpoints of the Indian Arm and Buntzen Lake area throughout the hike. How long: 6.5 hours or 15 km. Where: It starts from the north end of the main parking lot in the Buntzen Lake area, near Port Moody. Get there: About an hour drive from downtown Vancouver. Coquitlam Crunc

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  1. 1 / 1 This photo taken at Buntzen Lake recently shows a big crowd on the pier. Some consider this a social distancing concern and are worried the park will be shut again. But a BC Hydro.
  2. If you want something easier, but scenic, stick to the Buntzen Lake trail. It's a 10 km trail around the lake that's mostly groomed. If you are up for a challenge with a great payoff, have a go at the Sendero Diez Vistas trail. This trail is known for its multiple viewpoints (10, according to its name)
  3. Buntzen Lake: Diez Vistas. Diez Vistas trail is a stunning forested hike that climbs through the trees up to various viewpoints and offers an incredible look towards North Vancouver's Deep Cove. This beautiful mountain vie

Buntzen Lake/Anmore. Kevin Teague Flickr cc by 2.0. Length: 15 km loop Duration: 6-7 hours Elevation gain: 460 m Difficulty: Moderate. Diez Vistas means 10 Views, and that's exactly what this hike offers. Tracing the shoreline of Buntzen Lake, the trail meanders through Indian Arm Provincial Park and overlooks Burrard Inlet and the North Shore Buntzen Lake Trails. Day Ride Trail 30 mins to 8 hrs. View more. Campbell Valley Regional Park. Day Ride Trail 2 hours. View more. Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. Provincial Park. View more. Cultus Lake Trail. Day Ride Trail 3-4 hours from Watt Creek to Edmeston but you can turn around anytime to make a shorter ride. The Horse Trail Loop is. Sugar Mt./Buntzen Ridge Trail. I started out today to find the Buntzen Ridge Trail out of Sasamat Lake to Diez Vistas. The trailhead is just 20 meters past the main gate to Sasamat Lake and White Pine beach. You'll see it on your right side as you first enter the park. The sun was trying hard to come out and the day looked promising, which. Park Name Trail or Trailhead Pass required Timing Overnight stays; Garibaldi: Diamond Head (Elfin Lakes) and Rubble Creek (Garibaldi Lake) Vehicle - Maximum of 8 people per vehicle.: ALL DAY - Allows for arrival any time of the day.: Day-use pass not required for overnight campers - a camping reservation is required and must be carried at all times Starting from Buntzen Lake we climbed around 650m and then did a little bush whacking to link up to the forest service road that circles around ends at Cypress Lake. Moving on from there the trail gets more interesting as it is far less traveled and therefore overgrown, requiring a lot of close contacts with wet bushes

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  1. The Diez Vista Trail Race was founded in 1997 by Gail and George Forshaw to showcase the trails around Buntzen Lake above Port Moody, BC. Ridgeline Events At Ridgeline Events, our objective is to deliver unforgettable trail experiences in new and diverse locations on trails that take your breath away, for a multitude of reasons
  2. Trail Description. Most guides suggest the Buntzen Lake trail takes 2-4 hours to hike. At a steady hiking pace, two hours should be typical. In the past, the only way to cross the south end of Buntzen Lake was via a floating bridge that was often flooded. That resulted in a long detour on to Sunnyside Road
  3. The trail is pretty clear from the white pine beach. Diez Vistas Trail. If you look at the trail map above, you will see that from the white pine beach, the trail starts as Buntzen Ridge trail but soon after gets bifurcated. I have marked both of the bifurcated trails in the red and yellow color. I would not advise you to take the red trail
  4. The trail is well cleared but poorly marked in places. Sadly, the map in the parking area for Buntzen Lake doesn't show the full Diez Vistas trail. It just shows the trails around the lake. Take a map with you and read the trail walk through in advance. I was surprised to have a phone signal for most of the trail
  5. Hosted by. anegus and Laura T. Outdoor Adventures and Activities. Public group. clock--small. Friday, May 14, 2021. 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT. location-pin--small. Buntzen Lake Trail

The easiest, most family-friendly hike is the three-kilometre Buntzen Lake Trail that hugs the east side of the water to reach North Beach at the northern end of the lake. There is minimal overall elevation gain, but the well-marked and well-maintained trail rises and falls (never too steeply) and passes a few off-shoot trails to small lakeside. Hiking Regions > Tri-Cities and Belcarra > Eagle Ridge Trail. Eagle Ridge Trail. Buntzen Lake, Belcarra. 49.340300, -122.855300 Directions to the Eagle Ridge Trail. Download Free Offline GPS map for: Eagle Ridge Trail. Download KML file. Add your own photos. 0 out of 5 from 0 votes

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  1. The trail is about 3 km (1.9 miles) long, one way. This is a map of the hike. We started at the Anmore RV Park, which is just a very short distance up the road from the entrance to Buntzen Lake Park. Map of the pedestrian trail to Buntzen Lake. Note that it crosses a part of the lake at one point. This is where you will find the floating bridge
  2. Coquitlam Trail Map. $ 18.95. NEW! Accurate and detailed trail map for the Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Widgeon Creek Valley, Buntzen Lake, and Pitt River and Pitt Lake areas. This map is made for walking, hiking, mountain biking, cycling, mountaineering, camping and paddling. Belcarra Regional Park, 'Indian Arm Provincial Park.
  3. Diez Vistas Trail - the basics: Distance: 15 km (if you go around one side of the lake, and back the other side.) Time: 4.5 hours if you're speedy - 6 hours at a more leisurely pace Elevation gain: 460 m Facilities: There is water and toilets at the South Beach, and then more toilets at the North Beach What to bring: The 10 essentials, plus swimwear..
  4. Swan Falls Loop (aka Halvor Lunden Trail) is a hike near Buntzen Lake in Anmore, which takes you along Eagle Ridge, past a waterfall (Swan Falls), tarns, lakes, and over an amazing summit (Mount Beautiful). It's a fantastic, lesser-travelled alternative to the Diez Vistas route for those wanting a challenging hike with lots of elevation gain, and some spectacular views
  5. Buntzen Lake is located in a beautiful recreation area just north of Port Moody. Although the lake is man-made and maintained by BC Hydro, the surrounding area is full of forests, nice beach areas, and many trails for hiking including the Buntzen Lake Trail, which loops around the lake

Carla Veloso is at Eagle Ridge Trail - Buntzen Lake Recreational Area. · ---Ma-y ----2-2---- · Anmore · Halvor Lunden Trail. Hiked to this gorgeous viewpoint overlooking Buntzen Lake, Indian Arm, and Burrard Inlet- 15km, 1150m elevation gain, and 5-6 hours hike with some navigation challenges. Highly recommended for those looking for easy. daivoc @ Buntzen Lake Trail 모든 사진은 상업적으로 복사나 전제할 수 없습니다. 캐나다 밴쿠버 주변의 일일 산행 기록 산 야생화 Canada Vancouver Mountain Ridge Lake Buntzen Lake. Buntzen Lake, located in Anmore, is one of the most peaceful, serene, clearest lakes in British Columbia. The air is so fresh, and the energy of the place so strong, you get instantly recharged and rejuvenated the minute you step out of your car! Parts of Buntzen lake trail are wheelchair accessible and stroller-friendly

During the summer months, Buntzen Lake is extremely popular - the parking lot is on a first-come basis only. Once the parking lots are full, the gate will be closed for the day. Gate opening and closing times change throughout the year. To find out the current times, check www.buntzenlake.ca or call the Buntzen Lake Warden's office at 604-469-9679 Coyle said Buntzen Lake wardens will work with B.C. Parks to deal with hornet or wasps nests on the trail. Hornets can sting multiple times, with the stings being described as more painful than.

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Trails. The trails from Buntzen Lake consist of a variety of routes from simple 15 minute walks, to day long mountain climbs. Many of the trails were built and named by Halvor Lunden, and one bears his name. Diez Vista Trail. Possibly the most famous and travelled trail in the area is the Diez Vista trail Diez Vistas Trail Trail Authorization Status: Unknown Length: 11.9 km Condition: Well maintained, moderately difficult. General Route: This is a popular loop circuit around Buntzen Lake.The actual Diez Vistas trail is this western portion; it follows the height of the land between Buntzen Lake and Indian Arm Buntzen Lake Loop Trail (8 kms) - this trail is the most popular hiking path in the Buntzen Lake Recreation Area. The trail loops around the lake connecting South Beach with North Beach picnic areas. The highlights include the beaches, crossing the suspension and floating bridge and the sightseeing viewpoints. The trail is relatively level.

Buntzen Lake is a popular destination for hikers in the Tri-Cities and beyond. It boasts an extensive trail network, including the scenic Diez Vistas and Lake Buntzen Loop, 13 km of heavily. Buntzen lake used to be named Trout Lake, and was also called Lake Beautiful,and was renamed to Buntzen Lake in 1905 at the opening of the tunnel to Coquitlam Lake. Along the edge of the water, there is a massive, ancient-looking building with giant rusty penstocks rising high along the side of the cliff beside it Buntzen Lake is a 5 Peaks favourite, but with limited registration don't plan on running this one until you've paid your registration fee. The park sets a low limit of 200 participants, so you must register early to guarantee a spot The Sendero Diez Vistas trail, located near the Village of Anmore, will take you on a challenging trek all the way around Buntzen Lake. In addition to the scenery of the lake, there are ten breathtaking views provided along the ridge of the trail looking overlooking the North Shore, Burrard Inlet, the Indian Arm and even Vancouver Island. The hike is aptly named, as 'Sendero Diez Vistas. The Trail: Buntzen Lake is actual a reservoir operated by BC Hydro so expect to see evidence of hydroelectric power generation on the trail including a pumphouse and a water tunnel. There are lots of trail in the area, so bring a copy of the Buntzen Lake Trail Map to stay on track

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  2. Vancouver Walks - Buntzen Lake and Diez Vistas. This walk is perfect! You hike around Buntzen lake, climb a small mountain that has some gorgeous views (the Diez Vistas). Then swim in the lake before an easy hike back to the car park. Marc was working, so rather than relax at home I signed up for a walk with some lovely people from Vancouver.
  3. The trail hits a short stretch of road before looping down past the North Beach and back to the South Beach via the Buntzen Lake trail on the other side of the lake which is shared with the Sport course. This is where it helps to have a road running background as you can really open up the stride and make up some time on the back half

Posted Feb 9, 2021 12:28 pm PDT. PORT MOODY (NEWS 1130) - Conservation officers are warning dog owners to keep their pets on leash while walking around Buntzen Lake after one pooch was attacked by a cougar Sunday afternoon. Just before 3 p.m., we had gotten a report that a cougar had come and attacked a dog on the trail on the west side of. Download Buntzen Lake and Area Trails and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎A very basic map app of the hiking and mountain biking trails around Buntzen Lake and Eagle Mountain. Please provide any and all feedback to us via email through our website (www.trailmapps.com) Follow this road to the north end of Buntzen Lake. One can return to their vehicle on a number of different trails from this point. The easiest route to take is the powerhouse road or the Buntzen Lake trail on the east shore of the lake. Diez Vistas Trail Length: 7 km, Elevation Gain: 460m, Approximate hiking time: 6-8 hours Buntzen Lake; Dog Mtn The Hemlock Abyss Empress; Gear Jammer; Grouse Grind; Haywood Park; Howe Sound Crest Trail; Howe Sound East Connector; Mel's Trail; Richard Juryn Trail; Upper Snake; Velodrome Trail; Gallery; About Us; Contac Buntzen Lake Trail Hiking time: 4-5 hours return. Distance: 8 km. Elevation gain: 100 m. Circle Buntzen Lake and enjoy the beautiful views of surrounding mountains. Starting at Buntzen Creek Bridge at the east side of South Beach, the trail leads north, passing several lake access points and viewpoints. After a short section along Powerhouse.

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The park was very busy (Saturday) but hikers were few and far between as compared to the traffic jam on the Buntzen Lake Trail running below. Our hike took us around McCombe Lake via the Old Buntzen Lake Trail and Poweline Road. We started along the Swan Falls Trail, but decided a short turn was in order given the 27°C (80°F) There are numerous trail loops to follow, depending on your time and fitness level. Many of the trails are steep and rough in places, and hikers should take care and stay on the established trails. BC Hydro provides the following facilities to the general public at Buntzen Lake: • Picnic tables, shelter and grass play area Ever since moving to Vancouver, we've heard friends raving about the Buntzen Lake Recreation Area. Located about an hour from downtown Vancouver, this beautiful man-made lake and second-growth forest is the perfect way to escape the city on a summer afternoon.. Buntzen Lake offers a picnic area, beach, hiking trails, and boat launch—in short, there's something for every outdoor enthusiast Details. Located between Sasamat and Buntzen Lakes, Sugar Mountain is a small forested hill at the southern end of Buntzen Ridge. An old powerline service road that climbs along the hill's western slope has been deactivated and now serves as the Sugar Mountain Trail. Starting at the gate on Bedwell Bay Road, follow the old roadway that takes.

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The first comprehensive trail map covering the Tri-Cities regions of Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Buntzen Lake, Anmore, Belcarra, Burke Mountain and Pitt Meadows. The trail data for this map has been collected by Canadian Map Makers using GPS equipment during 2014 and 2015 and can be considered to be verified and accurate at the time. Buntzen Lake Powerhouses. Location: Situated in Anmore, near Coquitlam. Find the first powerhouse by following the trail from Buntzen Lake to Powerhouse Road. The second powerhouse is a bit trickier, but can be seen from the water. It's forbidden to go inside either of them, but it's spooky enough from the outside looking in. You Might Also. Buntzen Lake Trail is located in Greater Vancouver of British Columbia province. On the street of Buntzen Lake Trail To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone number is (604) 469-9679. You can get more information from their website After reaching the high point where the trails reunite, you travel along a forest trail that terminates at a BC Hydro service road. Keep right and follow the service road and transmission line (the Old Buntzen Lake Trail) back to the Buntzen Lake Trail, where a left turn will take you to the suspension bridge leading to North Beach

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The Buntzen Lake hydroelectric project was developed in 1903 and was the first hydroelectric generator to provide electricity to Vancouver. Through the years, BC Hydro has maintained the network of trails throughout the area. You can see the power lines while walking on some parts of the trail Buntzen Lake's trail system. View from the start of the hike. View from the turning point of the hike. Waterfall in the backcountry of Buntzen Lake. This saturday, we will go hiking again, but not at Buntzen Lake. Instead, we will drive to Lynn Valley and hike one of the trails over there It begins at the end of the Buntzen Lake parking lot where you cross a bridge. You will see the sign post right away. In the beginning you are walking through the forest and then comes' some steep switchbacks and this is the steepest part of the hike. There is a rope assist here to help you make your last pull to the top

Hiking along the Buntzen Lake trail is the easier part of the trek. It is also quite beautiful as you are walking along the lake the whole time. You can access the start of the east side of the trail by cutting through the dog park at the main beach by the restrooms. Take this trail until you have made it to North Beach Buntzen Lake Loop Trail is 8kms long and is listed as Easy with a total elevation gain of only 110 metres.It follows the edge of the lake in and out of the trees. With many levels of ability among the group we all set off at our own pace and over time began to spread out British Columbia The recreation lake is a man made reservoir. The lake, swimming beach, picnic day use areas and trails are the highlights of the recreation area. Activities include hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, sightseeing, canoeing, kayaking, picnicking, swimming and sunbathing and boating. Explore Buntzen Lake Recreation Area, near Vancouver The region is known for outdoor recreation including its trails which are used by hikers, mountain bikers and horse riders. The lake which was formerly named Trout Lake is also known as Lake Beautiful. It was renamed as Buntzen Lake in 1905 after the first GM of B.C. Electric Co., Johannes Buntzen. Its primary inflow comes from Coquitlam Lake. Old Buntzen Powerplant is a decomissioned hydroelectric dam. According to BC Hydro, water from Buntzen Lake flows through penstocks down the steep mountain slope to two power plants located on Indian Arm. This station is Buntzen No. 2, which was completed in 1914 with three pelton wheels delivering a total of 26,700 kilowatts to meet Vancouver's continually increasing deman

These are optional Loops taking in Buntzen Lake to Sasamat Lake. The options allows for longer or shorter hikes. All of it are mainly single track trails with the trail above Buntzen Lake known as the Diez Vistas Trail as the most challenging Buntzen Lake Recreation Area is a popular family summer getaway located just a few minutes outside of Coquitlam, about a 45-minute drive from Vancouver (depending on traffic). The park features a nice beach and dock for swimming, a boat launch (gas powered motors not permitted), a plethora of picnic tables and washroom facilities, and a fenced-in off-leash dog area

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. #5 of 56 things to do in North Vancouver. 1,239 reviews. 3663 Park Rd, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7J 3G3 Canada. 7.3 miles from Buntzen Lake About Retreats Hiking Favourites Contact. Beginner-Friendly Hike: Buntzen Lake. On Family Day, we grabbed a pal and her furry friend for a hike around Buntzen Lake in Port Moody. The hike is 10 km and 2.5-3 hours roundtrip, minimal elevation gain, and suitable for newer hikers. The trails are well-maintained, clearly marked, and busy Buntzen Lake Recreation Area is a nature reserve in British Columbia The Buntzen Lake recreation area is located 40 minutes east of Vancouver in Anmore. There are a lot of different hikes in this park for varying levels of ability. Buntzen Lake is a man-made lake popular with families for swimming in the summer months. The most popular hike at Buntzen Lake is the Diez Vistas Trail COQUITLAM (NEWS 1130) - It was all smiles and tail-wagging Monday morning after a helicopter rescue near Buntzen Lake. Mike Niedzelski and his dog, Hunter, were airlifted to safety after spending a cold night stranded along the Swan Falls trail

For a little more challenge, try the Buntzen Lake Trail, which circles the lake and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. For seasoned hikers, the Diez Vistas Trail offers a chance to push yourself, rewarding you along the way with spectacular views of Vancouver's waterways and mountains Posts about Buntzen Lake written by Charlene Kwiatkowski. My first hike of the summer was a good one but a long one. The Artist and I tackled #7 on this list: Diez Vistas. 10 views in 1 hike, sign me up!. The trail loops around Buntzen Lake in Port Moody The tunnel and powerhouse were completed in an astonishingly short period. In June of 1905, at a lavish ceremony attended by more than 200 people, the water was switched on for the first time, and Lake Beautiful was rechristened in Buntzen's honour. Come December, the city of Vancouver was running on hydro-electric power; but the original dam.

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Browse 53 buntzen lake stock photos and images available, or search for manning park or baden powell trail to find more great stock photos and pictures. father and daughter enjoy fall colors while hiking through forest - buntzen lake stock pictures, royalty-free photos & image Training Camp Day #5 - Buntzen Lake @icthrive @lifemarkhealth @hetreinamento @nsmba #mtbtrainingcamp #trainingcamp #summerride #buntzenlake #mtb #mtbxc #mtbxcm #mtbendurance #bcbikerace #bcb Coquitlam Search and Rescue had a late night Friday, May 31, when a hiker stranded on the Diez Vistas trail near Buntzen Lake was overtaken by nightfall. The solo hiker, a man in his late 20s. Coquitlam Search and Rescue had to use a long line dangling from a helicopter to rescue two hikers at Buntzen Lake after they were stung by hornets on a popular trail. The first person stung was a 22-year-old woman who had an allergic reaction to the sting

Buntzen Lake is a 4.8 kilometres (3 mi) long lake in Anmore, British Columbia, Canada, in the Greater Vancouver area. It is named after the first general manager of the B.C. Electric Co., Johannes Buntzen. There is a smaller lake just to the north named McCombe Lake. Recreation There are many trails on or around the Lake South Beach - Floating Bridge: 8 E.coli/100ml.-. South Beach - West: 5 E.coli/100ml.BEACH INFO:The beautiful scenic Buntzen Lake a BC Hydro reservoir is located 30 km east of Vancouver and north. Overnight hiking at Buntzen Lake. I've seen plenty of posts here before about people backpacking in the Buntzen lake area and was planning to head up eagle ridge for a quick overnight this weekend. But, I just went on the BC Hydro website and it has listed camping as prohibited, and says that vehicles parked overnight in the lot may be towed This is a group for people and their well-behaved furry friends, if they have them, interested in going for walks and hikes primarily in the Tri Cities area. Please note annual dues of $5.00 are payable to help cover the costs charged by MeetUp.com to run the group and website. All walks/hikes are dog friendly and are rain or shine

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Washrooms - Start/ finish area; Buntzen Lake South at Aid Station #3; Pit Toilet at Equestrian Lot (AS #4) Spectator Info - Spectators can access aid station #3 and #4 easily and, of course, the start/finish at Sasamat Lake. Aid stations #1, #2 and #6 are accessible to spectators but only if you park in a parking lot and hike in to them A lot of people come to the lake in the summer only, but they are missing out. This lake has several trails that wrap around it that match many skill levels. The Buntzen lake trail is a good 12 km hike that circles the lake and starts at the main parking lot. Some of the other Buntzen Lake Trail Tour 2011 Sponsored by Jack Johnson (well, he was playing on the iPod in the truck, anyway) And some photos of the hike. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window Buntzen Lake. , Anmore. Buntzen Lake is a 4.8 kilometres (3 mi) long lake in Anmore, British Columbia, Canada, in the Greater Vancouver area. It is named after the first general manager of the B.C. Electric Co., Johannes Buntzen. There is a smaller lake just to the north named McCombe Lake

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Walk #74 in 109 Walks. On a hot Sunday at the beginning of September, 13 Loopers assembled at Buntzen Lake for what promised to be an easy to moderate 10k trail around the lake. We'd been warned that parking could be an issue on a long weekend, and so it proved for two Loopers who gave up and went somewhere else Buntzen Lake Buntzen Lake Recreation Area . After the beach, there is a bit of a climb, and there are a couple of nice spots which give you great vistas over the lake. Make sure you take some pictures here because the trail heads into the forest and to my recollection I don't think you get another viewpoint like this Buntzen Lake, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The very first image captured on my brand new 5D Mark III body! #0001 Let's be friends! Instagram: @brianstowell Tumblr: @brianstowell Facebook: /brianstowellphoto 500px: /brianstowel See 2 photos and 1 tip from 13 visitors to Halvor Lunden Trail. Really dynamic environment along the trail! Such a fun hike

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